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/mia/ - Made in Abyss General Anonymous 26591

Made in Abyss general y'all.

Anyone else thought that S2 blows ass compared to S1? I don't care about the narehate village and am very glad to finally move on

Anonymous 26594

Why do you read/watch pedobait

Anonymous 26601

made in abyss is legit good

Anonymous 26615

>waaah pedobait waaah

Riko is the single best female protagonist in any recent anime by far. She's a confident, brave young girl who is fighting for her dreams instead of simping for her retarded brother or something.

Her mother and Ozen are incredibly strong women and some of the only non-NPC women in mainstream anime that exist.

Also check out this video -

I know it's probably just some random pedo's opinion but I agree with him, the nudity in MIA plays an actual role in the story and doesn't really sexualize Riko (in the anime)

Anonymous 26617

It has been on my watchlist for awhile because the character design are cute, but I'm not fully sure if I want to start it after the stuff I have heard.

Anonymous 26625


I really like the prophet character and the parallels that I believe the author made with the biblical exodus, but it's true that it's getting less and less about survival and more about magic shit

It's rather violent and has several scenes where children are tortured or suffer. If you can't stand gory horror movies I wouldn't recommend it, personally I like the catharsis and the subtle references to real-life abyss creatures and phenomena

Anonymous 26648

>the nudity in MIA plays an actual role in the story
you really buy that excuse when the author draws loli porn in his spare time? what about the weird bondage shit too?

Anonymous 26649

nta, but he does? never knew that.

Anonymous 26650


It's a shame the author is such a degen, I really like everything about this anime except for the pedoshit. Although I have to admit, the second season isn't as interesting as the first one. Feel like the stakes aren't as high anymore somehow. I'm too lazy to read the manga.

Anonymous 26651


It's a massive shame that this manga with beautiful art and world building was made a literal predatory pedophile male. I loved the anime, manga, movie, and beautiful music but I just couldn't ignore the pedoshit anymore and stopped keeping up with it after The village got attacked by some giant robot or beast and there was some disgusting bellybutton thing. I'm glad it introduced me to Bondrewd and his husbando, but this anime honestly opened my eyes to not tolerating "it's just fictional, they're not real kids!" any more. I would say I'd reread and finish it when it ends but that won't happen anytime soon. The best outcome is honestly the author dies and leaves his unfinished pedophile manga to fade into obscurity.

Anonymous 26656

this might be an unpopular opinion but… it's really not that bad in terms of violence or gore. way more fun exploration scenes than gore scenes.

check out the manga, he is pretty explicit, there are nudes of almost every female character including the kids

Anonymous 26657


is there anything kind of similar to MiA? I looooooove the designs, art, fantasy setting (visceral and eldritch), how cute it is sometime and the sense of discovery, etc.

I was mostly an anime viewer, I started watching it when it was first airing years ago and I didn't notice anything off for a very long time, even now it's easier to disassociate with the anime. then when I started looking around at the community, reading some chapters, MiA was mostly ruined for me. Yes, I am very dumb and thick-headed so it took that long to notice.

I did pick up a manga called Hakumei and Mikochi's Tiny Life in the Woods, though it isn't at all dark and seems to mostly only be similar in the focus on world building and very cutesy designs (I don't think there's any sexualization but I expect me saying that will bite me in the ass). Very slice of life-y.

yep, I feel that. I get the dreadful feeling that it might get worse. But I sense that in a few years when the new season's trailer comes out it'll call out to me like the Abyss itself. I hate myself, kek.

Anonymous 26663

>the nudity in MIA plays an actual role in the story
Yes because the author is a pedo who chose to include nudity and child torture and had to find a way to justify it in canon lmao
It is pedobait and you've got to be blind to not realize it

Anonymous 26673

You'll probably like The Ancient Magus' Bride, it was made by a woman and although there's no pedoshit or sexual stuff you might be put off by the protagonist being a teen girl sold as a slave and having been bought by an adult looking male monster, but other than that it's fine as far as I remember. Since its a shounen manga for some unholy reason, there's a bit of ecchi fanservice in the form of big-boobed female fantasy creatures wearing skimpy clothes, but that's it. There's no pantyshots or male-gazey camera angles or anything like that. This is about the anime, as I haven't read the manga.

Anonymous 26870

the character designs are cute and i'd love to watch it but i can't get myself too cuz I don't want to be creeped out by the constant pedobaiting

Anonymous 26874

Don't get influenced by other people to not trying out things, especially if that thing isn't harmful/dangerous.
Just give it a try.

Anonymous 26893


Wait, what? I mean it's a good rec but ..?

Anonymous 26943

This piece of shit season is finally over

Anonymous 26945

It was nothing special and I dropped first season cause of all the pedobait scenes. There are a lot and the show isn’t even good.

Anonymous 26946


most people agree that Narehate village arc is weak. i love Faputa though and i'm glad she was introduced, my spirit animal. i'm keeping up with the manga and i hope the next arc is more interesting.

Anonymous 26948

Goodness I love hakumei to mikochi, used to follow the author back when he was still a touhou fanartist and his work is still stellar

Anonymous 26970

I like faputa as a character too

Anonymous 27025

It totally is, but it's good in spite of that.

Anonymous 27030

i haven't watched s2 yet but thats bummer if its true, mitty's death still makes me sad to this day
and prushka……..
you retards are so annoying oh my god

Anonymous 27031


Are they going to go into the sixth layer?
I haven't read the manga

Anonymous 27051

thank you for saying it. I don't care what they say about the author, Made in Abyss is good

most of the 2nd season is on the sixth layer but don't get your hopes up, there is very little exploration and they mostly just stay in an ugly village

Anonymous 30835

>most people agree that Narehate village arc is weak
it has its problems, but it's also like a distillation of the themes of the entire story

Anonymous 30841


I don't know much about this show. It seems incredibly violent for no particular reason at all (I've seen GIFs of it), however, the video game looks really cool and like a lot of fun to play!

Anonymous 30847

so many adventures…

the show does get pretty violent and dark at times, but it doesn't do it for no reason - it's the bad things to contrast the good.

the game is pretty fun - though not worth paying full price. if you find it on sale, skip the tutorial (hello abyss!) and go straight into the main gamemode (deep in abyss)

Anonymous 31075

finally got around to reading the new chapter…

… boy this shit's weird

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