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recommend me some non-english music Anonymous 24271

i like exploring more obscure music. it can be everything from folk rock to rock

Anonymous 24272

i was going to write folk rock to funk etc lol

Anonymous 24274

Really broad request

Anonymous 24275

Anonymous 24276

Anonymous 24277

Anonymous 26789

what about europop/rave(?) with retarded shitpost lyrics

Anonymous 26795

Anonymous 28909

Anonymous 28914

Anonymous 29009

Anonymous 29017

Anonymous 29018

Anonymous 29019

Anonymous 29020

Anonymous 29021

Anonymous 29022

Anonymous 29035

Anonymous 29037

Anonymous 29062

song is from the 16th century, based on love poems sent by a fella to his secret love, daughter of a rich man. Theres many more famous versions, but this smiley drunk colleen is the best one

Anonymous 29072

Anonymous 29079

Got this one stuck in my head as of late

Anonymous 29317

Anonymous 29326

Anonymous 29342

Fuck, I hate how much my ex loved neige and every band he was involved in
The music is really fucking good, but I hate what that music reminds me of

Anonymous 29362

Anonymous 29411

sounds like my bf lol anyway alcest is great

Anonymous 29516

Moldovan folk rock, I recommend the band as a whole, they're fun

Anonymous 29519

kek as a moldovan I find our stuff pretty cringe but foreigners like it for some reason
Are you a moldovanоnniе per chance?

Anonymous 29520

Only by the historical definition iykwim and even that only half. I guess Moldovan artists are more appreciated on the other side of the Prut, as well as worldwide.

Anonymous 29901

Anonymous 30016

Patty Pravo my beloved

Anonymous 30044

Anonymous 30045

Anonymous 30051

Anonymous 30065

Anonymous 33447

Anonymous 33448

Anonymous 33532

L'Impératrice - Tako Tsubo
I am very much into this band, it brings together some good tunes and a time period that had its very own charm.

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