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Thoughts on Devilman Crybaby. Anonymous 26239

I tried watching Devilman Crybaby, it was too much for me, I feel traumatised. I could go only to episode 2 and I already feel like I've seen the entire show. It's the most graphic anime I've seen so far.
I've actually read the original Devilman manga, and I found it for adorable because of the cute artstyle, and I've also read Devilman Lady which I also liked.
Devilman Crybaby was too extreme and gross for me, and I despise what they've done to Fudou Akira (the black-haired protagonist who is Devilman) - they turned him into a male's wetdream, who has all the girls chasing him and has the perfect physique and completely eroded his charming personality he had in the manga (I don't know if he becomes a better character since I've seen only two episodes). What are your opinions on Crybaby?

Anonymous 26242

it's for the coomers. i thought it was too graphic and explicit, but it reflects the young generations imo as zoomers have been watching porn and other gross things ever since they were children (my little sister said that one of her classmates openly watched porn on her phone on the bus.)

Anonymous 26246

> i thought it was too graphic and explicit, but it reflects the young generations imo as zoomers have been watching porn and other gross things ever since they were children
I never made such connection, but now it sounds plausable. In the anime there are scenes where a little boy uses the computer to look at dirty images, and I think that this character was around 6 years old.

Anonymous 26745

Has no one here seen the source material?
The anime might actually be more toned-down. GO Nagi is a proto-coomer.

Anonymous 26746

I thought that it was really really boring

Anonymous 26748

It's been years since I watched it, but it was a "problematic fave" of mine when I watched it. The original Devilman and OVA is like that for me too. People seem to forget that Go Nagai was a raging perverted scrote, and the appeal of Devilman in the 70s was that it was extremely trashy. But the manga is pretty tame in comparison to today's standards. So I think the trashyness of Crybaby and how shocking it is to a modern audience was probably how people in the 70s felt about the original.

I didn't like some of it, though. I didn't like that Sirene was downgraded to be a prostitute and that Akira basically and rapes and kills her midway. I know, it's trashy, and Sirene dies in the original, but I always thought she was cool despite the nude design so it was disappointing. Ryo's modern design has an awful haircut, I miss his old design.

OP, how was Crybaby too much but Devilman Lady not? I personally couldn't handle the Devilman Lady manga because of the…issues, for lack of a better word.

Anonymous 26749

It was pure shit. I didn't really like the manga either and haven't finished it. I seriously don't understand why so many people praise it, from actual connoisseurs to zoomers just getting into anime. It was so uncomfortably explicit, and not in an interesting way, coming from someone that likes ero-guro.
The manga is considered to be a big influence and sure I can recognize that, but the netflix anime was both boring and bad. The plot and the pacing was so ridiculous at some points to the point that it was funny.

Anonymous 29862


I bought the OST.

Anonymous 29864

yeah i hated it too, it just seemed to have so much gore and porn "just cuz we can". seriously felt like i was watching a fucking shitty porn ova at times

i know the manga is explicit too but it seemed not as bad, from the few chapters i read? i actually kinda liked it lol

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