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Koi wa Ameagari no…

Anonymous 25926

What are your thoughts on age-gap romance between older man/younger girl?
Do you find it amusing or just downright creepy?

Anonymous 25927

Older men have more mutations in their sperm than younger men. This means your kid is more likely to end up disabled, schizophrenic or autistic than if you get pregnant by a younger man with healthier sperm. They found that older men produce less healthy kids, even when the mother is 10-20 years or even more younger. In fact, age gap children actually have the highest rate of autism and schizophrenia.

Anonymous 25928

creepy if the male looks old (in a bad way)

Anonymous 25931


What comes to mind first is woody allens flicks and shit like this, bond movies also - when it’s a male fantasy of being desirable by a young attractive woman for using her sexually
It’s worse when it’s a woman who writes it - they should know I better, I think
Manga like usagi drop or otoko no issou - just why
Things like tsubaki chou are slightly better - still though
I can picture an age gap romance, but only when an older man is not an ugly loser and the younger woman is not conventionally attractive and not naive
Is there such a story? Don’t think so, lol. Because it’s not just a “younger” woman - it is out of his league beautiful woman, so yeah

Anonymous 25932

I always liked older guys so in times it can be relatable. I guess it also depends on how old both characters are exactly, 20 and 25 is quite different than 15 and 55

Anonymous 25943

In shoujo manga I get the appeal, because often the male lead is not intentionally looking for a relationship with a younger girl, and it's the girl who pushes for it. Unlike in real life.
So I can enjoy it in anime if it's nice and he doesn't look old. Didn't like OP pic tho, it was boring.

In things with real actors it's a no for me. Just creepy regardless of who is pushing for it.

Anonymous 25984

Gross usually unless the older guy is damn fine. Even then it feels wrong and can't have anything remotely romantic or sexual

Anonymous 25985

Samefag, this exactly. Who is writing this crap??

Anonymous 26006


Anonymous 26009

I love age gap romances - when it isn't done in a moidy way.

has good points. Age gap romance written by males are just trash.

A lot of my favorite age gap romances are ships with male characters that have something going for them, and female characters that are tomboyish and have their own personalities, you wouldn't be able to swap one female character for another without anything changing, but it sucks, because there's often little content for it, and it can be highly controversial, and make you instantly hated in fandom.

But most of all, age gap romances in fiction are miles away from being representative of reality, and it's important to remember that - it's just fiction. Fictional older men are cool. Real older men suck. So much brainrot from pornsickness.

Anonymous 26018


Can anyone recommend any good older female younger male animus or mangos?

Anonymous 26020

hmm, I can't say if it's good, but I started reading Promise Cinderella. The male LI is kind of a dick though. I don't know how much better he gets.

Anonymous 26023

well there's Otoyomegatari, which is set in 19th century Central Asia and is focused on the marriage of a 12-year-old boy with a 20-year-old woman. of course it tends to take a lot of detours story-wise, so the main characters are hardly even in it. still, all-in-all i'd say it's a very good manga, as it provides a lot of insight into the cultures of the region.

Anonymous 26025

i used to be into in when i was younger but i think it's because older men shill it so much on the internet (and i grew up practically raised by social media, unfortunately). i've only recently come to the realization that i am not attracted to older looking men and i mostly find young looking guys around my age attractive.

Anonymous 26034

that's natural. I also prefer younger guys and always have even since elementary skoo

Anonymous 26035

my dad's an old hag and I have schizophrenia and autism…………….

Anonymous 26041

me toot

Anonymous 26066

it's disgusting and both participants should be arrested and marked for life as degenerates

Anonymous 26267


Sometimes I like it

Anonymous 26295

I liked it when I was younger. Not really inteterested now that I'm an adult.


lol my dad is 10 years older than my mom and I'm bipolar and my brother has mental issues as well and is a /pol/tard.

Anonymous 26296

It depends how it's done. It's just fiction anyway so I'm not going to make a big deal even if it was done in a weird way. I like some and find it can be cute or just like any other romance.

Schizophrenia is in some cases caused by a maternal diet with too much methionine and too little choline. It causes abnormal fetal development. Other factors play a role though such as psychological trauma, viral infections of the brain and so on.

Anonymous 26300

Natsuyuki Rendezvous. It's been a while since I watched it though so my bad if it sucks

Anonymous 26332

I think gerontophiles are almost as bad as pedophiles. Old people are incapable of consenting if they can barely remember where they are / where they last went or even who you are anymore. They are weaker so by definition are also less capable of physically resisting to a stronger young person. This is why Chris was able to have sex with Barb and why I don't buy the shit that she consented. They are basically like children that require constant attention and care.

>What are your thoughts on age-gap romance between older man/younger girl?

For girls who get with older men only for money, and not out of love, I mostly just feel bad for the girl because she is signing away the rest of her youth to be an old man's caretaker. She may have to live the rest of her youth changing dirty old man diapers, sucking a crusty old dick that barely stays erect, and all while making sure every 5 minutes that her husband doesn't go into cardiac arrest while doing it. That's no way to live your youth, when she could be much happier with a guy closer her age.

Anonymous 26345

>Old people are incapable of consenting if they can barely remember where they are / where they last went or even who you are anymore
nona, not every old person has dementia, and many of them remain lucid throughout their lives. i'd say that in those cases, they are quite capable of consenting.

Anonymous 26358

Senility affects almost every person over 60

Anonymous 26359

it's more like a tenth of people over 60 who are affected by it, which, while a considerable amount, is hardly a majority.

Anonymous 26360



It's still life-threatening and physically + emotionally exploitative to be in sexual and romantic relationships with most of them, though. A young person could hurt them without even trying to.

There's this couple of TikTok between a 61-year old woman and 21-year old man. The woman clearly looks very feeble and raggedy.

Anonymous 26361

It's fine if it's anime and the gap is no more than 15 years. Anything else no thanks.
Case-by-case basis though really since it depends on writing and intent. I like human/non-human romance and forgive all kinds of age gaps there since when it's in the 100s it loses all sense of reality.

Anonymous 26370

Older men are super boring both irl and in fiction/anime. I realized I actually hate any movie or plot that involves an ageing male protagonist because they always bore me to tears. Why do men get so boring as they get older?

Anonymous 26379

Now you make me thinking, the "interesting" old men I have known usually are man-children

Anonymous 26380


Bland, overdone, uninteresting male fantasy. Older woman / younger man is the prime pairing.

Anonymous 26381

this couple is crazy. i'm convinced they;re only making all these videos for clout.

Anonymous 26392

>the woman looks feeble and raggedy
That’s because she is clearly a methamphetamine addict, dear.

Anonymous 26412

when I was a teen, I was going for 25+ year olds and I still do prefer men older. I find it amusing due to the fact that I naturally fantasize myself in the position of the girl but if I looked at it from a different POV, it would be creepy. ykwim?

Anonymous 26450


I remember I liked Kimi Wa Pet

Anonymous 26452


>Do you find it amusing or just downright creepy?
I've had crushes on a lot of old guys like Christopher Lee and such so I understand it very well. Idk if I'd actually date old men because I'm pretty active in general and old people are slow idk

Anonymous 26476

I'm in the "fiction=/=reality" camp, however fiction was a big reason why I idealized age gaps when I was young, so the way it's portrayed is something I'm skeptical of. If a girl writes it as a personal fantasy I understand that, but a lot of mainstream movies are written by men who want to date younger girls and make it look romantic, so it's like a form of propaganda.

I feel this way towards age gaps of all orientation ships (m/f m/m f/f etc), the fantasy is less exciting as you grow older, and getting older made me lose interest. I used to support them IRL (if 18+) because I enjoyed the fantasy POV of a younger person managing to charm someone handome/beautiful and older, or the older one being handsome/beautiful but lonely and finding someone young and enthusiastic to spend time with them, or a young virgin being mentored by someone older and experienced.

But for me, being attracted to people in their 20s when I was a teenager, or 30s when I was early 20s makes sense, but now I'm older I find older ages really ugly and only like people my age. Too young and too old are both ugly. One of my favorite age gap medias was (not hetero, sorry, but it's semi-on topic) a manga about a 20 year old woman dating a 30 year old woman, and I wanted to be the 20 year old, but now that I'm past 30 I couldn't date someone a decade younger and I wouldn't trust someone who would (unless it was 40+50 or 50+60 or something).

I think the vast majority of older people who seek younger IRL are immature at best or predatory at worst if they can't find someone their own age. I think about the older guys and some women who were way older that hit on me, and they were losers, desperate, ugly, people their age didn't want them for a reason. That's how I went from finding the fantasy exciting to gross. It's never as good IRL.

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