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Love Live Anonymous 26308

No matter how many years go by, Love Live (specifically Muse) is always comfy to me. I don't care at all for idol stuff besides it, so I'm not sure what exactly about it is so comforting to me. Maybe how light hearted it is and the girls' friendships?
For some reason I wasn't able to get into Liella, though I haven't watched the new season with the new girls.
Also, Maki would browse CC.

Anonymous 26311

>Maki would browse CC
You mean Nico?

Anonymous 26312

Same here. I played LLSIF when I was in middle school up until the end of highschool. I know all of muse's and aqours' songs. Couldn't get into any of the other idol groups tho. Listening to their songs takes me to a better place, idk if any other musical artist can do that.

Anonymous 26314

No no, Nico would browse lolcow and start too many vendetta threads and get banned a lot but bypass the bans every time.
I need to start playing LLSIF again… I ragequit All Stars because I didn't get any You URs and she's my favorite lol.
I think Muse's music especially can easily take me to a happier place.

Anonymous 26315


LL is also the only idol series I managed to get into (I like show by rock lots too, mostly the game, but I'm not as attached to its characters), I need to look it up again… I have lost track of what they're up to since 2019 or so, just a few days ago I found out months ago they announced Yohane was getting her own anime and she's my fave!

I'm not sure if that's you case, but for me I probably love it because it pretty much was my first contact with fictional idols, and I have been following them since I was 16, lots of their songs are pretty nostalgic to me.
Not a long ago I tried playing the game again and I got dizzy with all the new features and stuff though, I had to uninstall it again because they were too many things to check and do compared to a few years back.

Picrel, I do miss a bit waking up and opening my phone to these cards "written" by your home screen character, they cute! I still have a few screenshots of them.

Anonymous 26316


i love llsif <3
what's your fave character girls?
for me it has to be Riko c:

Anonymous 26317

Why do people love this anime so much?

Anonymous 26318

I only liked the anime after I played the game and got more familiar with the characters (I tried to watch it before playing, but I got bored and left it). Being honest, to me is like watching all my hamsters playing toghether lmao

Anonymous 26320

Muse: Nozomi, Umi, Maki, Kotori
Aqours: All the third years + You
Niji: Ayumu
I literally explained why I like it in the very post you're replying to

Anonymous 26322


Pretty sure Nico and Hanayo would browse CC but Maki? She, Eli and Nozomi are Stacies.
It has a huge, likeable cast of idealized characters, it is impossible not to wish you were either friends with some of them, or be one of them. I think that's why moids obsess so much with 007 and Tom Cruise.

Anonymous 26325

I played LLSIF heavily in high school and managed to snatch several good URs and SRs, as well eventually FCing some Expert songs but I could never get nearly as good at the game as most other people I knew playing it. Also most of my URs and SRs were obtained from becoming a P2P dolphin. Although I did tier for some events and managed to get tier 1 and tier 2 for some of them. It was pretty fun. Just not worth the stress of pulling all-nighters and the constant grind on the last few days of the event, anymore. Also I eventually stopped playing because I lost both my JP and EN account, remade them, then lost them again so I just gave up playing. I still sucked ass at most Expert and Technical songs even after years of playing, but I do consider myself a kind of veteran at it still I guess.

My best girls are Maki (It was even an inside joke with some of my friends how much I liked her) and Yoshiko.

>>Also, Maki would browse CC.

It's a re-occuring joke that Maki is an out-of-touch rich girl. I don't think she would even know what an imageboard is.

Anonymous 26336

Maki is a loner who had zero friends before Muse so I think because she's so introverted she'd be drawn to places like this

Anonymous 26337


I gave most of my middle and highschool years to this game. I don't play anymore lol…

Anonymous 26338


Whoops huge file enjoy all those pixels of my jpeg anime girls

Anonymous 26492


I've been playing SIF almost daily since 2014/15 but I just can't bring myself to care about any of the newer groups that much.

Anonymous 26493

The Nijigasaki anime is pretty good imo if you're ever bored and feel like watching it

Anonymous 26495

I actually decently liked Niji from their 4komas and AS but didn't like the anime that much. I guess it was too formulaic? for the first 9 episodes and then the switch to subunits in season 2 felt bitter after they spent the past 5 or so years hammering on about being solo idols. I totally get why the staff switched to them since it's less to animate/record on their part, but it just didn't sit right with me.
It's kind of the same with Aqours and Liella where I WANT to like them and like some of the girls individually, but as a group they just don't catch my attention.

Anonymous 26528

Probably because they're not really a group in the typical sense that Aqours and Muse are.

I really liked the Nijigasaki anime because it allowed all the girls to get some spotlight. For example, Kanata could have easily been just a sleepy girl and nothing else, but because of her episode we know that she's actually just insanely overworked out of love for her family. I found that really sweet. Aqours could have used episodes like that so characters like Kanan wouldn't feel so bland and filler.

Anonymous 26563

Based muse is the only group that ever mattered

Anonymous 26573

I recently started playing again. I usually play lots then take like a year break, but I always manage to beat the master songs no matter how much time goes by. My brain must have an entire section dedicated to muscle-memory for this game lol. Once I finish the animes I'm currently watching, I want to rewatch the anime and finally watch the Niji and newest one. My first time watching LL my fave girl was Rin (I related to her feeling too boyish for girly clothing, and thought her retarded nya gimmick was cute). I love Nozomi as well, but honestly all the girls are great, and I think my fave girl from Aquors is You. And some of the Regular Scouting girls in SIF are really cute, I looove Chiduko even tho her art can be kinda coomerish. The SSR art for the Regular Scout girls is so pretty too, I wish we had more variation in styles for the main girls too.

Anonymous 26885


SIF2 just got announced. I don't know if I should be happy that we're getting what will probably be an actual 3D rhythm game (not counting the vita and ps4 ones) or sad that it means I'm going to lose all the time and money I've dumped into SIF over the years.

Anonymous 26887

I haven't looked much into it, but I really hope we can transfer our data from the original to 2. I haven't played it since 2020 more or less, but I will be sad if I lose all my cards and items, I spent so much time on them.
I dislike All Stars' gameplay and it sucked because that's were the new songs were being added to, so I'm pretty excited for SIF2 though. Part of the reason of why I stoped playing SIF was because all the new songs only were playable on events (so after playing the same song 945 times to get event rewards, say goodbye to it), so it got boring eventually.

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