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Anonymous 24537

What do you guys think of silent hill 3? I think it has the best female protagonist out of any vidya. I relate to Heather so much it hurts.

Anonymous 24538

it gets overshadowed by silent hill 2 but I personally think 3 is the best due to Heather's personality and how her fears are expressed in the town

Anonymous 24539

Same here 3 has excellent music too

Anonymous 24554

Screenshot (94).pn…

omg I'm so happy someone made a thread on this!!! sh3 was the first sh game I ever played and it's always been my fav even after finishing the entire series.

I do agree it gets overshadowed by sh2 bc of and I find that kinda sad.

Also I can't fucking stand moids sexualising Heather. she's 17.

Anonymous 24555

overshadowed by sh2 bc of "muh deep storyline".

Idk why some of my shit got deleted but there u go.

Anonymous 24582

I think it gets overshadowed by sh2 because a lot of gamers were male during its release and couldn't relate nearly as much as I do.

Anonymous 24620


I have never felt or seen 3 being overshadowed by 2, 4 is the overshadowed game.

Anonymous 24622

I can't see this game without thinking of a cringe situation I was in involving it. eurgh I hate myself.

Anonymous 24636

Even though people joke about how hot heather is I've seen a lot of people say sh3 is shallow and basic in comparison to 2. this is what i mean when I say overshadowed its not shallow or basic not even in comparison to 2.

Anonymous 24681

moids are just upset it has a female protag

Anonymous 24730

It had less endings than the previous games removing a lot of replayability and was a sequel to the first game which had a plot that barely told you anything.
Prove it? I doubt a lot of girls played 3 at least when it came out and I've seen nothing but praise for Heather as the best female protagonist in any game.

Anonymous 24731

Absolutely adore this game
The music in SH3 is unironically better than the music in SH2

Anonymous 24732

Which Silent Hill game(s) has the girl because I only want to play those.

Anonymous 24735

I believe it's technically only 3, maybe Shattered Memories but I've never played it and frankly don't care too.

SH2 has a Born from a Wish segment which is about the main female protagonist of 2 who you play as. It's more of a side story you can play after you beat 2.

Speaking of, 1-3 are probably the only games worth their salt. PT could've been great potentially but we will never know, so it's a dud. Really though, whatever they set to do with the series is completed within the first 3 games. Everything has a subtle hand within each game to make a perfect trilogy. People see 2 as somehow a separate entity on it's own but everything that happens in 1 can explain the events of 2. They're all good games, easily emulated and I'd recommend to play them in succession to one another but 3 can be played stand alone if you only want to play a girl protag.

Anonymous 25907

Silent Hill PC gui…



SH2 torrent:

>SH2:EE bare essentials (old):


>SH2:EE project's home page:

>SH2:EE installation tutorial video (old):


SH3 torrent:


Mount the ISOs of 2 & 3, and then run their installers like always.
DON'T use W10's own virtual disc app! It will not work.
Don't install under C:\Program Files\ ! This will cause issues.

For SH2, Follow the Enhanced Edition homesite's instructions to the T, and you should be fine.
If you're mega lazy, just unpack the "Bare Essentials" to the game's folder, and you're done! The "Enhanced .EXE" is also the no-CD crack.

For 3 & 4, check the Guide or PC Gaming Wiki.
The SH1 is a PS1 rip that you gotta emulate.
I recommend the DuckStation, but most emulators work OK as well.


-Play in the release order.
-Start with Normal difficulty! Don't do hard on 1st run (espec. SH2).
-Replaying them all is recommended; tons of replay value.
-Turn down the ingame Brightness setting, for better gamma & colors!
-Leg it, or sneak! No need to kill everything.
-Turning OFF the flashlight can really help w/ stealth!

Reference Guide:

PS2 Emulation:

Silent Hill HD Collection (Twin Perfect Review):

Why You Shouldn't Play the Silent Hill HD Collection:

Soundtracks in FLAC:
-Silent Hill: https://filetrip.net/dl?jXw1alR4be
-Silent Hill 2: https://filetrip.net/dl?G3QSrjrgLN
-Silent Hill 3: https://filetrip.net/dl?rRDwEbkr9i

Anonymous 28941

I love Heather. I also played this one first when I was 14 back in the early 2000s. She is just so BRAVE and cool and unflustered without being one dimensional.
I love how she has kind of a “dirty” look with all the freckles and stuff, it goes well with the aesthetic of the game and I feel like more represented, since my skin tone is the same. Her character design is awesome.

Anonymous 28942

Okay DDR Exreme for PlayStation 2 and you can do the dance and see the music video sung by “her” (really Mary McGlyn but she lip syncs) for “You’re Not Here”. There’s also a song from SH4 and other Akira tracks.

Anonymous 28954

>1-3 are probably the only games worth their salt
I know this is an old post, but for me 4 is pretty good. For me it was the one that scared me the most. The bad part about the game is that you have to go back through all the maps in a scourt mission, but the game and story are good

Anonymous 29040

The only people who treat SH2 as the greatest thing since sliced bread are the game jouros, the same morons who think TLoU2 is some empowering story. Everyone else treats the first or third game as the best, with honorable mention to The Room.

>I've seen a lot of people say sh3 is shallow and basic in comparison to 2
The only context I've seen that comparison being made was in regards to how you explore the same area of Silent Hill as in the second game.

Anonymous 30053

SH3 is the best! I love Heather so much

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