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Movies that show true male nature Anonymous 25137

Pls share movies that show, explicitly or not, voluntarily or not, true male nature and/or realistic female characters as well (good or bad)

No dumb feminist trap movie which just use stupid buzzwords and quotations like "im a strong independent woman" without showing an actual exemple of a woman with worth.

No movie where masculinity is shown as the greatest quality. No fake heroes, no fake strength, no pseudo good patriarch.

Thank you

Anonymous 25138


Anonymous 25139

the big lebowski

Anonymous 25140

They're TV shows but Breaking Bad and Ozark (haven't finished it no spoilers pls) are pretty good in that regard.
I think movies that handle masculinity realistically tend to be more niche because the reality is most men live slow normal lives hoping to go on some exciting hypermasculine adventure, and that kind of internal boredom is hard to get across in a shorter story, plus movies lend themselves better to the exact sort of escapist fantasy that I'm talking about.
If you're willing to go for less realistic movies, I unironically think Sam Raimi's Spider-man trilogy has a shockingly balanced portrayal of masculinity in that Peter is a fundamentally goodnatured person who occasionally indulges in showy displays of masculinity and regrets it every time.

Anonymous 25142

Age of Innocence, I liked the one with Daniel Day Lewis even though it's by Scorsese. It's not like his mob movies at all.

Anonymous 25144

American Pie

Anonymous 25163

I'd have to say swiss army man covers a lot of bases.

Anonymous 25164

American Psycho jk

Anonymous 25166

this but without the jk. once a moid truly opens up to you they will tell you about the horrific awful things they fantasize about. abuse porn is just the tip of the iceberg.

Anonymous 25413

I like Better call Saul, it has Kim Wexler in it.

Anonymous 25422


the first ghost busters movie? all the men are sexist, greedy, dumb and kinda rapey (Bill Murray's venkman is one of the worst offenders in this area).

I haven't seen the 2016 reboot. my older sister loved it (but she likes anything with Melissa McCarthy in it) and I didn't bother with the 2021 version. the previews looked like every generic Hollywood rehash movie (also, I don't think Paul Rudd is funny)

Anonymous 25777

Taxi driver

Anonymous 25779

Question, what are the later seasons like according to CC fans?
I liked the first two but at the same time I wasn't too invested in the long-term–especially with the peeks into Saul's future (which were a bit too depressing for me).

Anonymous 25786

Pineapple express

Anonymous 25796

BTW I've watched Gone Girl since I heard a lot about it and it was recommended here

I didn't like the movie direction for the plot but yes the killing scene was awesome. Loved that

What I did like tho is that I didnt know 100% if everything was untrue about the husband, but Amy was actually really cool. I like that she became the villain in the end. I think the movie has its place in this recommendation list because the husband is actually a good exemple about true male nature and it is only enhanced by the over-the-top crazy Amy. She certainly is a manipulator but how satisfying it was to see her get her revenge and having eveything go her way in the end.

i can't exactly explain how i feel about the plot direction really but basically i liked it and i think it proved my point - the average man, even if innocent of heinous crime, always finds a way to be a shitty human being. they are like that naturally. amy was not the average woman, she was actually very manipulative, murderous, dangerous, crazy even. Nick managed to be a shitty person just by being a man

so that was only about this movie place in this list btw, ofc its not a good review of a movie in general. thanks for the recommendation and ill check the other ones

Anonymous 25797

btw the most unrealistic part of the movie gone girl was nick taking responsibility for the child LOL

Anonymous 25886

Hard Candy. It is filmed from the male antagonist's point of view, and the response from most men shows they heavily relate, despite him being a pedo piece of shit. The responses to the movie from men show how easily they relate to and sympathize with pedos, how much they hate when a girl is actually in control of the situation. She is physically overpowered at some points, but never loses emotional control. Despite media being drenched with sexualizrd violence against women, they can't handle one fake castration scene without losing their shit. They despise how she toys with his emotions, giving him false hope. Most of them probably also won't pick up on how because it's from his viewpoint, he isn't the most reliable narrator, like the beginning scene with the flirting..same old excuse being shown of "she was just being so sexy and coming on to me!" when in reality, she was not. It shows male nature both in how it's filmed to be sympathetic to the pedo and how men respond to it.

Anonymous 25929

Moid's basic method of getting laid is predatory by default.

Anonymous 25937

This. They also targeted children as they were easier to snatch and kidnap and dispose of without getting found later

Anonymous 25938

i liked it a lot. finished it (up to what is released at the moment), the final episodes are basically entirely set in the future-tense saul after the events of BB.

Anonymous 25940

definitely watching this movie, thanks

Anonymous 25942

Any film about pedophilia makes me uncomfortable, even if it’s supposed to be empowering for the victim. The fact directors even know about terms like Hard Candy (especially back in 2004/5) is kinda disturbing to me. Patrick Wilson def looks like a pedo though, so well done to the casting agent.

Anonymous 25994

The Old Guard

fantastic film, every character feels real to the setting.

Anonymous 25997

Triumph des willens

Anonymous 26378


yes, it was good for a disturbing film and I liked the concept alot. The same way how "irreversiblé" can be considered good and artistic I thought this one as well. But why the fuck are so many men crying over this one? I was actually suprised, never thought it was going to be such a big deal. I say stop being a bitch, but as everyone knows: there's always someone to ruin the fun

Anonymous 26382

>No fake heroes, no fake strength, no pseudo good patriarch
There will be blood.

Anonymous 26436

promising young woman is a good one imo. it has its flaws but i love the overall premise.

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