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fallout? Anonymous 22568

anyone here like fallout :>

Anonymous 22569

I think the NCR ranger armor is hot and I'm tired of pretending I don't.

Anonymous 22570


wish i could have that aromour irl
heres another picture of amazing armor

Anonymous 22571

I've played every fallout (yes, even brotherhood of steel and tactics) but I've never beat a single one

Anonymous 22572


I fucking love Fallout! My favorite might be New Vegas

Anonymous 22573


same, NV was very comfy. a true melting pot of unholy but miraculous wonders. shame we might never get a similar fallout again.

do want to try getting into fallout 2 (or even 1).

Anonymous 22574

I've played both recently, moreso Fallout1. It's really good! The first main quest is timed, but after finishing that you basically have free reign to explore the wasteland and finish the second main quest. I've started Fallout2 and it's good but I'm not too sold on it since so far it seems like the dialogue is a bit too goofy imo

Anonymous 22575

Fallout 3 was better than NV

Come at me

Anonymous 22576

Anonymous 22578


Anonymous 22579


planning to play new vegas some time soon
based, unf

Anonymous 22582

Play it NOW. The game is so cozy and comforting. The radio station with the old songs on it fit the atmosphere more than the songs for Fallout3 does in my opinion. The whole experience of the game is so satisfying and intriguing. Even just running around through the desert is exciting and atmospheric.

Anonymous 22588

Joshua Graham is my ideal husbando. A man who actually has to take care of his skin and has a voice that could melt steel, it's so rich. And he's damn right to kill the White Legs, fuck 'em.

Anonymous 22615


Damn it anon, I was gonna post about my love for crispy bacon too.
Also it might be weird but that reloading animation he does when you first meet him in the cave is strangely hypnotizing to me.

Anonymous 22660

Great minds think alike. And yes, I too like the reloading animation. However, what I wanna know is when he gives you his outfit, realistically speaking, would he just be running around nude?

Anonymous 22689

I don't think of it as him personally giving you his stuff. It's really just the devs wall-breaking giving you a copy of his stuff.

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