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NES Nerds Anonymous 24466

Any NES fans in the audience tonight? Mega Man got into music and gaming simultaneously as a kid and i'll forever be grateful

Anonymous 24467

I'm not a huge fan of NES games in general as the library is full of jank, but Mega Man is pretty cool. Castlevania 1 and 3 are still some of the best games ever made.

Anonymous 24468


Yeah you definitely have to do some digging to find good ones but I am forever in love with that graphical style and 8-bit music in general. Castlevania 3 is def up there for me. I recommend Gargoyles Quest 2 if you have never played it, it is a great action platformer with awesome music

Anonymous 24469

I don't think I've tried that one so I'll check it out. One thing I miss is the overall difficulty of the era. It feels like games got progressively easier as time passed.

Anonymous 24470

Yeah I agree, I also appreciate that playing older games taught me to just figure out what to do cause there was no way in hell I was reading a manual as a kid. The fact that I can turn on my NES or SNES and be actually playing the game in under a minute is a blessing in the current era

Anonymous 24477

Leaving behind his NES is the only good thing my biological father ever did for me. I just had SMB and Duck Hunt but they were fun games and the only games I had until I was a teenager. Honestly though most of the games are too old for me, it's hard for me to get into them because the quality of life improvements like game saves, decent menus, etc. etc. aren't there. I played Castlevania 1 a few months ago and it was really fun though

Anonymous 24488

I had all three mario bros games but my sister let her friend borrow mario bros 3 and then stopped being friends with her before we got it back. I was too young at the time to realize what we lost though thankfully

Anonymous 24853

I am playing Mega Man II now, I used to suck at these games but something clicked I guess. This is actually pretty forgiving compared to something like Hollow Knight. If you die you start off right before the boss unless you get a game over and even then you just start over at the beginning of the level, although I haven't had to do that yet. None of the bosses have taken me more than a couple tries yet.

Anonymous 24854

Also I just have Metal Man and Heat Man left

Anonymous 24868

Chrono trigger was snes but I adore that game and the music

Anonymous 24871

Lol, Metal Man's weapon is way overpowered, why'd you save him for last?

Anonymous 24873

Er wait I meant Quick Man and Heat Man. Metal Man was one of the first I did. I think my favorite weapon is the one I got from Air Man.

Anonymous 25036

Yeah I still listen to that OST all the time. NES and SNES both have a special place in my heart but there are just so many great SNES soundtracks

Anonymous 25448

Not her, but I usually do odd orders whenever I replay Mega Man games.

Anonymous 25454


i have finished all the classic games aside from megaman 8/7, my favorites from the classic series gotta be 9,4,11,
currently playing battle network 3

Anonymous 26372


How do I git gud at these games or make them easier? I suck so bad at them. I'm playing Contra and I love the gameplay but it's super hard.

Anonymous 26565

The universal key to getting good at any game is to keep trying and to also recognize common things that are happening when you lose.

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