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“Hated” characters that you like Anonymous 22908

Anonymous 22909


I win

Anonymous 22915

This is going back a bit but the minor character Leslie Arzst from Lost season 1. I wanted to know more about him because the show was doing such a good job exploring its characters at that time.

Anonymous 22916


i think having a neckbeard type design in a cutesy game is really funny, he's such a silly little dude

Anonymous 22917

Why is he hated?

>neckbeard type design
Is the design why this character is hated? I admit I haven't been paying much attention to Animal Crossing stuff.

Anonymous 22918


everytime i see people hate her it hurts personally

Anonymous 22921


Basically every single member of the Guilty Remnant cult in HBO's show The Leftovers. But specifically Laurie, she didn't deserve all the hate she got in season one. All of them are good characters that deserved more love. Except Meg. Fuck Meg.

Anonymous 22926


People are still seething to this day

Anonymous 22927


Fuck you

Anonymous 22930


Please forgive me

Anonymous 22944


i dont care that he has no personality ok that just makes it easier for me to project my mental illnesses onto him

Anonymous 22945

Yeah I think people hate Giorno too much, even tho he's far from my favorite JoJo

Anonymous 22950


I wish Araki would have gone deeper into the 'Dio's son' angle tbh. Would have been fun to see him being more of a cunning little shit like his dad.

Anonymous 22953


Though I do wish she got at least a little less childlike-insane as she got older.

Anonymous 22954


Anonymous 22955

Oh most definitely
A lot of the hate she gets is just straight up misogyny
When I started watching BB I sympathized with Walter because of his situation, so Skyler came off (to me) as annoying for not being more understanding and open-minded. But as it became clear that he was a selfish piece of shit who was only obsessed with protecting his "pride" (masculinity) and cared more about that than his own family and friends, I realized that he had always been in the wrong, ever since he refused to get help at the beginning, and Skyler couldn't be blamed for just wanting to protect those around her.
All the hate she gets should be for that piece of human garbage Walter. I'm sorry Skyler, at the time I had no idea that Breaking Bad had a villain protagonist.

I blame Araki's rule of not bringing up characters from previous parts too much.

Anonymous 22956

Skylar is cleverly written as the villain directed at the audience. The audience wants to see Walter make drugs and do bad stuff and she does her best to prevent it. People don’t want that as it would make a boring tv show. Of course only insane people would act like Walter in real life and most people would be more like Skylar (much as they pretend they’re a Walter).

Dumb moids don’t realise all of this and get way too heated about her.

Anonymous 23003


Sasuke did nothing wrong.

Anonymous 23007

He appeared out of nowhere but all the other characters acted like they knew him and he'd been there all along. Plus he had an abrasive personality. He died pretty quick and in retrospect it was obvious they were just introducing a character to kill off.

Anonymous 23008

I really agree he did the most natural thing he could do. I think he has the right, and the right to be prickly as well.

Anonymous 23010

it was very creepy how obsessed some moids got with hating her. it's like they projected too much into Walter so anything that got in the way of their ego trip.

and something else I noticed: they also are hellbent on saying it's not misogyny despite constantly using misogynistic slurs, hating on her for her "horse face", not being completely subserviently towards Walter, among other things. it's really interesting.

Anonymous 25110


Haters will deny it, but she was the real main character.

Anonymous 25111

Speaking of which, recently I happened to find a list of "top 10 worst waifus in anime" (retarded scrotey) and one of them was Chi-Chi from Dragon Ball, the author of the list compared her and the hate she gets to Skyler.

Anonymous 25122


you are so fucking right. its not her fault that an old japanese man couldn't write women characters. love her.

Anonymous 25123


also fucking correct. i dont like itachi, and i think sasuke should have gotten reparations for the genocide on top of getting to execute the government officials that ordered the attack

Anonymous 25129

This is not even based. Worst character arc ever. He deserved closure / healing. Idk why saying that is extreme

Anonymous 25134

who are you referring to, itachi or sasuke?

Anonymous 25147


Before Gou, I know she was quite hated. I would see people call her a "spoiled brat" and even say things as vile as that she deserved to die, because of that. Not sure what part of living only with another little girl in a abandoned shelter.. that she helps with cooking and shoppping, still makes her a "spoiled brat". I don't know many other little girls living that independently. People would refuse to acknowledge her character development.

I'm not sure if Gou has made her more or less disliked (I dropped it because I didn't like it), but she has arguably been through more than any of the other main characters and has still stood strong after it.

Anonymous 25148

Wow he really takes that well

Anonymous 25154


Tsumugi from the same series. A lot of people dislike her for being plain or boring, but I like that about her because her free time events telling how she's so plain she constantly gets ignored feel relatable to me in a way.

Anonymous 25157


Anonymous 25162

Gou made her both more popular and more hated. I do like Satoko even after Gou. I can understand why people would dislike Gou Satoko but pre-gou Satoko is just an abused kid struggling with life.

Anonymous 25167


Pre-Gou Satoko clearly cared about her other friends too, not just Rika. The way they decided to make her all yandere and like a protagonist out of some cliche revenge-ge visual novel is cringe imo. I think part of it might have just been to yuribait people with SatoRika.

It felt like this "undid" her mental and emotional development. Wouldn't be surprised if Ryukishi07 made her that way in Gou, because he knew how disliked Satoko is, and wanted to troll the few fans that have liked her even more. Or he doesn't even like her, himself.

Anonymous 25172

I can understand Satoko having attachment and possession issues to an extent. Her abuse from Teppei, losing her parents and her brother, and then she feels like she's losing Rika… I feel like going through things like that makes you want to keep the people you do have close because you're afraid of being left again.
Perhaps I'm projecting though.
Of course she went too far and is very selfish to poor Rika. I really hate how Gou is just SatoRika fest and none of the other characters get anything too.

I'm pretty sure Ryukishi said somewhere that Satoko is his favorite and he wanted to expand on her character more, but I think he just wanted money. I think that man is both a terrible and amazing writer somehow.

Anonymous 25238

Female characters from Naruto had so much potential but yeah the author just doesnt know how to write any of them like many men in the industry.
I mean generally female characters have a lot of potential but just get wasted. Its like trying to make them annoying became a contest. Who will write the female character who gets the most hate?

Anonymous 25538


Gabi from Attack on Titan. Places like r/titanfolk viscerally hate her for some reason.

Anonymous 25539

Naruto author doesn't know how to write men in his story, what hope did he have of capturing women?

Anonymous 25541

If he doesn’t know how to write women and men then why is Naruto so popular and iconic?

Anonymous 25543

Worldbuilding for toddlers.

Anonymous 25546

just bc something is popular doesnt mean its good. euphoria is very popular and it sucks, it only has good aesthetics.

naruto has a good recipe for a popular manga. i really enjoyed the first season myself. but yes many characters are badly written especially females. its also a part of childhood for many adults and young adults so its not just that people like it, its also because the manga and anime bring good childhood memories to people.

the action and the trope are great tho. its mostly characters that are badly written and or annoying. but many have great character designs, also theres a lot of diversity, i think pretty much anyone can find a character they really like or even relate to in naruto. it makes them iconic in some way

Anonymous 25557

Really ? i had the opposite impression from that subreddit. Back when I used to lurk she had a lot of fans.

Anonymous 25579


for me; it's conrad

Anonymous 25604

Honestly I don't know what even counts as a hated character anymore.
Since we're on the topic of AOT, I really like Mikasa, but most people I've talked to absolutely hate her.
That being said, she always ranks high on popularity polls and shit like that so I don't know what she is.

Anonymous 25663


I love this idiot, but I couldn't keep reading after she proposed to her boyfriend instead of breaking up with him.

On the other hand, I hate Mr. Gye from "Let Me Stay Over Tonight" and mentally refer to him as a future wifebeater. Yet everyone loves him.

Anonymous 25776


Anonymous 27183


Chizuru Sakaki from Muv-Luv.

She might start off as a pretty big bitch, but her route in MLE shows that's a way to hide how emotionally vulnerable she is due to her messed up past. Her mother was a ho and almost causes her to become one too. But she's very hard-working and determined, so she still avoids that path.

Doesn't get enough respect as a character imo.

Anonymous 27186


i wouldnt say she is hated but she definitely gets the most shit out of most people who watched the series, they call her weak, useless and boring.
i think she is a very sweet and positive girl with a lot of inner strength and courage to challenge the way things are bending the laws of the universe itself for her wish. she might not leave a strong immediate impression like the other characters but she is far from plain too, and her character design is super cute. i love her so much :)

Anonymous 27188

Haven't read muv luv yet but she seems hot I would let her shoot me
I love her too!!

Anonymous 27198

I’ve never seen any hate towards her honestly but imo she kind of gets outshined by other characters since she takes a very passive role most of the time. She’s still a really endearing characters and her role is vital to the show

Anonymous 27206


Anonymous 27208

Oh my God, same. I could understand if she had some sort of agency or malice, but they go to lengths to show she doesn't. She was picked up and groomed by people who zeroed in on a suicidal loner who later threw her into the trash the second they finished using her.

Anonymous 27236

She is one of the strongest characters and has had great action sequences so I guess that's why she's pretty popular. There's no actual reason to hate her, she's only a victim of bad writing cause her personality is being the edgetard mc bodyguard. I got my hopes up when the Ackermans purpose of existing was brought up because I thought she would find a way to overcome that and be her own person, but in the end Isym was like "she just loves Eren that bad lol"

Anonymous 27279

Because it's a baby's first anime

Anonymous 27314



Anonymous 27315

thank you for confessing your thirst for that dude Mr Yagami

Anonymous 27333

download (32).jpeg

If she was real I'd crush on her so hard.

Anonymous 27343

Me too. I don't even care anymore. I could fix her.

Anonymous 29530

The Adoring Fan is CUTE and I love him

Anonymous 29955


I remember feeling so excited to talk about her and her route after finishing the visual novel. That's when I found out just how hated she was. I never really knew anything about her before I played it, you only really used to see Saber or Rin back in the day. I'm glad she got more love after the movies at least.

Anonymous 30010

I know nothing about Fate but I've only seen this character in particular get a lot of love. Only seen her get hate from moids because iirc she gets raped right? Seen her get the typical used good hate for that but those opinions aren't worth listening to anyway

Anonymous 30023


She's one of the kindest members of the P3 cast and I'm tired of pretending she's not. Yeah she isn't everyone's cup of tea and has made some wrong decisions because she's 16yo and has every mental illness ever, but she is a genuinely good person and I will defend Yukari with my life. Sucks that people only bring her up to either call her a bitch or to throw her into ship wars.

Anonymous 30025

Yeah this is me going back maybe 8 years ago or something. These days she does get more love because of the movies. But, back when it was just the visual novel and original anime, it was impossible to talk about her without someone starting shit. You're right in that it is mostly moids though, and for that reason.

Anonymous 30028

download (5).png


Anonymous 30031


No one seems to care about her or just finds her an annoying, generic childhood friend stock character at best but I absolutely love her. She's my favorite Xillia girl.

Anonymous 30032

I want to grind my Destruction on him.

Anonymous 30040


I really hated him first but then i realized he was not a bad guy at all he was just pursuing his goals and wanted to protect his beloved, like reiner did before….

Anonymous 30054

I'm not sure about the rape part being the main issue since Kohaku from Tsukihime is also a rape victim dark heroine who did lots of heinous stuff and she's always been a fan favorite since forever.
Kohaku was often seen topping charts whereas Sakura got the short end of the stick being the only heroine not to make it to the top 3 of the first popularity poll and instead being 6th place, which is an absolute embarrassment for a VN with 3 heroines total.
I personally REALLY dislike her because I find her super boring and her implementation in the story feels really manipulative.
"Listen, I know she was absent for 2/3s of the game, but LOOK, her entire backstory is pure misery porn to a cartoonishly laughable degree. SEE? DON'T YOU FEEL BAD FOR HER? DON'T YOU FEEL GUILTY FOR IGNORING HER ALL THIS TIME? YOU SHOULD THROW AWAY EVERYTHING YOU BELIEVE IN TO PROTECT HER."
"Not sold yet? How about a weird, out of character scene where Taiga acts creepy talks about how frigging huge Sakura's tits are? Don't you like that?"
"Fuck, fine, if that doesn't do it, how about giving her the most amount of sex scenes in the game? Come on, YOU GOT TO LIKE HER after this one."
It also doesn't help her character that she spends like half the route being possessed by the literal antichrist, stripping agency away from her. Honestly, one the biggest issues is probably that she's a charisma vacuum, making her interactions with Shirou near unbearable since he's also really uncharismatic.

Sorry for ranting or for coming across as mean, but I had this in my head for a while and I think it may give you an idea on why a lot of people can't stand her at all.

Anonymous 30057


I've only read Tsukihime and love Kohaku so I'm biased, I'd only be really able to compare if I read Sakura's route. One day I will, and I'll think of you anons here lol. What do you think the main reason is that Kohaku gets way less hate?
Tsukihime popularity poll after the remake just for fun.

Anonymous 30059



Anonymous 30063


Anonymous 30064

>What do you think the main reason is that Kohaku gets way less hate?
I can think of several:
One of the reasons has to do with her personality, Kohaku has a really upbeat and fun front while hiding a more sly, witty and creepy side under the hood. Sakura is either a "pure cinnamon roll too pure for this world yara yara" or a dumb turbo yandere murderer.
Everything Kohaku does is out of her own volition, unlike Sakura who, again, is LITERALLY being possessed by the actual source of all evil who is draining all her life force, and spends half the route either bedridden or being almost completely insane.
Kohaku's traumatic backstory is way less extreme than Sakura's, which is so absurdly miserable that it genuinely makes you wonder how this girl even manages to live a normal life with friends, club activities and such. Near the end of the route Sakura blurts out that her family even put poison in her food sometimes just to make her suffer more on top of all the other shit they did to her, which got a actual laughter out of me simply because such cartoonish levels of torture porn cross into the realm of parody, it became impossible for me to take it seriously.
There's also the fact that, unlike Shirou, Shiki doesn't have to throw away all his personal beliefs and ideals to get together with Kohaku.
Another big reason is probably that Kohaku is just oddly charismatic whereas Sakura seems to bore most people.
I apologise again to the Sakuraposter if I come across as a bit too harsh.

Anonymous 30079

Sakura poster here. Honestly your reasons for not liking her are totally valid, so I'm not offended or anything. It's when people's reasons for not liking her are based on her lack of virginity that bores the fuck out of me.
I guess I've always had a thing for anti-heroes or characters with a dark side, which is what drew me to her. I completely agree that some of it was OTT, but I was much younger when I first read the VN so it was "new" to me at the time.
It's like when I try to read/watch similar stuff now, I find myself getting bored because it's no longer something I've not already experienced if that makes sense?

Anonymous 30130


I like him and think his character was an integral one to NGE.

Anonymous 30132

yeah i think the hate the fandom has for him is over the top. he wasn't evil, he was just struggling with awful circumstances.

Anonymous 30134

I think main reason why people hate him is the way he acted in EoE, where his reluctant nature and cowardice was at its peak, which indirectly led to the death of at least two prominent characters.

Anonymous 30171

EoE isn’t canon.

Anonymous 30180


He's so sweet, whenever I'm about to do something stupid I stop and think if my Fan would want that for me

You better be fast about it because I WILL find you and ragdoll your paralyzed body into an Oblivion gate

Anonymous 30193


I guess some people don't like her because she's a sociopath and a painfully cringe loser but I like her for that. She's very relatable and there's no other anime girl like her.

Anonymous 30194

She also sexually harasses other women and I'd punch any bitch that did that to me irl.

Anonymous 30197

Literally no one hates her. She is especially popular among scrotes and trannies because she behaves like a moid and it makes it easier for them to self-insert.

Anonymous 30202

>because she behaves like a moid
When you put it like that, I wonder why Tomoko is even popular among women

Anonymous 30214

because she is (was) a loser

Anonymous 30222

>behaves like a man
>is the "literally me" character of at least half the people on this website
really gets that noggin joggin'

Anonymous 30231


Anonymous 30237

Lain is based though

Anonymous 30258


i know it is 50/50 with yen but i feel like a lot of people dislike if not hate her since she is not the stereotypical feminine fantasy character. i usually do not connect with women in fiction or fantasy, but for some reason i really like yennefer. i like that she's complicated. i like that she's not perfect, that she's flawed, that she has a lot of emotional scars because she reminds me a little bit of myself. i just like her. i see a lot of moids wanking themselves to triss because she's more girly (and also more manipulative), and then they bitch and moan about yen because she's outspoken, blunt, and a bit crass. i am just glad there is one fantasy series out there where the woman isn't either just another hypersexualized damsel in distress who pops out babies for her kang, or some super virgin mage witch who never falls in love because magic and whatever. i wish women were written to be more complicated and unlikeable in fantasy because it makes them more interesting to me.

Anonymous 30304

Does she behave like a moid or like a severely socially retarded otaku girl? Moids don't know that kind of girl exists because they ignore real women's personalities. They ignore women in fandoms all the time and then claim they don't exist. So I think this is just a case of tranny moids appropriating a female character just because they have some superficial similarities to her, since they don't think women can be awkward, ugly, nerdy, etc.
Plus she's underage so pedo AGPs project their fetish onto her.

Anonymous 30684

She doesn't behave like a man just cause a couple of trannies have appropriated her likeness. To me, she always read like some kind of insular fujo-type.

Anonymous 30686

griffith is the kind of character that you have to have awful shit happen to you to realize how disgusting as a person he is
I say this as a used-to-be Griffith stan

Anonymous 30689


literally me

blue fire bending is a sign of absolute control over oneself, Azula is a perfect person

Anonymous 30691

Is she hated, though? Everyone thinks she's an interesting villain and moids in particular find her personality incredibly attractive.

Anonymous 30692


Based I love her so much
Yes, she is hated. Not everyone appreciates her as an interesting villain and who cares about what moids think

Anonymous 30700

Says who? It's clearly suppose to be a direct sequel to the TV show with the exact same crew behind it.

Anonymous 30737

i loved her before gou and i didn't care for her after gou. she was poorly written in the remake and i just couldn't bother

Anonymous 30740


Anonymous 30747

Not gonna lie, but I've always seen her as a near textbook example of sociopathy, which I think adds to her character as an antagonist.

Anonymous 31593

I really wonder what would've happened if he did kill Naruto. in the manga he had a chance when Naruto was on the ground and if he really wanted to fight dirty maybe Izanami? That would've been cool.

Anonymous 31594


A lot of people dislike Subaru for pic related and call him an incel, but he was a desperate and scared abandoned kid with zero self esteem that was terrified of being alone and needed to be given some sense of value in order to function.
Its ridiculous to expect someone who went through so many traumatic experiences back to back to be completely fine, and it's worth reading between the lines about how he feels about himself.

Anonymous 31597

I like Subaru, his development in season 1 was great. Yes he was obnoxious at times but there were reasons for it and it all lined up well. Hes also not a pervert and treats Emilia well.

Anonymous 31601

fucking based, i like seeing her cut down pervert moids

Anonymous 31603


skyler is both morally and written better than lydia but lydia just got this evil pathetic tism about her that is really cute o.o i wish we got to see more about her character in the ways we do with mike, kim, gus etc

Anonymous 31605

vanessa poster tra…

and to add on, i'm adding vanessa here too. i'd be here for hours explaining how misunderstood vanessa's character, intent and role is if i could be bothered

Anonymous 31607

Fucking LOVE them

Anonymous 31608


Anonymous 31614


Daigo haters are all ugly and fat!!!

Anonymous 31621

I was not fond of her, but I'd have infinite respect for Vince if he decided the next spinoff was going to be about her because the moid rage from the breaking bad fans would be hilarious.

Anonymous 31630


brba/bcs women are so underrated, moids will shit on them then go awooga when saul or walter are as pathetic as lydia, or have more appreciation for jesse's shitty "friends". like the women they do like usually root/help the male character even if theyre doing something wrong AND are hot. i love jane and kim dont get me wrong, but i will never trust someone who likes walt but hates skyler or lydia bc walt is as annoying as skyler or evil as lydia.

Anonymous 31638

My gosh, I loved her character so much just because it's so rare to see this juxtaposition of neurotic anxiety and cowardice on one hand, and pure selfish evil on the other, especially in female characters. It's like a hyped-up little bunny forced into a corner. Except the bunny is a fucking psychopath.

Anonymous 31662

>lydia just got this evil pathetic tism about her that is really cute o.o
I suddenly understand Todd.

Anonymous 31737

>jesse's shitty "friends"
I honestly like Jesse's friends. They were the most believable characters in the show. There was no point where their gimmick got too ridiculous. with pretty much everybody else, the same cannot be said, especially the 2 most overrated characters by far, Mike and Gus.

Anonymous 31740

thought that was from metamorphosis

Anonymous 31741

yeah they are realistic, but i remember at the start of the show they would ditch jesse if he didn't have any crystal on him (and how lazy badger was haha), they are enjoyable to watch but jesse deserved better! but yes they were definitely grounded and believable in comparison to all the other characters in the story.

my apologies for the strong language in my original lydia posts, i just wish all my favorite female characters got even a smidge of all the attention and love their just as scrappy male counterparts receive.

Anonymous 31778


I will never understand why people hate Teddie and find him annoying, especially when Morgana years later retreads the same base character arch and people like him.

Teddie is fun and a staple of my party every time. I like his puns and I appreciate the fact that he doesn't end up being a super important piece of the plot and is just a weird shadow. It would have been very easy for the writers to try to tie his search for self in with Adachi and or Izanami and I respect the strength of not going there. Makes him more grounded and gives the arc more impact.

While I prefer Mitsuru I can't deny that Yukari is the more down to earth female choice. Agree that people who call her a bitch are missing the point of her character. She comedically bounces of off Junpei well in the light-hearted moments of the game, and I like the fact that in more serious parts of the story she behaves realistically to the threats compared to other party members.

Good teammate and I hope the remake treats her well.

Anonymous 31793


>and people like him
Please tell me where do you hang out, 80% of the people I see hate the cat.
About Teddie, I blame most his hate on the official localisation, he's just a creature who tries to understand the world/humans by mimicking what he sees akin to a little kid. It's very apparent on the original texts, but in english and the other languages this is pretty much lost and he comes off as overly horny. In JP his scoring catchphrase/gag is a bit different and he says a slang girls use to refer to guys, further empathising that he has no idea of what he is saying & is just imitating what others do.

I loved him in the anime (my first contact with P4, with fansubs), but I can't say the same for the games. He has great moments though, I specially liked his route in Arena. And despite my hatred for PQ2, I think they wrote him pretty good there as well. I wish they could've carried his personality better on the translations.

A bit unrelated but I love her long hair design, I wish they'd keep that one instead of giving her the hairstyle of that weird teacher. Her and Aigis are my favorite Persona characters, like you said I wish people could stop putting them agaisnt each other on ships wars. Honestly I have been wanting to write a character analysis on her for pretty long because I find her very interesting, but I think I will wait for Reload to drop to refresh my memory (crossing fingers the remake wont bring more hate to her…)

Anonymous 31808


Man I wish it was just insulated area I hang out in. Especially when P5 was new there was a mentality that Morgana was "Teddie but done well." Very frustrating, especially when like picrel they dont even seem to understand his character. Morgana is just a cutesy less developed version of Teddie. Imo

Though to be fair I've seen the cat get hate for having annoying voice lines. I think the only Persona mascot universally loved is Koromaru.

Anonymous 31923

This type of excuse doesn't make any sense.
You love a character that didn't exist before Kishimoto made her, she wasn't a real person or historical figure which the character was based on, she was created by him.
You do love her for the way he wrote her in a way so it always seems like a cop-out to just say yeah I love Sakura but the writer can't write her so better to hate him even thou he wrote the very thing Im thirsty for.

Anonymous 31924


Not a Naruto fan so I'm not going to comment of Sakura, but I get where she's coming from.

There are ton's of potentially great characters out there where the writer just drops the ball and fails to convey an arc properly or ends up handling a character in a way that's less than desirable. You also have situations where the vison is clear but the writer fails to express that vision properly.

YIIK comes to mind here, you have characters like Rory and Vella who have very cool backstories and compelling dramatic arcs, but because the game is so poorly written that gets lost. It's not the characters fault the guy can't write, but yes I guess in a way I do "like the way he writes them."

Anonymous 31925

>handling a character in a way that's less than desirable.
It was my fault for caring about a MMO's story at one point, but I will always be a little butthurt about what happened to my dude Garrosh Hellscream.

Anonymous 31926

That explains it. Redditors are insufferable, so they like insufferable characters that are just like them.

Anonymous 31933


illya from fate

Anonymous 31934

Wait, Illya gets hate? Why? I've literally never seen anyone speak badly of her.

Anonymous 31943

really? I don't see her get hate at all
I will admit I don't like her Prillya version, but I adore her in Stay Night.

Anonymous 32103


Angela from The Office. Easily my favorite female character on the show and hilarious every time.

Maybe it's just because I'm a cat person, but I don't think she's any nastier than Kelly or even Phyllis, shes's just more open about her dislike of others. Regardless even if she can be a bitch I don't get it the hate when the show is funny terrible people being terrible to each other.

Anonymous 32133

I thought Homura was dislikable. she disregarded the others in favor of Madoka. I thought Madoka was incredibly strong for sacrificing her happy life to make sure the other magical girls don't suffer

Anonymous 32165


She is supposed to be the personification of selfishness to contrast with Madoka's selflessness.
You are supposed to find her motivations sympathetic but memes aside ultimately she is the villain of Rebellion.

I love her because it's rare to have a complicated female anime character, and I'm super excited to see the sequel finally!

Anonymous 32169

Alicent Hightower from House of the Dragon

Anonymous 32170

Skyler lost me when the Ted saga started.
She was justified in hating Walter and I don't care about her infidelity or whatever, but she didn't have to pick the biggest retard she knew for the task. Walt was wrong for enough reasons to create a second thread about but the one thing he got right was not wanting Ted anywhere near them.

Anonymous 32183

What do you even like about her? Her design?

Only self-unaware manchildren hate on Shinji.

She annoyed the hell out of me when the anime was airing. Overall, she's a meh character.

Of course.

Really? Where? He was the best thing about SK8.

Anonymous 32819


I absolutely love Raymond and cats in general. He's super cute and has an overall nice design with the business/office theme. It's sad that some people hate him because he's popular, sold/trade at an unfair price and fetishized in a maid outfit even to the point of wanting to hurt or remove him from the game. I think people who hate Raymond are Ankha fanboys, contrarians who think it's cool to hate on very loved and popular things or people that had been bullies in the past given that Raymond isn't offensive in any way but cute and kinda nerd-looking.

Anonymous 33707


Emma Bovary. Yes, she's problematic and I often just wanna scream "Emma, why?!"but she's relatable. She feels like a fellow unfulfilled woman with no stable identity that she tries to find in dubious things like affairs, surface religiousness, impulsive purchases. Also I see her as a victim of circumstances that was deprived of more opportunities for fulfillment and excitement by patriarchy. I think she could do well in modern times. She's a bad person but I do love her and relate to her even if it makes both of us a couple of dumpster fire girlies. I think Emma is a wonderful character.

Anonymous 33709

I think most people hate Raymond because of his personality (smug)

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Anonymous 34905


his routine does get tiresome after a while but i feel like that can be said for a lot of the cast of KnY. dont see why people seem to hate him specifically so much

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