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Old RPG fans? Anonymous 25106

Anyone else on here a fan of older RPGs like Neverwinter Nights, Baldur's Gate, etc? (I guess Dragon Age Origins is allowed to count, Alistair is my favorite RPG romance)

I personally love modules made for a female audience like Demonheart and A Dance with Rogues for Neverwinter Nights. (Yes, they are antiquated and riddled with early 2000's nonconsensual erotic romance novel garbage but I love them)

What are your faves? And your favorite romances from these old games?

Valen Shadowbreath from NVN Hordes of the Underdark sold me on the game back when I was a kid. I couldn't believe there were games where you could play as a girl, go on adventures, and romance a character back then- it was magical to be able to step into that world.

I am forever irritated I can't play as a female character in Planescape Torment- it's totally stopped me from playing it.

Anonymous 25107

i played a lotta planescape back in the day

Anonymous 25113

Planescape is a different kind of RPG, it's not the self insert type it's the follow someone else's story type.

Anonymous 25115

I don't mind those types of games but I hate playing as a moid. :(

Anonymous 25697


Played several NWN modules and Hex Coda is one of my faves. It was really engaging and i liked the story and the characters. It's a shame series was abandoned.

Anonymous 25773

Fallouts fall.png

I like fallout. the first game is an absolute masterpiece in my eyes. the second game is still good but it just doesn't grip me as much as the first game did.
the rest of the series aren't classic RPGs so were not going to discuss them here.

Anonymous 25869


Daggerfall is fun as fuck and puts a lot more advanced games to shame in terms of immershun. Probably common knowledge at this point but reminder that its free now, you should try it out ghoulies
pic unrelated just a monkey cat

Anonymous 25873

Is there any worthwhile mods or no?

I don't think I could handle the 100s of miles in the game and all the infinite liminal spaces without them.

Anonymous 25874


Anonymous 25875

Dragon Quest and the old ff7

Anonymous 25877

Welp I guess I'm installing Arcanum again.

Anonymous 25885

What's a good game to introduce me to these? I've played a couple and wasn't able to get into them. I tried Planescape Torment, Eye of the Beholder and Temple of Elemental Evil, and also tried Might & Magic because I like Heroes of Might & Magic

Anonymous 25888

I am new to gaming, does FF7 count as an old RPG?
I just finished it. Loved it.
Please reccomend me games like it that have similar graphics and a nice story too.
I really like it's graphics I don't know why.

Anonymous 25890

There is a smaller dungeons mod for the unity version that a lot of people seem to like. Besides that idk sorry. And when i played i thought the same as you at first but if you use primarily fast travel (not really fast, it passes a realistic amount of time compared to other games where its basically teleportation) that helps a lot. I can only assume this is intended because even short distances on foot is insane

Anonymous 25891

samefag but i just noticed the manual says its preferable lmao

Anonymous 25916

ok final samefag I swear but I also wanted to include this lazy attempt at morrowind-like controls if you try it out and dislike the original layout, place in the arena2 folder of the main directory. you also have to enable the "look to move" option

Anonymous 25939

Has anybody tried those classic Fallout mods like 1.5 and Nevada? How are they?

Anonymous 25944


Does VTMB count?

Anonymous 26171

I play Morrowind nonstop I know that

Anonymous 26253

It's not that old, it was released in 2004 which was just.. uh, 18 years ago.

Anonymous 26254


I started playing this recently on a rom. I love it so damn much.

Anonymous 26255

Yes, Fallout is brilliant, the soundtrack is one of my favorites.
I just snatched Daggerfall on Steam for free and I really want to try it out sometime, but I want to finish Oblivion and Morrowind first, working my way backwards

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