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Anonymous 2569

your 2 cents on oyasumi punpun

Anonymous 2570

i found pp relatable in the early stages of the book, but once he reached adulthood & went all psychopathic i saw him as a stranger.
also aiko's death made me so angry. pp getting a happy ending after fucking her over made me angry. adult punpun being viewed as this pitiable baby wad irritating

Anonymous 2571


This probably belongs on media, op, but I'll talk about it anyway.

Loved it from an technical standpoint (art, story, composition of pages, etc.) and appreciated that almost all characters were important and well developed to the point of seeming real. I think it just added to the whole ""sonder"" tone it had going on. Punpun himself was almost too relatable, even the negative aspects. I felt pretty called out by it.

The Pegasus arc was weird and admittedly I skimmed through most of it, but I realize it was part of the whole everyone-is-connected theme that I loved, so I have no real criticism.

I also disliked how Punpun abused Aiko although it was fitting for where he was as a character, imo. Speaking of her, I'm glad Aiko was given as much depth as she was. Instead of being a stock love interest she was a person with flaws, troubles, and goals. Same goes for Sachi. I guess I've just come to expect terribly written women haha.

Probably one of my favourite mangas and I've derived a lot of artistic inspiration from it.

Anonymous 2572

Where can I read this online for free?

t. curious non weeb

Anonymous 2573

Anonymous 2574

Anonymous 2576

Anonymous 2588


I still don't know if I like it or not. Most of it was too boring for me, and I guess that was kinda the point, but still. I only kept going for the art through most of it, honestly.

I don't have depression, only sporadic episodes, so I couldn't relate much. Whenever the cult was highlighted, I wanted to die it was so uninteresting.

However, the end really got me. I still get myself thinking about it now and then, so it definetily made it's mark on me, but I am yet to know if it was positive or not.

I really hate Punpun.

Sachi is awesome.

Aiko deserved better.

Anonymous 2589

It hit too close to home, too much, too soon.
But I'm glad I finished it.
What happened in it kinda haunts me.

Anonymous 2591

punpun is still one of my favorite manga (though dedededede is my favorite asano work) but rereading it makes me feel really shitty emotionally speaking. first read it during a really low point. aiko is a really interesting character who i still think about from time to time.

Anonymous 2598


Like other anons ITT, I first read it during a really awful period in my life, so rereading it is hard for me. I really enjoy the characters having real issues, Asano does an incredible job of capturing the awkwardness and pain that life can be.

Also, I love Aiko.

Anonymous 2643


this manga. Oh god this manga.
I read it back in 9th grade andI still can't get over this manga, just graduated high school btw. No piece of media has ever made me so sad, miserable and alive. The unique thing about this manga is that you're not sad only because something bad happened to the character but you feel bad for yourself. I self-inserted as punpun unconciously because of the similarities we have and I'm so scared of becoming an adult like him. Jesus Christ dude.
May you never forget me.

Anonymous 3028


I liked it a lot. I bought it after reading it online because it was like nothing I had read before (as far as manga).
When I read it, I saw Punpun as the person I didn't want to be. I guess it had the same effect on me as Charles Bukowski's stories have on me. It kind of gave me the motivation to keep doing my best, and stay positive.
>I really hate Punpun.
>Sachi is awesome.
>Aiko deserved better.

Anonymous 4263


i love it with all my heart, so much i bought all the physical copies and cosplayed as aiko! i read the manga at the best time probably in my life and for that reason im really thankful to the madman that is inio asano

Anonymous 4275

i don't like things that might depress me

i got enoght of this shit in life

why i whould waste my free timw on sad stuff, while i could do fun things?

Anonymous 4279

got to volume 4 and dropped it, made me too depressed and I'm already severely depression so….yeah

Anonymous 4290

Asano may fetishise the fuck out of depression but sometimes you need to get that out first before moving on.
He got fed up with feel good 20-something manga which was what Solanin was and made Punpun afterward which is a brutal take on typical tv romance patterns. It’s fun to see how he grows after each publication imo

Anonymous 4371

I heard that it was good, but the first chapter was too boring for me to read any further. Since the appeal seems to be its "art", I'm glad I didn't continue.

Anonymous 4445

i started reading punpun mainly because of this thread. I really like the art, and find the story and characters pretty interesting. Like most I do see some similarities between myself and punpun. I had to stop reading actually because it was making me lowkey depressed, I'm on volume 10 rn.

Anonymous 20985


very good manga
i the same read it when i was a low times
sorry if my english isnt good

Anonymous 20995


Like everyone else, I related to Punpun and later to Akio. I read it at a fragile part of my life and it seriously messed me up. I would take walks at night while it was freezing and just spend time under an overpass thinking about my life.

It caused me to write a spergy email to my mom where I really opened up about some things and admitted that I desperately needed her help and have needed her help for a long time and I finally built up the nerve to ask out of desperation. When she read the email she was really concerned at first but thought I was just having a bad day because "none of those things are big deals." I shortly afterward made one small improvement to my life, but I'm still just as helpless as before.

Punpun really fucked me up emotionally. It's the only Asano work I've read and I kind of don't want to lessen the effect by reading others, although I bet I will. I'm not even sure if it's a very good manga on its own merits since some of the plotlines were kind of weak. But it made me weep.

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