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RPGs with female protagonists Anonymous 26196

Post about them here, give reccomendations, ramble away and so on.
Ideally female protagonists that aren't just self-inserts (such as female Byleth from Fire Emblem etc)
and it's fine if they're not the protagonist for the entire game but still a good chunk (Nier Automata spoilers) like 2B and A2 in Nier Automata

Anonymous 26199


despite the horrible frame drops, it's a good game

Anonymous 26201


actually if i gotta make another recommendation, pls play momodora 4. it's my favorite indie metroidvania
and if im gonna go on about indies, a hat in time is also a really great 3d platformer, it's really rare for me to get kinda blown out with how good the atmosphere and gamefeel can get (felt the atmosphere a lot in dead bird's studio). also really entertaining dialogue wise
va-11 hall-a is also a personal fav, it's basically a VN with a bartender simulator tacked on. really good writing, haven't read it in a few years but i remember crying a lot towards the ending, it really hit home too closely. dorothy as a character conceptually still irks me out but it makes sense within the world i guess so i mostly let it pass
the shantae series overall is just okay and not special as a metroidvania series but pirate's curse in particular is the best of the series. really good pixel artstyle graphics, gameplay, and level design
best things about these is that they're all pretty short and can be completed in a couple of days if you got the time for it

Anonymous 26408


Parasite eve

Anonymous 26409


Does Mass Effect count? Obviously you can choose, but in my head femshep is canon. Male shep has such a stupid voice I can't take it seriously at all.

Anonymous 26411


i love the female protag but absolutely HATE her design. i literally bought skins solely to give her a better outfit
otherwise i really enjoyed the game, story, and characters

Anonymous 26461

Saints Row, the old ones with are better and not woke

Anonymous 26465


Iconoclasts! Puzzle platformer where you play this qt. I didn't manage to finish it but I enjoyed the amount I did play.

Anonymous 26466


also Hope is built for Lightning's alpha female pussy.

Anonymous 26467


It's an immersive sim not an RPG but I really liked Dishonored 2.

Anonymous 26468

the first one was better

Anonymous 26469

Ok but only the second one has a female protagonist.

Anonymous 26470

Mount & Blade: Warband /
Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord
one of the Nier games
Tomb Raider
Assassin's Creed Odyssey
Fallout New Vegas / Fallout 4 / 3

Anonymous 26471


For me it's Labyrinth of Refrain. The story is very dark but I loved Luca and Dronya as protagonists (Especially Dronya).
Very rare anime style DRPG that isn't pure moidbait waifushit. Easily my favorite game of 2018.

Anonymous 26477

Fallout New Vegas is a complete self insert though

Anonymous 26481

Veronica is the real protagonist.

Anonymous 26494


Final Fantasy 6 has two female protags Terra for the early game, Celes for the depressing late game. The story is very very good, no Final Fantasy has out done it yet. If there is a game that shouldva been re-made it was this one but whatever devs be dumb. Emulators, reading a guide / walkthrough is the only way to replay this experience or buying the Steam version but idk Emulator ZSNES or others are free.

Anonymous 26890


Septerra Core. Don't ask me if it's good. No idea, can't remember.

Anonymous 26891

I to this day wonder how they could simultaneously write such an interesting and well designed character in veronica and then turn around and make such a brain dead no nuance character like Cass. I want to say Cass is male fantasy but like…is she?

Anonymous 26895

I knew girls in highschool who talked and acted exactly like Cass, so braindead as she is, I never found her hard to believe as a character.

Anonymous 26901



Anonymous 26903


NieR automata

Anonymous 26906


Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky/Sora no Kiseki
Good game and Estelle is a great character. She is the protagonist of the first 2 games, in the next instalments, she takes a backseat to new male MCs.

Anonymous 26919

She's also easy to believe because she refused to let my high IQ + charisma female character (my first run in a game is always a girl with high int. and char.) help her out, but on my second playthrough as low iq male she immediately becomes my follower. Pickme much?
I heard this game is kind of easy, is this true? Redpill me on the game because I've considered playing it

Anonymous 26921

>submissive men
Also do I start with Replicant or just go to Automata?

Anonymous 26950

If you started with replicant you'd find some throwbacks to it neat in automata but it's not needed imo

Anonymous 26976

Seconding this rec

Anonymous 26977

Ff6 supremacy indeed

Anonymous 27782


It's hard to think of an explicitly RPG with one that's not a build your character style game. I know KoTOR2's protagonist is canonically female, but can be either. JRPGs seem to include them more, but they tend to fall into the trap of just picking it because they wanted a cute girl. I liked Metallica from The Witch and the Hundred Knight for just how over the top she was.

If I had to say, and it's not an RPG, but I like Heather Mason from Silent Hill 3 or Rei Kurosawa from Fatal Frame 3. Horror games seem to be one of the few genre where women dominate the share of representation as protagonists. There's probably an undercurrent of women being seen as helpless and vulnerable that's not great, but it's put out some nice characters. For instance, and I'm probably in the minority for this, but I think Heather is a better character than Samus. I feel that if I had to describe the two side-by-side, Heather would sound more like an actual human being.

Anonymous 27808


Valkyrie Profile games

Anonymous 27817


While it's not the typical RPG and some will say that it's not even RPG, which can be true, I think it still has enough RPG elements to be posted here.
It has 3 main characters, you play as them through the whole and 2/3 are women.
The game is far from a masterpiece, but in my opinion is decent and enjoyable if you like the setting

Anonymous 29798


interesting visual style, 3/5 main characters are women and all of their stories intertwine. you gain experience by crafting meals at a cafe. very cozy but a little tragic

Anonymous 29815


Phantasy Star's protagonist

Anonymous 29911

i will never not love Kodama's games. her death hurts months later.

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