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Dangan Ronpa Anonymous 26520

Let's talk about Dangan Ronpa!
>Fav Chara
>Observations on the plot

Anonymous 26521


I've just finished V3 and am wondering, is the Dangan Ronpa 3 anime worth watching? I hear the Despair kids show up and I did like them, was also a fan of DR2.

But is it worth it?

Anonymous 26527

The only entertaining character in the entire series is fucking Nagito

Anonymous 26543

nagito wanting bad things to happen so they'll become stronger and better is kinda how i think

Anonymous 26633


It is sad how much potential the games after the 1st one had but I feel like they always waste it somehow.

Anonymous 26652


Haven't played 3 yet but Junko is my hero. I see why she got everyone to follow her because she's perfect.

Anonymous 26659


Looking for DRV3 fanfiction with Keebo and/or Kokeshi pairings. Any recs?

Anonymous 26684


This pairing has no real ground, not realistic, not canon in the slightest, problematic and overall retarded, but I like it so much

Anonymous 26685

It's really cute, anon. Who tops?

Anonymous 26692

Fukawa can do better she should be my gf instead I won't make her bathe

Anonymous 26732


Both wrong, she belongs with Shinguji.

Anonymous 26734

I need you

Anonymous 27177


Toko when Genocider, Togami if regular

Anonymous 27185


Literally the only competent, braincell-having character in DR1. I liked some of the other characters, but they were stupid as hell.

Anonymous 27229

>I hear the Despair kids show up
sure, in a 3 seconds, static cameo in Despair arc. That's it.

except for Monaca in Future arc but based on your pic i guess you don't give a shit about her. understandable. Komaru and Touko show up too

Despair Arc is utter, lazy, retconny garbage
Future Arc is average at best and kind of bullshit, but some of its characters were beloved by fans. I'd say not worth it overall.

Anonymous 27230


I like Peko and her cute manlet

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