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Cyberpunk Edgerunners Anonymous 26797

I liked this show, Daviddo is very cute and the romance with Lucy was ok. She's bland enough so I could self insert.

Anonymous 26798

trigger is for pedos

Anonymous 26799


*anime in general is for pedos

Anonymous 26802

really depends on the context

Anonymous 26803



Anonymous 26827

I thinks it's really funny that Trigger understood what Cyberpunk 2077 is about better than CD Projekt did. I hope they take some notes and put a more memorable cast of characters in their next game.

Anonymous 26828

Do you have a license to be making this retarded a post?

Anonymous 26841

Weren't CDPR still responsible for the plot? Trigger only added Rebecca.

Anonymous 26848

CD Projekt made a game about the cost of success, obsession with legacy, and other stuff but a lot of the themes are fairly isolated from each other because their ideas clearly changed over 10 years they spent developing the game. Studio Trigger took all the game's major themes and actually connected them together into a story that feels like it knew what it was going to be from the outset instead of only in hindsight.

If that's the case then my post is a lot less funny. Too bad I guess.

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