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Anonymous 22301

What are your core childhood video games?
No cherry picking to seem cool, if you played nothing but the Sims and OOT post it anyways

Mine are
>Donkey Kong 64
>Ocarina of Time
>Animal Crossing Population Growing and Animal Crossing Wild World
>Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness
>Sims 2 Pets on the Gamecube
>Tak and the Power of Juju
>Super Smash Bros Melee

In the Sims Pets literally the only thing I would do is breed dogs and then sell the parents and make the siblings breed with each other. I have no idea how genetics work in that game but I'd start with two huskies and end up with green and red pug faced monstrosities.

Anonymous 22302


I’ve never been big into gaming, but I’ll add mine

>Hello kitty ds games (I don’t remember which)

>Nintendo dogs
>purble place
>Animal crossing wild world & new lead
>viva pinata
>Pokémon black and white
>the binding of Isaac
>Assortment of random flash dress up games

Anonymous 22303


Mine were these
>the sims
>gta vice city (not sure why my family thought letting a 5 y/o play this game was a good idea)
>tekken 4
>purble place
God take me back to 2008 please

Anonymous 22305

I didn't really get to play any games as an elementary school aged child because of my strict crazy parents. But I played a lot of Pokemon and The Sims for sure in middle school. I got an N64 with Pokemon Stadium, Mario 64 and Tony Hawk. Then I got the PS2 and got to have fun experiences with Final Fantasy 7, Ratchet & Clank and Sly Cooper. By this point I was a teen but that is really when my video game awakening first happened.

Anonymous 22306

>The Sims
>Heroes of Might and Magic2&3
>Tomb Raider3
>Black & White
>Max Payne
>Age of Empires2
>Might and Magic8
>Tony Hawk's Pro Skater3

Anonymous 22307

Might and magic is the fucking best

Anonymous 22308



Anonymous 22309


Omg I loved nintendogs. Back in 2009 when my 13th birthday was coming up my mom told me if I got all A's on my report card I could get a DS. I spent all night every night studying my ass off so I could get that DS. When I found myself losing motivation I'd doodle pictures of Portia and Daisy from animal crossing cheering me on and it really helped. I got all A's and I got a white DS lite, Animal Crossing WW and Nintendogs. It was the best birthday I ever had.

Anonymous 22310

Why does that look so familiar?? That girl with the red hair, I swear I've seen her before. What system was that on?

Anonymous 22311


Her name is Joni Savage. These were games on PC sold on CD roms

Anonymous 22312

Ahhh thinking about these games warms my heart. Oh to go back to hanging out at my cousin's house playing these games again. Simple times.

>Smash Bros. Brawl

>Sims 2
>Donkey Kong Country: 3
>Age of Empires 3
>Crash Bandicoot
>Wii Sports
>Catz for Gameboy
>Mario Bros Wii and Mario Kart Wii

>When I found myself losing motivation I'd doodle pictures of Portia and Daisy from animal crossing cheering me on
cutest thing ever anon

Anonymous 22314

>Super Mario 64
>Super Smash Bros. (64)
>Ocarina of Time
>Majora's Mask
>Pokemon Platinum
>Kirby Super Star Ultra
>Taiko no Tatsujin DS
>Various Flash games (mostly from girlsgogames.com)
>Various mobile games on iOS
>Petpet Park
>Minecraft but mostly the Pocket edition for some reason, despite owning the PC version. I only played the PC one to mass-spawn horses because horses weren't in the Pocket one, and I played on a server but they got mad at me for winning too much so I stopped

Anonymous 22315


This is the first video game I ever beat in my life. It took me about 2 years to do it, but god, I was proud.

Anonymous 22317

What do you mean "core"?

Anonymous 22318

the games that were your favorite and you have the fondest memories around

Anonymous 22319

lol I would mass spawn horses in minecraft too. one time I created a tiny map on the switch and made it a war zone between rabbits, foxes, wolves and polar bears

Anonymous 22320


We had similar taste in games! I also loved Catz. and aww thank you <3

Anonymous 22321

just reminded me I would mass spawn rabbits too lol. I think I liked seeing the variety of colors

Anonymous 22322


Lot's of pokemon. Especially this gem of a pinball game.

Anonymous 22324


Zelda Ocarina of Time
Mario 64
Zelda A Link to the Past
Zelda The Wind Waker
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
Pokemon Red and Crystal version
Super Smash Bros Melee
Age of Empire 2
Crash Bandicoot
Soul Calibur II

Anonymous 22325


I guess the first games I gave a shit about were Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II.

Anonymous 22326

Soul Calibur II was a great game, that was the first one I ever got 100% on.

Anonymous 22327

In a general order of timeline
>kirby superstar
>super mario world
>mario 64
>diablo 2
– Stop playing with my brother about right here as he is in HS and grown up
– Carried me till I was no longer in childhood id say so the rest dont matter as much

Anonymous 22328


i should clarify i was about 5 years old and my older brother rented it from blockbuster for me because he thought id enjoy it, and for the most part i did. i have positive memories, albeit cloudy.

maybe when im not lazy ill replay this game for nostalgia's sake.

im aware this is straight up just shovelware, but it doesn't change that i was 5 and liked barbie

Anonymous 22330

Ff7, ff9 my friend lent them to me
Wind waker
Sims 1 2 3
Kh 1 and 2
Super Mario bros
Smash brothers
Halo when I was a teen
Chrono trigger
So many emulator games I can't recall them all, it's a long pixelated haze

Anonymous 22331


turn based strat.
easy going.
I saw my friends play it before I had a computer, just wanting to play it and being unable to kinda made it latch onto me in a strange way and I was playing a lot when I got the chance to.

Anonymous 22332

What kind of game is it? I have always been morbidly curious about the Barbie games and Monster High games.

Anonymous 22334

minecraft, sid meier's pirates, some ice age game, farm frenzy

Anonymous 22335

anyone else play this n64 game called glover? i also played a ton of those her interactive nancy drew games

Anonymous 22336

its an action game with puzzle elements if i recall correctly

Anonymous 22341

The Sims 1
Muhjora's Mask

Anonymous 22342

Also Flash games especially Cartoon Network games

Anonymous 22349

toontown (spent so much time on this it's unreal)
super mario 64
super smash bros melee
sims (don't remember which one)
animal crossing city folk
legend of zelda twilight princess
the dog island
sonic heroes
I remember growing up I wanted to play pokemon so bad and my parents wouldn't let me because they said it was "violent" and a game for boys, still kinda mad about it lol

Anonymous 22353


>Purple Moon games
>Sim City 2000
>Oregon Trail, Amazon Trail


>Pokemon Red & Yellow

>Prince of Persia
>Kirby Pinball

>Animal Crossing
>Metroid Prime
>Super Monkey Ball
>Super Smash Bros Melee

Anonymous 22354


deep mems unlocked.

Anonymous 22355

I forgot about Kid Pix. It's mental how much time I spent with that program. I remember I was excited for the winter olympics one year and made an animation/slideshow with it (I could only get it to play at 1 FPS but it got the job done). I think that partly prepared me for the CAD stuff I do now

Anonymous 22356



yes, similar thing here where I think KidPix was the precursor to me getting into photo editing/photoshopping - a little bit of working with layers, stamps, etc. good times.

Anonymous 22359

Does anyone remember a game where you play as a dog that needs to find medication for your sick brother? Did I make this game up in my head?

Anonymous 22374

it's called the dog island I think, I loved playing it as a kid

Anonymous 22382


You people are old.

Anonymous 22388


This fucking game

Anonymous 22389

best Kirby game ever tbh

Speaking of which, does anyone remember that super old Colgate game for PC?

Anonymous 24381


I love this thread but I can't believe Spyro wasn't named yet!
Honestly, most of PS1 games in general were iconic and just so good.

Anonymous 24386


I was obsessed with this when I was younger lmao. Also Pokemon Heart Gold. My DS was my everything.

Anonymous 24387


Same. KH was so good especially the first one.

Anonymous 24389

This but with beach friends instead. The Wii one was also great.

Anonymous 24404


I loved this because I could be a fashion designer

Anonymous 24409

Style Savvy

Anonymous 24493

Pajama Sam
Putt Putt
Super Mario World
Super Mario 64
A Link to The Past
Ocarina of Time
Link's Awakening
Star Fox 64
Mario Kart 64
Super Smash Bros.
Pokemon Red
Kirby's Dreamland 3
Kirby's Super Star

Anonymous 24512

i played this game so much when i was small too, it was so fun

Anonymous 24517

Fuck yes, that game was so much fun. Played through all of them, still a bit mad at the false idea of a romance in the first one. 12 yo me really wanted my MC with the guy that liked her

Anonymous 24627

I played a lot of ds games i can’t remember but it was a bunch of mario games princess peach emotions game thingy and the world ends with you are ones that are core memories for me

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