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Popular characters that you hate Anonymous 26855

We already have a "hated" characters that you love thread so I thought why not do the opposite?

Anyway, mine is Yuffie from FF7.
She used to be mainly hated but now she seems mainly loved so I think she counts.
I will never forgive her for stealing my materia and her design is lame too. She's just annoying for no good reason, but annoying characters seem to get a pass if they're a "cute" girl. You can make a character energetic without being annoying. If Wutai was completely run down and shabby maybe I'd have some sympathy but not only does it look completely fine, it's quite pretty and in way better condition than Sector 7 was. Actually it seems better than where I live irl lol. She adds nothing to the story or cast and is actively mean to Barret too.
Tifa is by far my favorite in the OG and Aerith is by far my favorite in the Remake, she barely felt like a character in the OG. But yeah, Yuffie sucks and her fans go rabid if you dare dislike her cuz she's so quirky teehee
Only talking about OG Yuffie I haven't played her Remake DLC

Anonymous 26856

I hate the character that's got enough energy to actively hate some quirky character, in a quirky video game because she's quirky. Why would you even play it? Are you playing it to please you're bf? There are so many things in in RL you could happily set on fire like pedophiles and Andrew tate but no. You spend your hate card on yuffie.

Anonymous 26857

Why does your post read like AI?

Anonymous 26861

Why are you spending your energy hating on my post? Why are you even here? Are you here to please your bf? There are so many things in in RL you could happily set on fire like pedophiles and Andrew tate but no. You spend your hate card on my post on a site totally known to be a positive place.
Fuck off ya weirdo you're sensitive as hell or contribute to the damn thread it's not that serious
Was thinking that too

Anonymous 26862

The only thing I don't like about her is that she goes around with her shorts unbuttoned. Seems unnecessarily coomer. You would think one of the others would tell her XYZ.

Anonymous 26863

Actually I think Tifa does imply she's being too sluttish in the game iirc

Anonymous 26864


>”Hard work can overcome anything.” power-up activates
>talk no jutsu
>plot armor
>talk no jutsu
>Noooo it doesn’t matter that you’re the enemy, what if we were…friends?
Fuck this orange moid.

Anonymous 26865

The attempts at comedy in this show are so bad. The reason I can't watch anime anymore tbh. Scarred me for life.

Anonymous 26898


Thus guy I swear to God. It's not even anything he's done to me personally, it's that every comic-con or similar congregation of faggots I enjoy going to has half a dozen of the most annoying people you've ever met displaying him and now I can't even look at him without the echo of weeb kids forming a circle and chanting in my ears

Anonymous 26904

What is it with most Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy fans?
Is it because they're both babby's first weeb game?

Anonymous 26905

Something about them just attracts the most annoying people you've ever met. I can actually just barely give Kingdom Hearts fan a pass because there's a chance they just really like Disney, but jesus the weebs who get into it are something else

Anonymous 26908

maxresdefault (3).…

i hate this genre of dudebro best bro friend, usually full of loud dumbasses. i know this archetype is well loved, but i just cannot stand it.

Anonymous 26911

The jp fandom hates him too, you're not alone

Anonymous 26912


I'm okay with Ryuji, the one I don't like is Junpei. He looks like the fucking Nostalgia Critic…

Anonymous 26916

he is the most caring of the early game best friend trope in the persona games though by far. Every persona protagonist has a bff and he is usually your first party member.

Anonymous 26939

Every popular male character from bnha
And no, I have never watched it

Anonymous 26956


She's an annoying dumb pickme for a scrote that just uses her and treated rem like shit when she actually cared about her. People only like her because of her looks which is fine but there's nothing else good about her

Anonymous 26957

People like her because she supported kira, and also because she's an icon for unrequited love.
You could say the exact same thing about Rem being a pickme for a woman who uses her, and she's not even operating on any other principle. At least Misa had a reason to defend Light.

Anonymous 26975

Literally manic pixie dream girl, just this time to a guy who doesn't like her lol. Nothing even remotely interesting here, only incels and pickmes like this sort of characters

Anonymous 26994

I like her as the embodiment of a 00s japanese bimbo, flavour of the week gyaru teen magazine model, local idol with a mindless alt fashion shell
That’s totally a character I can imagine being real, a record of that time

Anonymous 26995

Oh I fucking hate this bitch so much I wanna alog her so hard, I knew a girl exactly like this and oh god I just. Very upset whenever I see this pick me sort of airhead bimbo anywhere.

Anonymous 26999

Lol you realize a lot of women in Japan are like this right? It's one of the most popular ways to "invent" yourself as a woman in Japan, as being cute, liking only cute things, and being fatally stupid.

Anonymous 27010

I hate this character too, she is the epitome of a female character who serves no purpose except as a plot point. I realize it shows how heartless Light is that he can use her like that but it says a lot that her death note and shinigami eyes were far more important to the story than she ever was.

Anonymous 27020


Tinfoil here, but I think the fans are like this because they played the games as kids and somehow never grew up afterwards. Like with KH in particular the games in general are very childish and probably attract a lot of manchildren because of it. These fans are a special breed

Anonymous 27033

When you play KH as a child its awesome, when you play as an adult its a comedy.

Anonymous 27035

Even as a child I kind of hated this game tbf… why do we treat children like they're stupid and make the stupidest possible things for them? I felt like a chunk of my brain became permanently damaged from large chunks of this game. We shouldn't do that to our own children, it's child abuse

Anonymous 27039


Getting back on topic here, I don't like Xion. She seems like an unnecessary character to me and I hate how the fandom loves to sob over her despite just filling in the 3rd slot for a trio and making Roxas feel sad. Her boss form looked cool tho

It's so weird, it's like they want to make the story dark but have to be in the E rating still and they just go about it in the worst way possible with the cheesy dialogue. I think Nomura sees this series as his own version of FF considering the verum rex and versus XIII thing.

Anonymous 27040

people like her because like you said the story is sad, and the design is kind of cool too. keep in mind that a lot of KH fans used to be emo and into those things so her being liked so much among that community makes sense.

Anonymous 27050

I don't really see how her design is cool, she looks boring since she's just a recolor of Kairi.

Anonymous 27052

It's more like Yuffie but emo. I had an appeal back in the day when KH was at its apex popularity and sold t-shirts at hot topic.

Anonymous 27071

I like her because I feel bad for her.
I could save her. Am I Rem? Maybe.

Anonymous 27281

she isn't a popular character. her design is popular, but people hate her personality

Anonymous 29882


Let's a dumb scrote touch her sexually and then gets cannibalized by him. Good riddance.

Anonymous 29884


Marinette and for quite a few reasons, but the most sour reason is because she's based on Thomas' past marriage. It all comes together when you consider that Marinette's dad is a French white guy, with her mom being a (mixed?) Chinese woman, just like his past relationship. The fact that he made the main character "the virtual love child" of his ex girlfriend…just yikes.

Anonymous 29885

whhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat i never knew about this wow yikes. like i saw someone say thomas astruc consideres marinette like a daughter, but in this way!? eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Anonymous 29886


Yup. All there on the twitter

Anonymous 29887


dude really putting that kind of stuff straight on his twitter…

Anonymous 29888

i dislike her too but i dont really think thats weird, just cringely cute. he did say they were together at the time and its not like he can randomly take it back from the show. having said that the whole thing really is shit including how annoying marinette is, and i wish the would have kept the original mature tone

Anonymous 29895

the tornado is com…

I wish the tent he lives in would get swept away by a tornado

Anonymous 29896


He's like a reddit autist's self insert. I hate Ulysses for the same reason, he is an annoying self insert with a shitty, nonsensical philosophy. More people hate Ulysses and realize what he is in comparison to Arcade, though.

Anonymous 29920

Damn anon even for me that comparison's a bit harsh kek. Ulysses is disliked almost universally because he's so nonsensical as a character you can't even take him seriously long enough to criticize his beliefs, it's almost immersion breaking. I may dislike arcade and you find his ideas nonsensical but do you really think he's unbelievable as a character? Personally I still think he is very well written. Also being voiced by Zachary Levi probably helps.

Anonymous 29936

Nomura moment. he has fantastic designs sometimes and then he does THAT.
he's a total sexist too if you play as a girl. his arc is nice but the sexism early on is just gross.

Anonymous 29939

I meant Ulysses is nonsensical, not Arcade. Arcade makes sense, he is just annoying and a mouthpiece for the writer, like Ulysses is. Arcade is nowhere near the same level of cringe as Ulysses, especially since Ulysses is so integral to Lonesome Road and is supposed to be "deep". Arcade's personality just seems so…dated? He feels like an early 2010s sarcastic character trope with his quips, but I can tell someone on the team definitely based his personality off of himself. I just hate them both for vaguely similar reasons. Bear bull bear bull.

Anonymous 29953

Oh yeah I completely agree with you bearbull

Anonymous 29970


She's annoying

Anonymous 29979

the Joker, because he is an abuser/insane yet people worship him. People shouldn't idolize those types of characters

Anonymous 29980

I think the Joker is so unrealistic that nobody analyzes him as a type of person much less as a specific person. He's more seen as a force of nature or something and that really doesn't make any sense since mortality is fundamental to the concept of Batman.

Anonymous 30070


Mikan Tsumiki. I'm guessing she's fairly well-liked because I see fans of her everywhere, but I just couldn't stand her. I really wanted to like her too. Granted I haven't watched any of the anime if that changes anything, just played the games.

Anonymous 30110

Absolutely hate her too

Anonymous 30128

The creator has gone on record saying she's partly based off of early seasons Eric Cartman, so that may have something to do with it.

Anonymous 30129


Annoying and unfunny (wo)manchild who is surrounded by people who enable her Chris-chan tier antics.
I seriously don't understand how anyone can watch the first season of Chuunibyou and think the protag was doing something wrong by encouraging her to grow up.
Her and that blonde twintails girl both suck.

Anonymous 30191

She is a literal child but ok

Anonymous 30195


Anyone who like this manic pixie dream girl is a horny scrote and a pickme. What kind of 10/10 popular girl would want to dress up as hentai characters and fall in love with a plain insecure loser? The anime is shit and over praised for being pretty and people saying that it's "wholesome" when it's just another scrote self-insert romcom disguised to be shoujo. Can't believe this shit was made by a woman. Goes to show that women in Japan are being brainwashed by mysogyinsts and sexist men to be their sex dolls and doormats.

Anonymous 30221

Who hurt you?

Anonymous 30227

Don't try to get approval from your pornsick bf. That's unhealthy.

Anonymous 30229

Isn't this character one of those "gyaru" characters that are just super watered down fetish idea of gyaru more than 10 years after the subculture was popular?

Anonymous 30232

Even so, the show and characters constantly make reference to how her behavior is never age appropriate. A trait is made even worse when it's revealed that she acts this way 'cause she can't cope with her father's death. So even if it isn't correct to call her one semantics-wise, she still embodies what people mean when they say the word 'manchild'.

Anonymous 30240

Yeah, sort of like any subculture that moids find out exists and start fetishizing it
They just draw a big tittied curvy girl and slap some themed bikini on it

Anonymous 30241


This stupid bitch. I actually don't hate her as much as I hate her fans though
I remember reading a post about how she would be the ideal gf and that lowkey what started pinkpilling me on moids lol
She always gave off the vibe of a "uwu shy girl" which I hate. Her fans are (or were, it's been a while since I watched the show) either overly protective paladins who see her as an angel and how she's so perfect and unproblematic or total fucking creeps that consumed/produced porn of her and now have a fetish for uwu shy submissive girls who only wear pink and can't say no

Anonymous 30242

Took the words out of my mouth

Anonymous 30249

shes not even that bad in the show she just has the most pick me fanbase

Anonymous 30250


These three!

Anonymous 30251


Everything and anything about traps/femboys. Draw a girl call it a boy cringe and degenerate scrotes would fetishize and coom to these moeblob dickgirls that look/act/sound nothing like a boy. I'm so sick of it.

Anonymous 30253


Bridget in particular makes me seethe because his fucking character arc was that he was a guy and he could be manly in girl's clothes, but then they made him a tranny to appeal to people. Retconned his entire backstory for that shit.

I do think most traps are cringe, too. Him and Luka (who is also transed) from steins;gate are the only ones I can tolerate. tho yeah, I wish that artists would draw them a bit masculine like in picrel.

Anonymous 30257


Big L to the coomers and trap/femboyfags now that Bridget less fappable to them kek. They can cope and deserved their dickgirl to be ruined for being disgusting and obnoxious. Though Bridget should've turn out to be a pretty boy like your picrel. A missed opportunity but the devs have to appeal to horny scrotes.

Anonymous 30303

I was thinking about this the other day, but female artists tend to draw trap characters more masculine.

Anonymous 30439

Isn't the whole point of traps/femboys "beautiful boy, but still with masculine features?". If they just want a dickgirl can't they just jerk off to futanari?

Anonymous 30440

female artist tend to draw all characters better than men.

Anonymous 30485

Truly traps are not the same genre when moids draw them. It's just coom material for them so they have to make traps exactly like hentai girls but with a dick.

Anonymous 31093


She does one cool thing, then the gang just accepts her as if she wasn't being pain in their ass just fifteen minutes ago? It also feels like other characters are dumbed down to make her look smart, which sure isn't the characters fault but is annoying when we are supposed to go wow Makoto sure so smart and badass! In the vanilla P5 their friendship just doesn't seem believable.
Could somebody tell me what her costume is supposed to be?

Anonymous 33987


I'll put her in here too if we're doing Persona characters.

There aren't any proper female equivalents to Sherlock Holmes, so she wants to become a boy instead of a trailblazer by becoming the first proper female equivalent to Sherlock Holmes. Weak cowardice, just like any other woman who follows that line of logic. THEN she blows it anyway by """""accepting her femininity"""""" and growing her hair and tits out and becoming a generic lady detective just like all the others. P4 was pretty vicious with putting the girls back in their society-approved places. I'm getting too mad at a teenage girl written by men.

Oh and she was useless in a fight. I didn't like gambling with the instakill if I could just bulldoze through with Kanji like usual.

Anonymous 34298


This. I also hated the change in Testament's design to appeal both to Twitter users by making him some non-binary shit and to horny-ass man by making him have a more female appearance.
This change was completely unnecessary, he had a much more androgynous appearance before.


Also based. It's so cringe and disgusting to see so many coomers simping to this bitch even though she's a horrible person.

Anonymous 34301

>pixie dream girl
I agree, but I don't necessarily hate her for that.
I don't know if I'll continue reading the manga, but as far as I've read, all she does is act like some pixie dream girl and doesn't contribute anything to the cosplays while Gojo works his ass off on everything. This bitch doesn't even want to learn a thing or two from him and that's the most frustrating part for me.

The best part of this manga is the useful cosplay tips, I would love to read more manga on the subject.

>Can't believe this shit was made by a woman. Goes to show that women in Japan are being brainwashed by mysogyinsts and sexist men to be their sex dolls and doormats

Nah, buddy. It's simply a reflection of the otaku industry that shows how resorting to ecchi and waifubaits is an excellent old tool for gaining great popularity and sales.
Furthermore, there are also women who can be sexist as much as some men, even more so, as absurd as it may sound.

Anonymous 34335


Thank you! I never understood her appeal, I guess her design but even then I felt like Ann, Haru, and even Futaba are cuter and have more personality even with Haru’s shoehorned and sped through story.
It’s supposed to be a bikers outfit hence her persona but it didn’t make sense if her inner rebellion is that and she becomes a fucking cop.
Tbh she felt like a copy paste design of my beloved Akira

Anonymous 34429


I hate the entire cast of this show as well as everything related to Vivizie Pop. I also can't stand her fans everywhere on the internet.

Anonymous 34442

It's so bad, I argued with a "friend" that wasn't even into kh because she wanted to defend the opinion of her weeb friend who just found kh and was so into Xion lol
Kingdom Hearts had so much potential but was pulled apart by pickmes and cringe fans, I only liked the fujos in that fandom.

Anonymous 34494

>People only like her because of her looks
I have also noticed pickmes always pick the "prettiest" character or the character the main male is in love with or ends up dating as their fav.
It's ironic that such highly misogynistic people are often the first to label other women as misogynists simply for not agreeing with them on their shit taste.

Anonymous 34501



Anonymous 34508


kokoro from bandori .. i don't play bandori anymore but I couldn't stand how obnoxious and happy she was and in her character story just very ignorant don’t understand how people enjoy her

Anonymous 34509

i just play the game for the music, never paid attention to dialogue or stories or anything like that, can u elaborate pls on what her backstory is etc

Anonymous 34511

Fuck this bitch imagine being a simp for a megalomaniacal retard who wants to be god but only kills petty criminals in Japan.

Anonymous 34512

Loona is the only character I don't hate from anything she's made. I do not understand how this shit even has a fanbase but then again Steven Universe has one so I shouldn't be that surprised Her designs are so boring and it's weird how they all look the same and yet there also seems so much effort put in to make them 'different'

Anonymous 34513

nta, but imo she is similar to Haruhi Suzumiya, expects everything to revolve around her, naturally, ignoring other people and their needs. Very limited ability to read a room, analyze, empathise.

Anonymous 34514

this pretty much sums it up :p

Anonymous 34529

the girl in the fursuit and the obvious lesbian were fun at least

Anonymous 34530

at least hes good for gay porn

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