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comfy internet memories/experiences Anonymous 22458

share your comfiest internet memories & experiences -

>friendships made online

>(happy) fandom stuff
>nice interactions with random people you maybe never talked to ever again
>creativity & roleplaying
>stumbling across something cool
>exploring topics you love
>coding, theme-making, etc.
>just comfy

Anonymous 22461


>13-15 years old
>have no irl friends (i still don’t lol)
>go on a minecraft server for like 7 hours each day
>make friends who all build houses on my land and hang out with me for hours every day
>we build secret underground strip clubs while cracking up on skype together and pissing off the admins
>build different colored “rooms” representing different emotions (e.g. red=mad, blue=sad, happy=yellow) for people to write signs in for venting. rooms were basically a bunch of anonymous diaries
So many lost connections. I’ve actually cried about it. The server went dead for years. I heard it went back up but minecraft servers don’t have much appeal anymore since everyone on there is a kid. No one i knew would still be on there. I vaguely remember some usernames. There was a girl named keeda who i became super close to but kind of had a falling out with, guy named guhn123, girl named BurpingDucks, guy named Ianb262. I even had a dumb e-relationship with some guy named SirRexxy that lasted one week and our skype calls were extremely awkward. I remmeber one time some rando was being rude to me on the server and he “defended” me from him and it felt so chivalrous to 14yo me haha. I also remember the names of some admins/mods, like Oicurdead and Yodeling(something). I’m kind of just spouting out random details, but yeah. It was called HC Craft. I wonder if anyone else here went on it since it was somewhat popular.

Anonymous 22463

the insane amount of things i've read online. if it wasn't for the internet i just wouldn't be the person i am today. i think i got a better education online than IRL. I'm actually better at making friends IRL than online. I find internet people creepy, too forward, too rude. I'm sure there aren't but it makes me wary of meeting people online.

Anonymous 22464


>join app meant for artists, on there i mostly cheer them on since i suck at visual arts
>someone makes art for obscure thing from my culture
>immediately enter dms and try to engage them in mothertongue
>engages a bit but apologizes in english saying she's not really connected to that part of her background
>i'll help you
she was about a year younger than me and we were extremely close for almost three/four years, going as far to almost meeting up irl a few times. we gradually drifted apart as she became more of a normie and a "nonbinary" (something which i hate myself for not stopping) and i felt bad for being so annoying to her (she was closer to me than irls). i miss her a lot tbh and she was like a little sister to me. i hate myself for not doing a better job of keeping the friendship together and also for turning her into my emotional diary of sorts. i still have her number though so i might shoot her a text on her upcoming birthday to try to revive it all.

Anonymous 22466

I feel similar about the type of media I've discovered and have access to thanks to the internet. I can research and download any obscure film, music, or book I want for free. If I was born earlier I don't think I would've been exposed to as much good media. It must have sucked trying to find copies of more obscure stuff in the store or buying them through the mail and waiting.

Anonymous 22474

Always loved finding female-only/ friendly spaces online. My fav memories are of a woman's only MST3K discussion forum. We had basically gotten kicked out of the main fandom forum for "objectifying" male characters on the show. It was a small but cute community. We would Skype sometimes and I was generally nervous to say very much but I really appreciated the comraderie. We would draw little comics about each other.

There was also a really nice LotR role-playing forum (Arwen-Undomiel.com) that was like 90% women and girls. It was just so creative and sweet. No drama. People were so nice.

I miss forums.

Anonymous 31992

Not to dig up an old thread but I relate to this a lot nona. When I was 12-15 I was part of a Minecraft server that was really closely knit and I got to know a lot of people who were so fun to talk to and build with. The server even had their own forum to talk to everyone on and it was my favorite place on the internet for a while. As the years went by though people left and the community moved to discord and it felt like it destroyed what was left of the place. I don’t know why discord seems to do that to communities but it makes me sad. I think they’re still around but no one I used to talk to is on anymore. Makes me sad, but I am thankful for the memories with that place

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