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Anonymous 23587

Is vinyl better?

Anonymous 23590

No. Record collectors just have autism.

Anonymous 23596

This. Also vinyl is fragile and ephemeral and the hiss and pops negate any benefits

Anonymous 23597

I do think vinyl has it's charm but let's not pretend listening to music was better before we had digital music and streaming.

Anonymous 23598

If you prefer the audio quality that vinyl offers for some reason (such as nostalgia) it's alright.
And I don't think there's anything wrong with preferring to listen to music like this or on cassette tapes, rather than super-clear digital tracks. After all, the experience truly is different, and you listen to music for the auditory experience, which the vinyl/tape effect can also be part of.

Anonymous 23604

Vinyl is epic, you get to admire the art and hold the lovely vinyl record and place it lovingly in the player. Though >>23589 may have a point, just get old vinyls used from a record store, anything new and produced today just doesn't really make sense in vinyl form

Anonymous 23628

Pros: Sounds better, more of an experience, nice to display

Cons: Annoying if you don’t like an entire album, overpriced these days, can get stratched

Anonymous 23636

Vinyl is better than Spotify in the same way that writing with a pen and paper is better than using software. Analog will always remain, in a way, superior; its physicality will always make it so. The digital lacks the physical - when you read a book instead of an ebook and jot down notes in your journal instead of using software and listen to vinyl instead of using Spotify, there is a spatial element that’s being interacted with. But, as a poorfag with limited access to vinyl, I use still use streaming services and pirate ebooks, because analog isn’t cheap. I only buy books I’ve read multiple times and know that I enjoy, and listen to my favorite albums in entirety on Apple music or Spotify or whatever streaming service is available.

Anonymous 23638

Samefag, but although I hate it, the Spotify algorithm really helped a couple of my favourite artists rack on an audience. Someone like Judee Sill for example - a forgotten genius singer-songwriter and song composer - was barely known years ago. You knew her if you made an effort to know about that kind of music. But Spotify’s algorithm really did help reawaken interest in her music, especially with younger people.

Anonymous 23648

I don't think its better, per se. However, I really like getting music on vinyl that I can't find online. There's a lot of obscure stuff I can only find on vinyl.

Anonymous 23655

>obscure stuff
Do share, anon!

Anonymous 23656

Spotify sucks it doesn't even have the songs I want. Not going to lie, I use YouTube to find and listen to music, mostly, especially before deciding to buy a vinyl. YouTube has a fuckton of music on it from great uploaders that care about sharing certain genres with the world. Namely prog music! Spotify btfo each time and vinyl stays winning forever

Anonymous 23669

Vinyl is fucking expensive, but maybe I'll have a small collection in the future. i'm picky about what music I buy so I'm not gonna end up collecting everything I'd rate 3/5 on rym
Is any recreational activity just autism then? Or just collecting?

Anonymous 23671

there are some recordings of my favorite clarinet player (benny goodman) that i havent been able to find online but i have vinyl of, as well as this one korean glam rock album i have. i cant read hangul so i dont know who the artist is sadly.

Anonymous 23713

new us pressings are the fucking worst quality 99% of the time, it's like they're made specifically to be played once on a preteens crosley and then used as wall decor
vinyl as a whole i find sounds a lot warmer and more pleasant to listen to, there's a lot of depth to the sound even if you're playing it through cheap speakers

Anonymous 23750

I’m trying to check out more prog. What do you recommend, anon?

Anonymous 23773

The band Yes, also some King Crimson, some Genesis probably; I guess it depends though, as "prog" can sometimes apply to multiple genres. For example there is prog rock, but there is also prog/jazz and prog metal, even. Do you like jazz?

Anonymous 23774

Get the google translate app and use the camera translator and it will tell you.

Anonymous 23799

It absolutely is and anyone who says otherwise is either retarded or deaf.

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