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Anonymous 23566

Deltarunefags, why do you want to fuck this??

Anonymous 23567

Just look at him.

Anonymous 23568

Why wouldn't you?

Anonymous 23569


Ummm he's cute?
People are attracted to his personality, his character type, his quirks, his voice etc. etc.
It's probably the same reason why people are attracted to (western) cartoon characters, only a bit more abstract because he is a puppet with a proportionally small body.

t. not a Deltarunefag but I get the appeal

Anonymous 23571


Fuck him? I just want to tuck him in

Anonymous 23574


I mean…

Anonymous 23902

I'm more attracted to the robot in Inscryption which is probably even more dumb. As for Spamton I'm not sure if I want to jump his bones, but he's a fascinating character all around. Wild card characters in general are almost attractive by default because they tend to drop very enticing, rulebreaking info that defies the status quo, and then disappear.

Anonymous 23922

Hold, you want to fuck P03? Why? He's designed to be insufferable.

Anonymous 23925

This a man with white skin, not a puppet dwarf

Anonymous 23934


>shackles you to the game table. it's hot

>his pouty, annoyed default face is adorable
>his self-satisfied smirk is hot and moronic at the same time
>petulant without being trollish, has actual intelligence backing up the austerity; gets earnestly curious and perks up when you subvert his expectations
>very analytical, does many calibrations all the time and pays very close attention to you
>gets outraged and berates his ex-captor in a fit of passion; he's not ok with being toyed with, wants to be his own man…robot…thing
>imo is the most oddly human of the lot with his flaws despite, paradoxically, also being the least human
>has many tools for many purposes

>thinks outside of the box (I swtg pun not intended plz don't hunt me down)

Anonymous 23935

Yeah I'm 100x more morbidly fascinated with people that want to deepthroat his kromers while he's in midget mode. Not sexyman'd mode.

Anonymous 23940

NTA but kek I totally get your attraction even though I don't even know this character, love you anon

Anonymous 24237

people actually want to fuck spamton? I thought they just found him cute in a puppy-ish way..

Anonymous 24253


1. Well mannered and well dressed
2. Knows his way around money
3. Can financially support you
4. One of the most humanlike characters
5. Can either be a very caring husband or a sugar daddy - whatever floats your boat
6. Taller than jevil in his original form, which is a win on it’s own. Neo is the tallest character in deltarune.
7. Had one of the best tastes in style in deltarune

Of course he’s not Asgore or Swatch-tier, but still a solid choice

Anonymous 24254

That's the case for some people but not for others.
There are people who just can't see any of this because they're distracted by the way he actually looks in the game. That's why I prefer talking with other women about weird-looking husbandos instead of more obvious ones. It's fascinating

Anonymous 24255

That's like asking moids why they want to fuck the pink rubberhose girl with abandonment issues, best not to think too hard about it.

Anonymous 24257

>the pink rubberhose girl with abandonment issues

Anonymous 24267

why is he poor

Anonymous 24268

His sales went down the [drain], [drain]

Anonymous 27422

Bruh one of my ex friends dedicated a fucking website to him lmao

i love stalking people and judging them on anonymous websites! So not creepy

Anonymous 27442

Please leave

Anonymous 27574


Please link, I'm curious and unironically love reading about people obsessing over weird and unconventional characters

Anonymous 27628

link or didnt happen

Anonymous 27656


girls wanna take him outta the dumpster and into their homes. give him a bath, clean clothes, his own bed. i understand this feeling

Anonymous 28960

I don’t wanna fuck him I just wanna take care of him… give him a warm bath, make him some dinner, tuck him into bed, pat his little head

Anonymous 29779

deltarunefags are attracted to short people for some reason

sans, jevil, and now spamton

lesbian deltarunefags are different though, every female character that comes on screen is their new girlfriend

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