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Anonymous 2714

Since we don't have a technology board can we just talk about technology here?
What kind of computer do you own?
PC? Mac? Chromebook?
Android or iOS?
Videogames or PC?
I own an old android phone and I plan on upgrading it soon (right now I'm looking for either the moto g6 or the samsung a8) I just don't like apple phones since I think they're too expensive and get stale quicker than most phones I had.

Anonymous 2715

>Medium spec Windows laptop. want to buy something cheap to throw a Linux distro onto.
>PC for low spec indie games, console for anything else

Anonymous 2716


Motorola makes good Android phones, and the Moto g family has great phones. I own a 5 which I'm very happy with and a 2 that still works almost perfectly after all these years.
I like iPhones too but they're usually more expensive than really good Android phones so I don't bother with them.

Anonymous 2717


also, can I make a request to the admins? what about a /tech/ board? btw how do you miners feel about that? I guess it could be used to talk about phones, pcs/macs and consoles as well

Anonymous 2718

>Had a Macbook, but have yet to get around to formatting it again to see if it's still usable, surviving off sharing bf's desktop and computer labs.

>Android Moto X
>Haven't really done pc games in awhile since moving in with the bf since we used to play together all in LDR. Mostly console nowadays.

I don't think this place is active enough to warrant a /tech/ board yet. Maybe if /tech/ threads take off?

Anonymous 2720

>Windows laptop, running Linux though.
>Console, mostly handhelds

I agree- the userbase on CC's already spread pretty thin, I don't know if a tech board will do much for us activity or discussion wise.

Let's keep using media and regroup if things really ramp up!

Anonymous 2721

When our userbase grows enough! I think it is a fantastic idea. As for now I guess more tech threads will be enough.

And Motorolas are great <3

Anonymous 2724


>PC, Windows 10 (on both)
Have a desktop for gaming, photoshop, etc.
>CPU: Core i7-4790K 4-Core 4.0GHz
>GPU: Radeon R9 380 Sapphire Nitro 4GB Edition
>RAM: 8 gb DDR3 1600MHz (looking to upgrade to 16 when the prices drop a little)
>Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-880GM-USB3
>Cooling: my case is a Zalman Z11 Plus, so lots of fans, also have a coolermaster heatsink.

Also have an hp Probook 4540s laptop for netflix, discord, studying, etc. Pretty good and fast for non-intensive tasks and old games, the screen color is a bit shit though.

>Android, LG G5 SE. I like it a lot, but i have to have a screen dimmer installed because the screen has very severe ghosting issues otherwise. Looking to purchase a 200 gb sd card since the 64 gb one is running short.

>I own all playstation consoles and also enjoy the ol' PC masterrace. I use both for gaming.

Anonymous 2731


computers are the reason we have shit like /r9k/
technology is to blame when it comes to the existence of incels

Anonymous 2732

/r9k/ aren't incels though, they are just batshit insane.

Anonymous 2733


This is a technology thread.

Anonymous 2734

I've been using a MacBook Pro for about 3 years now. I don't know what model it is or whatever, but it used to be my Mum's so it's probably around 6 years old. Still works just fine, only a few lags or glitches here and there but I honestly don't wanna replace it because it's still got multiple cable ports and a CD port. I know most people don't have any use for a cd port anymore (I find that fact so sad lol) but there's no way I'm getting a laptop without one. Ngl it makes me feel so cool and old school idk

Anonymous 2735

I see where you're coming from with the CD drive! It really is a nice feature if you're working with media that requires it, but it does add extra bulk to a laptop if you need to travel/stick it in a bag

My USB CD reader/burner has served me well for a few years, would really recommend picking one up if any anons have use for it

Anonymous 2736


But there's really no use for CDs nowadays. I mean yeah some people might want to keep their music collection but that doesn't mean you can't just put everything from the CDs on your computer and then just put them on a stand…
If I were you I would do this:

Well, not EXACTLY what he did because that would be expensive as hell but I'd do the 2 SSDs no doubt.

Anonymous 2742

I didn't know where to post this so I'll leave it here:
Does anyone have a custom CSS for this board? I find the default ones to be a bit boring..

Anonymous 2744

Pretty much anything for vichan should work with a little bit of retooling

Anonymous 2745


Yeah that's another thing I like about having a CD port, it makes it thicker. I don't really get the obsession with new technology having their products be so thin, especially when it takes away so many useful USB and cable ports, it's very counterproductive in my opinion. Even if my laptop isn't thin it's still very easy to carry as it's not that heavy. Remember Apple removing the headphone jack from their new iPhone? Lol like come on, how ridiculous is that.

That's true, I know most people prefer going digital with their music now, and I have a lot of songs digitally, but it's still nice to pop in a CD like old times. Yeah I got a CD stand in my room along with a radio that plays cds, maybe it's just my preference for nostalgia talking haha

Anonymous 2747

PC, but Apple for my phones. In regards to videogames, PC and console!

I'm working on finding a new laptop for school rn and the whole CD port thing has been a biggg deal to me! My current laptop actually doesn't have one, and I was really shocked and disappointed when I found out. It actually hasn't inconvenienced me in anyway (only when I found out when I was tryna install a video game lol) but now that I'm looking for a new laptop I feel the need to get one with a CD port. I probably will rarely use it but I feel like I can't live w/out it… it must be a nostalgia thing or I'm just old school idk.

Anonymous 2750

>iPhone SE
>Nintendo wii
>old 14 inch Samsung laptop
Pretty average I think.

Anonymous 3253

I think it's more like shut-in teenagers not actually ~trying~ to socialize (heck, it's become a f cult - like, some of them actually believe it's "cool" to be anti-social)

Anonymous 3254

Computers are also the reason why pretty much all modern infrastructure works.

Anonymous 3256

>Videogames or PC?

Anonymous 3257

>vidya on pc
I wanna upgrade my cpu but I'm gonna need to buy a new board and ram to do it so I need to wait longer whilst i get the money

Anonymous 3258

I think OP meant "consoles or PC"

Anonymous 3452

pc98 shitposting.g…

>3 year old hp laptop running win7. Will run a decent amount of games on low-med settings but I don't play many modern games anyway. Had another small laptop running ubuntu but it bit the dust
>garbage windows phone, upgrading to something android
>console mostly, play touhou and online games on PC
If I had more cash I'd get a proper desktop again. Not sure if I'd want to then put a different linux distro on this one or get another laptop for it.
Are CD drives really "old school" now? Like other anons said, I couldn't live without one.

Anonymous 3459


I had one of these back in the day. Flash drives had only just started to come in so handing in your homework on a floppy was still socially acceptable.

Anonymous 3482

OT but this would make a great site banner

Anonymous 6311

>HP laptop (Windows 8.1)
>iPhone 6S Plus
People I know want me to upgrade to a newer iPhone, but I don't see the point when mine still works perfectly fine.

Anonymous 6315


What kinda browser extensions do y'all use

Anonymous 6339


I just use Honey.

Anonymous 6340

Not even adblock?

Anonymous 6341


Nope. Just added DuckDuckGo though.

Anonymous 6342

This your pic anon? I use a good chunk of these, but on ff. That's quite a lot, do you take a performance hit?

Anonymous 6365

I use a few of those on icecat. Also
for mass downloading images, useful for dump threads
>tree-style tab + multiple tab handler
puts all the tabs on the side, goes with my setup and aesthetic better
>reveal hidden html
>https everywhere
and another one that lets me add a custom search engine.
I thought Buster was busted, didn't know it was working again. Jesus I need it back in my life.

Anonymous 29918

i'm jealous, i adore those.

Anonymous 31180


Thinking about switching to a dumbphone set up. Anyone here use one?

Anonymous 31346


Theyre letting us mess with some old hardware at my school! I started building a simple network, but when I went to set up the firewall one of the PIXs had no software in the flash so it wouldn't boot. I really don't feel like forking out money to buy cisco software to put on it, so i wanted to ask you guys if you could think of any fun uses for a really old PIX?
or just talk about networking lol.

I use a pinephone with SXMO but i think ill distrohop soon.

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