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The Elder Scrolls Anonymous 26366

lets have an elder scrolls thread

Anonymous 26367


Why couldnt you pick a better OP image though

Anonymous 26368


What is the best Elder Scrolls game and why is it Oblivion?

Anonymous 26369

Morrowind probably

Anonymous 26391


Tfw you arent living in a mabrigash camp in the grazelands

Anonymous 26397

Thalmor did nothing wrong.

Anonymous 26405

Can't say I don't somewhat agree

Anonymous 26407

disagree but HoK is probably my favorite protagonist

Anonymous 26410


Anonymous 26417

I like that his story relevance does not make him super important or special compared to the other heroes but as a result he has probably the most claim to being proud of his achievements since he has the highest achievement to guidance ratio, no divine guidance, and the prophecy he is in is kinda lame to begin with. Referring to the main questline here. He (inb4 someone gets mad at me for saying he, I always think of him as the default Imperial male preset lol) feels the most just like a character in a story rather than the big hero the world revolves around, even the ending of the game is really martin's show.
Don't get me wrong though, I still like Morrowind's story leagues better. I just think it's an interesting concept for a main character.

Anonymous 26418


And why can't the Hero of Kvatch be an argonian female? Also yeah I agree, I like the humble main questline. I don't like Skyrim's, they make the concept of a Dragonborn really uninteresting.

Anonymous 26421

I mean it’s because Talos is a pedo god.
He groomed 11yo Barenziah spesifically because she was too young to get preggers, and when she did, he forced her to have a magical abortion in her sleep.
Talos is a piece of shit, and deserves to burn in the deepest depths of Oblivion.
And even if he wasn’t an irredeemable diddler, majority of his current worshippers are cringey macho nord scrotes who are all about beer, sex, and fighting.
Hope the knife-ears kill them all.

Anonymous 26426

Poor Barenziah :(
FUCK TALOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 26442

Ok but counterpoint: Elves are subhuman vermin and don't they deserve to exist.
Also the Thalmor are an existential threat to reality itself if I recall.

Anonymous 26445

The underswin3, are the real threat to reality itself. They practically invented fucking up and burning everything up in their path, like insatiable backwards children

Anonymous 26457

god DAMN being a werewolf in morrowind sucks ass, didnt spoil myself since i never did it before but i should have

Anonymous 26462

Player->SetSpeed 150
Yep, it is Morrowind time.

On a serious note, after playing other video games, I have find TES gameplay so dull. I hope they rework it in TES6. Specially magic and armour, I want to wear clothes over or under my armour.

Anonymous 26464

Honestly I want Arkane Studios to make an Elder Scrolls game. Especially because the stealth archer build is going to be the meta anyway, so why not have better stealth mechanics?

Anonymous 26473

All progression in these games is just wear the harder material, just wield the harder material sword and swing. And sometimes the higher level armor looks lame.

Anonymous 26475

It is pretty dull and repetitive. And yes I hope TES6 brings back normal clothes over armor and personality/charisma stats that affect how you're treated. I don't remember that really, in Skyrim. Skyrim has persuade/intimidate/bribe but it's so easy to pass the skill test even as a khajiit. I also wish races would affect things. How was I able to enter any cities as a khajiit when my brethren were always stuck outside the city walls?

Anonymous 26502

I just wish for a better combat system. The one in Skyrim is absolutely retarded. You can just swing a sword or swing a sword harder to deal more damage. Mods actually fix it and I even managed to make a mod list with somewhat engaging combat, but still you can go so far when you work on such shit system as Skyrim's. I don't even want Souls-like system ffs. Motherfucking Mount&Blade was made some time before Skyrim by some broke ass turks and even it had great combat.
Can we at least have localized damage and critical attacks? Even FO3, a game by Bethesda that came before Skyrim, had this shit.

Anonymous 26551

>because she was too young to get preggers
Because it's very hard for Dunmer to become pregnant
>in her sleep
No, just sedated
Read the fucking books!!!

Imagine the houses of Morrowind going apeshit over the Nerevarine being an argonian female

Anonymous 26554


There is nothing comfier for me than firing up Skyrim, lighting a woodsy scented candle, turning all the lights off and just running around aimlessly for hours doing dumb little quests.

Anonymous 26561


The ending of the words is ALMSIVI

Anonymous 26577


Same. Also very good choice of picture, spriggans are so cute i love them. Why do they attack me on sight… i wish i could talk to them. It would be cool if at least being a Bosmer would make them friendly with the player.

I also wish i could talk with giants, they are cute too, just chilling with their mammoths like a big family. I love Skyrim so much.

Here is a screenshot of the very beginning of my latest playthrough, i've decided to roleplay a very conservative nordic, this bitch wants Skyrim to belong to the nords therefore she will be a fervent stormcloack in the civil war. She chose the warrior stone like a true nord, and will join the companions.

Anonymous 26584

nta but you didn't just call being knocked out as she tried to run away "just sedated" fucking talos sympathizers i s2g

Anonymous 26590

boring concept everyone has already done. should have been an altmer thalmor truther.

Anonymous 26597


Yes, I'm always so sad to have to kill the Spriggans! How cool would it be to have one as a follower. Aw, I like your Nord. Right now I'm just a fairly chaotic Bosmer who is working up the ranks of the Dark Brotherhood and the Theives Guild. I have a badass lady orc follower. It's fun.

Anonymous 26599

you can with mods

Anonymous 26602

Im playing as female argonian Nerevarine and Cassuis Curio was… let's say very enthusiastic

Anonymous 26612

>Elves are subhuman vermin
imagine even comparing the glorious mer to something as vile and lowly as men and their barbarous genocidal heros. could not be me !

Anonymous 26613

can we kiss

Anonymous 26621

It's so boring i never played it before, that's why i'm starting now because i've roleplayed everything else in the book. I never even finished the main quest never went as far as killing Alduin, so i want to see the end of that quest for once

Bosmer are my favorite race, and i love playing them extremely chaotic, all over the place, doing a bit of every quest, not just "evil" (my evil playthroughs were always for Altmer or to a lesser extent Dunmer).

Anonymous 26623


Bloodmoon made me really hate the Spriggans, in it they're screaming wooden cockroaches that you have to kill thrice to get rid of. You can actually get spriggans to be your friends with the silver tongue mod, although it doesn't let you speak to them

Anonymous 26636


If Todd Howard publically announced that the next ES game is finished and ready but he won't release it until YOU specifically marry him for a month, would you take one for the team?

I think I could handle it if it was exactly one month because I think I could get him to trust me enough to gather details on future releases

Anonymous 26637

Skyrim's main questline sucks
No the game probably sucks anyway

Anonymous 26639

Ayrt it might suck but I'd love to see if he has classic Bethesda glitches but irl. Like he tries to drive his car but his character model glitches out and he just stands on top of it instead

Anonymous 26641


I've made a collage of the mods list from lolcow… just in case…

Anonymous 26643

I want to say yes but also I don't think it'd be worth it even if he did stand on his car and run into wall corners

Anonymous 26644

I'd do it in a heartbeat, the video game industry is so boring at the moment i'm craving for a big studio to come out with something, and i've been waiting for TES6 for years. I don't care if it turns out to be shit, just get it over with, let's get married Todd. I don't expect a TES game to be anything but a janky shallow mess anyway

Anonymous 26645

Most questlines in Skyrim suck, everything is shallow, nothing matters, the roleplay is minimal. So i don't get your point at all.

Anonymous 26646

Can you measure up the pros and cons? Like are the cons legitimately not worth ES6?

Anonymous 26647

just saying the main questline sucks. the other questlines suck too, still enjoyed the game though

Anonymous 26653

oh intredasting thank you nona
We should share mods too this is one I use for my minimal MW install and don't usually see mentioned with the other "don't change too much" list like graphic herbalism animated containers, etc


This design was cuter don't @ me

Anonymous 26655

Ohh, thanks anon.

Anonymous 26892


>hero becomes a scrote after the events of the game

How anyone could pick any game without this woman is beyond me

Anonymous 26897


I just had a thought and I'm not sure how to grapple with this. What if the new Elder Scrolls game is shit? I played Skyrim when I was 11 and now I'm 22. What if I've literally spent half my life praying for a new game and then it's bad?

Anonymous 26899

It's going to bad and you're going to enjoy it anyway.

Anonymous 26900

Dids you start with Morrowind or Oblivion?

Anonymous 26924

You have to expect most high-budget games are likely to be shit in one way or another. If a AAA game ends up being good, I take it as a pleasant surprise. No disappointment to be had. I expect VI to be released half-finished, tons of bugs, loaded up with tons of DLC within the first two years that should have been released with the game in the first place, and NFT integration. I'd like if they returned more to Morrowind style, where players are encouraged to explore and actually take note of details in the world vs hand-holding, but I highly doubt that will happen. New gen of gamers gets especially frustrated when you expect them to read and digest information that doesn't explicitly tell you what to do or where to go.

Don't tell me you pre-ordered it…only retards pre-order.

Anonymous 26926

I started with Oblivion but comment was more about the state of Bethesda in general. ES6 is going to be bad because Bethesda is not interested in making narrative driven rpgs anymore, they're more like giant immersive sims that are a mile wide and an inch deep. So I think it's a given that the next ome is gonna suck but that probably will not (and should not) influence how much people enjoy them.

Anonymous 26927

Oh yeah I totally asked the question to convey the point you brought up, I lore studied Morrowind more than played it. Also started with Oblivion but would rather play the mods for that than skyrim at the point due to the different focus in design. I miss my otherworldly rpgs instead of this same dreary euro nonsense or bubblegum pop jrpgs.
All my hobbies are dying in front of my eyes, truly I underestimated the horror of growing old.

Anonymous 26931

Well duh things stagnate and become generic, tasteless.

Anonymous 26941

>hero becomes a scrote after the events of the game
Not really since daedric princes aren't male or female, it would be more like one having the pfp of a guy, female sheo mods are just as lore friendly imo
sure other princes might stick to their appearances more faithfully but its fucking sheogorath nigga turns into birds and flowers anyway

Anonymous 27017

Is Elder Scrolls online good/worth getting? Is the lore consistent to the other games? Is the gameplay good? Don't you have to buy expansions, though? Does it feel authentically Elder Scrolls? Or is it just a shallow mmorpg themed around the Elder Scrolls universe?

Anonymous 27162

ScreenShot 241.jpg

my necromancer character making oddfrid white-lip and the skull from Addamasartus hang out together

Anonymous 27176

Nah, online is legit a waste of time. It is kinda consistent but its not great and the game is slow as hell dont even bother the best online game is probably Final Fantasy 14 or MapleStory because Maple has always been good.

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