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Anonymous 24110

slice of life about a loser girl
>nobody buys the manga
>/a/ comes together to buy the manga
>it starts becoming a little successful
>/a/ spams the artist with dick pics
>nobody buys the manga again
>manga switches to yuri
>people start buying the manga
There's only so much you can do with the mundane adventures of a social retard. Eventually you have to start introducing a wider cast, eventually you have to start fleshing out those characters too. Nobody would have preferred if those characters were guys. And they pandered to the audience who gave them the time of day

Anonymous 24111

>Nobody would have preferred if those characters were guys.
Are you joking? We could have gotten a reverse harem instead.

Anonymous 24112

I lost all interest and stopped reading when yuribaiting started, though I liked the manga overall, bleh

Anonymous 24113

But she's literally me!

Anonymous 24114

I still read it occasionally, but Tomoko's a lot less fun now that she's more well-adjusted. She also keeps sexually harassing the others a little too boldly.

My favorite scene is the one where she misplaced her umbrella and plots to murder everyone for perceived theft until she finds it. That is so me!

Anonymous 24116

WAIT, wtf, are you talking about WataMote? For real? And they're on /a/? And does it become yuri? I just remember there being a weird stalker for the main girl.
Also btw it's more than possible to make outrageous and entertaining situations with a social outcast but that's a whole different tangent altogether.

I remember reading the manga years ago and it slowly became a more generic slice of life with cutesy girls and then I dropped it. Was the yuri just bait like the other anon said or was it followed through?

Anonymous 24117

I don't even dislike yuri but it just lost what made it special

Anonymous 24132


I really liked it. Tomoko is cute but not by modern anime standards which makes her unique. I don't mind yuribait, it's good that she made some friends. I actually cosplayed Tomoko before the rona happened, still my favourite character to cosplay, mostly because I can really relate to her.

Anonymous 24142

I heard the author is a scrote, which would honestly explain the "yuri" bait attracting so many moids

Anonymous 24147

normal life.jpeg

If anyone interested to post more
about dumb comedy about the socially awkward girl become less awkward

Anonymous 24151

Oh no
So now she have a mommy cool gal who’s saving her
Wooow that’s soooo coool

Anonymous 24152

I think it's a team with a male writer and a female artist. I don't know which one saw the dick pics though

Anonymous 24155


Should've just ended with the anime ending.
Going further was a mistake.

Anonymous 24175

I would enjoy the idea if she actually ended up with a girlfriend.
Bi Tomoko is peak relatability (and wish fulfillment). Although I doubt it would be written well, the degen closeted baby bi signs early on rang true to life. Yuri harem is less real.

Anonymous 24178

Are you the same scrote who posted a loli yuri doujinshi page and a link to 8chan.moe's yuri board in the OTP thread on LC's /m/?

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