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Noise Thread Anonymous 23883

*Noise ~ Harsh Noise ~ HNW ~ Power Electronics ~ Death Industrial ~ Gorenoise*

Anonymous 23885

Anonymous 23886

Anonymous 23887

Anonymous 23888

Anonymous 30269

a documentary on women of noise

Anonymous 30285

for those who are tired of trannies in noise. gc power electronics

Anonymous 30298

whoever tagged this as "satirical" on rym is a tranny coping

Anonymous 30308


Anonymous 30322

Anonymous 30328


Anonymous 30349

Anonymous 30457


Anonymous 30545


Anonymous 30591


Thank you for sharing these tracks,
As a Shia Muslim with family from Iraq this kinda hit me like a ton of bricks.

Brings back memories very close to my heart, good and bad.

There is a lot of religious significance in the Arabic, English and Persian words, lamentations, and speeches mixed into the tracks, but it's done respectfully in my opinion.

March 20th, 2003 (the name of the last track) was the start of the invasion and the beginning of the apocalypse for many Iraqis.

Najaf is one of the most dear holy city to us and was the site of a grave American crime against the Iraqi people in 2004 and numerous violent cowardly attacks by ISIS since, which is what most of this album is referencing.

I love Iraq and hope it sees better days. <3

Anonymous 31179

i'm glad there's someone out there that really has the background to understand the album, thank you for sharing your experience with listening and very sorry for the late reply
i just love when it feels like the album/track/piece is specifically designed to call you out. i know this is not the case in many situations but it certainly feels like this
and when i'm psychotic the feelings are amplified by ten or more

Anonymous 31230


shia muslim nona? me too omg, totally agree as well, I've been to Iraq for Ashura once, not supposed to say this but my favourite city by far was Najaf and Imam Ali's shrine tops all, resonated with his character out of the 14 masoom anyway.

would love to talk to you since we shias are spread thin online. discord is udongeinaba

Anonymous 31378

Anonymous 31400

Anonymous 31401

Thank you for sharing this nona but what the fuck is that youtube channel?

Anonymous 31588

Now I can talk to frogs.

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