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VRchat general Anonymous 23539

This is a thread dedicated to miners that play VRchat. This thread welcomes all kinds of dicussion surrounding the topic.
I will start with a few questions, you can answer whichever ones you like.

>How long have you played VRchat? How did you discover VRchat?

>Do you own a VR headset? Full body tracking? Do you play in desktop mode?
>Have you experienced something great in VRchat or do you have an absolute horror story to tell us?
>Thoughts on the people of VRchat? Thoughts on the moids in this game?
>What are your thoughts on ERP?
>Problems you have with VRchat? Issues you wish would be addressed?
>Experience with meeting other women in game? Are there such things as female only spaces in VRchat? (I assume with private worlds)

No pressure in answering, if you want to simply talk about VRchat without answering the questions it is good too. Rarely do I find places where people want to have a serious discussion on the game.

Anonymous 23540

Please teach me how to into VRChat OP.

My boyfriend has an oculus rift and I’ve tried VRChat a couple times with it and I totally don’t understand what’s going on or what I’m supposed to do to enjoy myself and most of the time when someone will come up and start talking to me I quickly realize they’re like an 8 year old who wants to talk to me about Minecraft and it makes me uncomfortable

Anonymous 23542

some vrchat worlds…

Since the Oculus Quest 2 became very popular there is a sudden surge of kids playing VRchat after getting the headset on christmas lol.
How I tend to spend my time in VRchat is trying to socialise with friends (I usually avoid public lobbies because this is where the cancer gathers). The most interesting thing about VR chat is visiting and discovering worlds, I will provide a few wonderful ones I have visited in picrel for you to check out (and there's still a million other worlds to look for, let it be a fun adventure for you to discover them too). Bonus if you have a headset, these worlds are much more enjoyable and immersive in VR.
For public worlds, you can find nice people if you looks hard enough, sometimes it is just coincidence. I have met quite a few very decent people who are happy to simply talk and chill and discover worlds.
The real downside to VRchat is its community which is filled with braindead lonely horny people that might ask you to ERP with them. Ignore them. Ignore the kids too, and report them if you find kids under the age of 13 (I wish the minimum age would be MUCH MUCH higher for this game though…)
Have fun visiting these worlds, and remember there's much more. I hardly have discovered all the good worlds in VRchat (let alone the hidden gems). Let yourself get taken by surprise.

Anonymous 23543


samefag, but I also want to highlight one of my favorite things about VRchat: the Vket. It is a VR festival that is held every year around december. It is basically a Virtual Market where you can indeed buy virtual goods (and sometimes even real ones, I remember there was a booth where you could buy actual physical clothes). But the most fun thing about this event is that the worlds that are made for it are of insane good quality and are very very fun to visit and interact with. There's so many things you can do and so many things to see during the Vket, it is extremely exciting. I have had massive fun in this year's edition of the Vket and I'm very hyped to attend next year's edition.

Anonymous 23545

This is very helpful, thanks for the informative suggestions & tips anon. I'll give VRchat another try and take a look at those worlds.

Anonymous 23547

I hope you have lots of fun! There's so much to explore in VRchat, it's pretty insane

Anonymous 23776

I really want to interact with people and not be on mute the whole time but my roommates make fun of me for going on VRChat and definitely eavesdrop
Sucks cause Ive spent hours in it just being on mute and when I actually find a cool person all I can do is just gesture

Ive met a few women but sadly they werent automatically cool people

>Have you experienced something great in VRchat

Not really "great" but really unique
One night there was this random almost empty world I joined from hoping into a portal someone laid for their friend. I was just in a corner when two people joined and started a conversation which lead to them narrating their whole lives very frankly to each other for a long time.
It was so strange and felt like a moment which wouldnt happen in any other circumstances

Or many this happens often and Ive just only witnessed it once

Anonymous 23783


I would love for there to be a crystal.cafe meetup on VRchat. I wonder how we could implement something like that and if some people would even be interested in the first place?

Anonymous 23784


That would be really cool! It would be much easier and safer than an irl meeting and hopefully more will show up since it can be played on pc

There would definitely need to be voice verification, maybe via discord, (info on whether they have ever been banned on here would be good too) before they are permitted to the world

Anonymous 23785

That sounds extremely exciting! Maybe we could organise something like that? I don't think dropping discord server links is okay but we can exchange personal discord accounts!

Anonymous 23786

Yeah maybe not a discord server but any service where people can be verified before being allowed into the world

Anonymous 23787

What type of service do you propose?

Anonymous 23794

VRChat is cool and really feels like the 00s internet, which is a period I will always miss.

Anonymous 23809

Meet Tons of Virtu…

It's cool until you bump into the ERP people.
Oddly enough VRchat sort of feels like a mix between IMVU and anime. Some weird thing I remember from IMVU was that the more you physically deformed your avatar (even to ridiculous proportions) the cooler you were.

Anonymous 23824

I "enjoy" how this aesthetic lives on in those godawful TDA Miku edits.

Anonymous 23832

The best I could think of is Zoom since people dont need an account to join, they would only need to have VRchat

> A zoom link could be sent out

> Users join waiting room in zoom
> The organiser can allow one person at a time into the meeting through zoom
> Once organiser approves the user, the user can send the organiser their vrchat username
> The organiser adds them in vrchat and then invites them to the private world

Its a lot of steps and if there is a better way then feel free to suggest. This is the best I could come up with which ensures not just anyone can join the world.

Anonymous 24603

this video… i already knew about the majority of this but seeing it all condensed into an easy to understand 2 hours long well edited documentary is depressing (but important). Also we agree that for the introduction to the video that Hanna is a man.

Anonymous 24608

People are way too easily impressed by the VHS filter effect.

Anonymous 24609

What do you mean?

Anonymous 24626

this game was fun when it first dropped it had a decent amount of older users and i was 18 and could actually find people my age playing lol go on there now and its just kids and teens flirting awkwardly

Anonymous 24870

I'd love to try out VRChat but I REALLY don't want to run into moids and troons

Anonymous 24876


there's sadly so many of them… and they're all sex crazed!!! It's so annoying! The moment they hear you're female it's like you become a locked target for them to behave in sexually explicity ways towards you!! I really wonder if there would be ways to create a VRchat world or something, moid free. So that you can actually have fun conversations with other women. I feel like something like this might need to have a private discord server with voice verification to grant access to those VRchat worlds but it's such a hastle I even doubt I could set something like that up myself…
as for the kids…. that's the sad consequence of the quest 2… I feel like kids shouldn't even be playing this game considering how dark the game can get. So much grooming. Kids should go to more appropriate games that were intended for them such as RecRoom

Anonymous 24877

Very off topic but the way you write is cute

Anonymous 25072

There's no way to pre-emptively keep them out, but you can just vote to kick them if they end up in your meetup world. Being booted blacklists you from rejoining for an hour IIRC.

VRChat will eventually have a groups feature where you can simply group up all confirmed miners and have the world open only for them. Feature rollouts are glacial but when the changes arrive they are usually for the better.

Anonymous 25504


I sort of miss the old VRchat before the Quest Users and the Trust system. I remember when it was just getting popular and a lot of people were coming in to have fun and joke around. I guess you had the obnoxious Uganda Knuckles meme but I'd rather prefer that than having a hoard of eboys/egirls with Trusted User rank sporting hypersexualised blingy avatars coddled up all together to a mirror. You can't even strike up a conversation with them. So many are try hards trying to act cool and impress others. It's like there's now a cast system which I highly don't like. The other option are fucking Quest children that are extremely obnoxious and loud because they only know of VRchat through popular youtubers. It's either lewd circles or children-filled circles. No inbetween.

Anonymous 25827

vrc is good only in priv or small pc-only public lobbies. i've been to a couple black cat publics and it's insane how many kids there are running around in nsfw avatars, actually depressing.
great pugs are pretty okay for avoiding children on friday/saturday nights but its almost entirely moids, the only women i've seen in there were either normie or tagging along with their bfs lol

Anonymous 25887

I popped in it around 2017 curiously on my desktop and stumbled on what sounded like a 50 year old chain smoker giving advice in a Touhou Momiji avatar without any irony or care. I think at that time it was more small and fun and everyone wanted to help each other. popularity ruins everything.

Anonymous 25897

The Way.jpg

I have a soft spot for the Uganda Knuckles since I got into VRchat around their peak due to see the ChipsxNuts streams on twitch. The game had some great energy back then

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