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Well written women characters by women? Anonymous 24540

What are some good women or girl characters written by actual women authors, mangaka, etc.
Pic related is Ruuko from the Wixoss series made by Okada Mari, but it would be nice to know of more. It seems like too many girl characters are all written by men and it doesn't feel as genuine.

Anonymous 24549

I found that most of the characters from Houseki no Kumi were written really well, especially Phosphophyllite, the protaganist. I haven't read the manga yet, but just over the course of the anime she gets huge character development. The author is Ichikawa Haruko.

Anonymous 24805


Fullmetal Alchemist was writen by a woman and has a pretty strong female cast

Anonymous 24807


Osaki Nana from Nana.

Anonymous 24808

Not a manga but Scarlett O'Hara from Gone with the Wind. She grows a lot throughout the book.

Anonymous 24815

Aren't the characters in that manga sexless aliens or something like that? Some people see them as female, others as male (especially fujos).

Anonymous 24831

serveimage - 2020-…

They're sexless, yes.

It seeemed to me they feminized the characters a little in the anime. In the manga, I thought they leaned a bit more towards a bishonen look. Cinnabar stood out, but it may just be that I went too deep down the fujo rabbithole that is Ichikawa's artstyle as even Diamond started to look masculine.

Anonymous 24957


Multiple girls from Hibike Euphonium but especially Kumiko.

Anonymous 24959


I wonder what makes you like her?
I am asking because I hate her so much, she is so boring and still (because of being boring?) so bitchy, judging everyone with low empathy, but with a “chill nice girl” facade
Also trying to make herself special by clinging to people with passion - like making yourself close to some authority figure somehow will make her such a figure too
I’m sorry, I have an irrational hatred towards hibike characters, especially main ones - black haired is a bitch too imo, but in a different - I-am-so-better-than-others way

Contributing: picrel not only a reaction, but a character from Shirobako I liked, as well as most of the female characters from there

Anonymous 24961

Well this is a thread asking for well written female characters, not necessarily nice ones.
A lot of the things you're complaining about in regards to her character are kind of the whole point. Yes she's cynical and judgemental. She's given up on pursuing things with passion because she's grown to see her own interests as small and insignificant and views others through that same lens. She judges them because SHE has long been enlightened to the fact those desires are silly, often unattainable, and not worth getting stressed and emotional over.
A huge part of her character growth is all about her getting more involved with people, being influenced and inspired by them, to the point that she can no longer stifle her own feelings and deny the fact that she actually really does care and wants to achieve things and shows emotional vulnerabilities she wouldn't have before. She ends the show very much caring more about both other people and herself.
I'll say though personally there are very few female characters I dislike because they are "bitchy", just because it's such a blanket insult for people to throw at female characters for just about any reason. I would not even consider Kumiko a bitch myself. Her "bitchiness" is not something she uses outwardly to hurt other people, it's the internal justifications she makes as a defense mechanism for herself and it's not glorified or treated as the correct worldview. So is it really such a bad thing? I don't think so.

Anonymous 24964

well-written doesn't mean you personally like them.
audiences being braindead and unable to enjoy a character without them being some boring coddling fantasy is mainly what gets in the way of well-written characters. it's also a hinderance to developing empathy. fiction is a great way to broaden the mind but not if it all strictly confirms the narrowminded.

Anonymous 25862


Jude, Taryn, and Viv Duarte + their stepmom Orianna are such well-written and realistic female characters. Taryn gets a lot of hate for her choices; which I do understand, but they make sense for her character. Both her and Jude are the two main reactions a girl has when she's thrown into a world/culture that looks down on them, with one of the only ways to move up being marriage. Jude is so much more than an uwu badass female lead who totally pegs Cardan uwu. She feels so much more real than most other female protagonists in ya, especially with her relationship to Madoc and Faerie. Viv is allowed to be selfish AND punished for being selfish without making her out to be some spoiled brat. Her trauma and subsequent rebellion against her father are as understandable as her emotional immaturity in regard to her interpersonal relationships. Orianna is given respect by the author that many stepmoms aren't. She knows the horrors of the high court and tries to counsel her stepdaughters in a way that she's most able to. The relationship between the women in the Duarte family unit is treated with so much respect by the Author I can't wait to see more.

Anonymous 25866

Came here to post Winry and Riza. Winry's grandma is badass, too.

Anonymous 25921

Replying to myself but I'm actually reading fma now and I'm amazed by the sheer number of female characters in the series. A lot of characters don't "need" to be women, but they are. And I can't think of one that isn't well-written.

Anonymous 25923

well-written character analysis anon.

Anonymous 30087

I get the impression that you're like her/just as insufferable. No offense kek

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