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fallout? Anonymous 22568

anyone here like fallout :>

Anonymous 22569

I think the NCR ranger armor is hot and I'm tired of pretending I don't.

Anonymous 22570


wish i could have that aromour irl
heres another picture of amazing armor

Anonymous 22571

I've played every fallout (yes, even brotherhood of steel and tactics) but I've never beat a single one

Anonymous 22572


I fucking love Fallout! My favorite might be New Vegas

Anonymous 22573


same, NV was very comfy. a true melting pot of unholy but miraculous wonders. shame we might never get a similar fallout again.

do want to try getting into fallout 2 (or even 1).

Anonymous 22574

I've played both recently, moreso Fallout1. It's really good! The first main quest is timed, but after finishing that you basically have free reign to explore the wasteland and finish the second main quest. I've started Fallout2 and it's good but I'm not too sold on it since so far it seems like the dialogue is a bit too goofy imo

Anonymous 22575

Fallout 3 was better than NV

Come at me

Anonymous 22576

Anonymous 22578


Anonymous 22579


planning to play new vegas some time soon
based, unf

Anonymous 22582

Play it NOW. The game is so cozy and comforting. The radio station with the old songs on it fit the atmosphere more than the songs for Fallout3 does in my opinion. The whole experience of the game is so satisfying and intriguing. Even just running around through the desert is exciting and atmospheric.

Anonymous 22588

Joshua Graham is my ideal husbando. A man who actually has to take care of his skin and has a voice that could melt steel, it's so rich. And he's damn right to kill the White Legs, fuck 'em.

Anonymous 22615


Damn it anon, I was gonna post about my love for crispy bacon too.
Also it might be weird but that reloading animation he does when you first meet him in the cave is strangely hypnotizing to me.

Anonymous 22660

Great minds think alike. And yes, I too like the reloading animation. However, what I wanna know is when he gives you his outfit, realistically speaking, would he just be running around nude?

Anonymous 22689

I don't think of it as him personally giving you his stuff. It's really just the devs wall-breaking giving you a copy of his stuff.

Anonymous 23011


i love post apocalyptic games
my dad showed me mad max thunder dome and that was my entry point and i have loved every similiar aesthetic theme since
i loved reading the road and playing new vegas and sometimes i make post apolcapytic prop guns and armor :)
i love the guns used in thunder dome. i hope one day to own a mini 14>picrel and mod it to look as cool and post apocalyptic as possible
i loved fallout 4 as well because of the weapond modifications that were possible
76 sucked i dont even have to say that, i hope that the next fallout is made by dennation games and devolver digital (the creators of hotline miami) instead of bethesda (which recently has been bought by microsoft)
big lose hate bethesda fallout apocalypse nice

Anonymous 23012

his voice is mmmm

Anonymous 23286


youre so right. the first meeting in the cave generally felt like a spiritual experience.

Anonymous 23429

New Vegas is great.
Fallout 3 was lame. 4 is just a generic shooter game, but I'll admit that I enjoyed the crafting/building system.

If you like Fallout New Vegas, give Disco Elysium a try.

Anonymous 25038

my favorite is 76, easy put 400 hrs and like 50 bucks into it,

Anonymous 25042

You upset me.

Anonymous 25044


Anonymous 25047

Why not? Did you get bored?

Anonymous 25049

Why is Fallous3 so disappointing for me? I accidentally finished the game while playing it, the main questline was that much of a breeze. Then I went back and realized I didn't really have many quests and didn't even finish that many. So I got the explorer perk and went to every single location, which was mostly boring and also didn't give any quests or anything except empty subways and stupid ruins.

Anonymous 25757

please assume the …

I love fallout, its probably my favourite series out of all of them. New vegas being to me the high point of the entire series. The setting is grim and a perfect showcase of humanities inability to change. of course that is when the game actually is grim. I hate Bethesda and my dislike of them has only ever grown with time. the fact that 76 was a game that was allowed to be released at all is an insult to the games that came before it.

I just want it to die at this point. Just let it rest in peace.

Anonymous 25758

You should consider suicide.

Anonymous 25819


Oh I hate 76. Doesn't mean I can stop playing unfortunately.
Let's see
>575 hours
>I hit rank 105 in Nuclear Winter
>I have spent about $350 on Fallout 1st and atoms (come to think of it my 1st is about to run out…)
>Not counting the ~$60 for secret stuff on g2g
>I make sure to play each and every season to completion
I know it's awful and I don't want to play it anymore but I love Fallout so I can't miss anything!
Luckily I don't think this game has too much longer left so I should be free soon enough.
Oh and the game I've played the second-most amount of time?
Fallout Frontier

Anonymous 25820

i don't hate 76, it may be my favorite 3d one. very fun messing around online, especially with friends.
still don't get why people love new vegas so much. for me it was just like playing 3 again.
i want something that plays and feels like 1 & 2 again, writing included

Anonymous 25822

You might want to check out Underrail.

Anonymous 25828

I recently finished an unmodded, semi-completionist playthrough of New Vegas where I tried to take the decisions seriously and not just kill random things and try to get big guns. It was definitely an enriching experience, but holy shit does the game have some issues. It's way more than just bugs, lots of the deliberate details make no sense. The companion system is basically meant to be at least as important as the main Hoover Dam plot, but it is filled with ridiculous problems and you paint yourself into a corner if you aren't literally following a guide.

Anonymous 25829

There's no way to sugarcoat this, Fallout 3 is genuinely a low IQ game for low IQ people. The plot is simply a vector for some superficially 'cool' stuff they wanted to present. Bethesda didn't take what they were doing seriously at all.

Anonymous 25868


I love her so much

Anonymous 25896

I really have to disagree with even such a moderate defense of Fallout 3, it only makes sense if you insist that this particular set of 'nukey' images are essential by virtue of the sub-genre it labels itself with. New Vegas is way, way better as far as delving into what society would be like 200 years (don't forget that) after a nuclear war. From what I know about Fallout 2 (I've barely played it, I'm ashamed to say I don't have the temperament), I'm pretty sure that was already what they were going for. They intentionally set it 80 years after the first game so the nukes were now a historical fact, not a primary factor in what was going on. The Fallout 3 devs hated this, which is why they had to set their game on the other side of the continent.

Also, I think New Vegas basically used the "vegas didn't get nuked as hard" line as an excuse for getting closer to the scientific reality without breaking the canon, since Fallout 3 is full of shit and things would have cleaned up a lot by that point.

Anonymous 25920

I prefer New Vegas over 3, but I would like to take moment to say how little I care that 3 is an inaccurate depiction of society 200 years after a nuclear winter. Cinema Sins level criticism.

Anonymous 25922

I'm not sure if you're the same person but similar sentiments so I'll respond to them as one.

It's hard to bridge this gap because Fallout 3 is basically from a different series (which includes 4 and 76) that just happens to share the imagery of the other games. I've enjoyed playing it and it definitely has some cool moments (my favorite is Tranquility Lane), but they just don't do anything to contribute to the sort of grander story of American society that the earlier Fallouts plus NV tried to write. The issue isn't so much about 'le unrealistic' as about giving up on trying to have a deeper message about human civilization and just making petty plot lines where people in power armor blow each other up.

Anonymous 25924

I was just the most recent post and it sounded a bit more aggressive than I meant it to. I should only compare my worst enemies to Cinema Sins from now on.

Anonymous 26352

fo4 is one of my comfort games. i like 76 for what it is. it's only worth buying on sale though.

Anonymous 26357

Well I'm gonna have to agree since it was such a disappointment for me
They should have never set the game on the east coast

Anonymous 27644


Fake, gay, wrong, and retarded. Fallout is a great series. Trannies don't even get Fallout, they just like it because they can mod the game to have massive breasts.

Anonymous 27672


Anonymous 29588

>sometimes i make post apolcapytic prop guns and armor :)
that's so cool

Anonymous 30290

If they wanted a more apocalyptic post-apocalypse setting for a Fallout game then why didn't they just set 3 sooner after the war?

Anonymous 30293

It should've just been on the west coast, really. Yeah it should've been set sooner after the war, but I guess it's cool or interesting to see a successful vault that isn't just a giant coffin this time, to last a few hundred years. Though if it was set just after the bombs dropped, I think there'd be some plotholes because most people who were alive when the bombs dropped either died or became ghouls. I guess the game would have to be set before the ultimate ghoulification. Ugh, it'd be a game full of ghouls; no mutants, no Brotherhood of Steel, less irradiated animals, definitely some vaults though, probably caravans, maybe more working vehicles… it'd be interesting, but it's too ballsy to be made now.

Anonymous 30316

Would you guys be okay with a remake?

I fear they'd miss the vibe and atmosphere of the original and ruin it. But I do often feel like New Vegas was unfinished and could definitely do with some polishing

Anonymous 30317

What about New Vegas felt unfinished to you? The Brotherhood of Steel maybe? As for a remake, do you mean of Fallout1 and Fallout2? I don't think so, I think those games deserve to just exist on their own terms, and if anyone wants to play them they can on Steam anyway; and should, in their original form. I think a soft remake could happen; by that I mean make a game that takes place in the same areas of the first two games. I'd love to see Vault City!

Anonymous 30319

>What about New Vegas felt unfinished to you?
The faction system for example. Legion felt really skimpy. It's my favorite Fallout but it's also bare in places it should be rich. The lore is great and I love the gameplay but if they could give the original team money to give us more NV that'd be cool.

Also I hope they never make a remake or remaster of Fallout 1. I love that game and it's fucked up but it makes me happy that there's a barrier of entry? 'Cool kids club'. Few people have the patience to play it.

Anonymous 30323

They stated that they had content in Legion lands planned but that it was cut due to time constraints. That's probably the single biggest thing, not including technical issues.

Anonymous 30325

I actually never did a Legion playthrough yet, so I believe you. It'd be cool then, to make up for it, to have a game that features more of the Legion! But I doubt it'd happen, and if it did, they'd ruin the Legion. Maybe a fan made game.

Anonymous 30357

I would play all of them if they were redone with the fo4 graphics.

Anonymous 30366

Cringe. If you've only played FO4, play New Vegas anyway! I'm not a graphics-needy person though. You might find the game aesthetic in its own way due to the older graphics. It is a wasteland after all. I think the graphics hold up pretty well. FO1 and FO2 kind of need to be 2d and honestly those games look really cool.

Anonymous 30466

I genuinely don't get why they haven't just remade the older games in Fallout 4's engine. It's pretty straightforward and would get so many sales.

Anonymous 30475

Like the companions and DLC but don't really like the factions.
>NCR is neat but kinda genetic
>Mr House is kinda meh
>Yes Man is probably the best option
>Caesar's Legion is just stupid. Guys in football uniforms swinging lawnmower blades.
Wish we had a Ghoul and Super Mutant faction. Also have the Followers be a main faction too. Usually I beat the DLC and get too bored to finish the main quest.

Anonymous 30479


No! They will ruin them!
>NCR generic
I think they're kind of supposed to be, I like the idea that they came out of Shady Sands though, that makes me happy
>mr house meh
>Yes Man best option
There's a lot you can do with him, so probably
>Ceasar's Legion stupid
A ghoul faction would be cool, like in the first game. Same with Super Mutants, they were both 'factions' I guess in the first game. Technically there is a Super Mutant faction in New Vegas but you can't join it, of course. You can help or harm them I guess. And yeah I wish the Followers were a faction or at least had way more content. How do you feel about the Boomers? Kek. Brotherhood of Steel, the Great Khans? Freeside is also a faction. Powder Gangers?

Anonymous 30480


Boomers and Powder Ganger should've joined forces and nuked both the NCR and Legion

Anonymous 30492

What's wrong with older graphics you zoomer?
Just install a reshade or ENB, it will improve the lighting greatly. FNV is honestly one of the best games ever and probably the best in the fallout series.

Anonymous 30493

Someone is actually making a 3d remake of Fallout 2. It looks pretty interesting.

Anonymous 30494

smort leader.jpeg

>NCR is neat but kinda genetic
they're supposed be a faction that is trying to recreate a pre war government so that was a given. Thye are corrupt and greedy like real world governments, but they offer a civilised society and a degree of democracy. They are what the player is most familiar with.
>Mr House is kinda meh
I kinda found him the most compelling. He gets stuff done, he built new vegas, and has a huge army of robots. He seemed like someone that plans ahead, has big plans and is actually capable of realising them. Talking to House always made me feel like his speech about how he's going to put people in orbit in 50 years, is not just empty words.
>Caesar's Legion is just stupid
Yeah, Caesar's entire motives are:
>He read Hegel's Dialectics
Did he understand it? no, but he read it. In a lot of his dialogues Ceasar seems like a common thug who has to threaten you with violence. Even his in-game INT stat is low

Anonymous 30499

Okay now this is based.

Anonymous 30518


I didn't like Fallout 3. I hated Fallout 1 & 2. I only liked Fallout New Vegas.

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