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Female indie devs Anonymous 27225

Let’s make a thread where we share video games made by women, but also talk about why there are so few.

Every time I find a game and it is made by “her”, it always turns out to be a tranny, every single time.
Why is that?
>Moids are more likely to be gaming addicts
Yes, while I agree that moods play more vedeogames and are far more likely to “passionate gamers”(play many of them and have games be their primary form of media consumption), women make up this group at least in 25%. Then why are 25% of solo indie devs not women?

Anonymous 27232

because trannies have no life, because they are no life undead shut in dweebs that often rope and are incels. Its their destiny to do this, what else do they got other than the computer and learning how to make programs in it? real friends? boyfriends? lol no nobody wants those wastes of skin thats why they dedicate their lives to the virtual and not the real, because the only thing that is real about em is that they are loser men.

Anonymous 27307

This has also bothered me. It's often a "women and computers" discussion, but modern game development has only a minority of work dedicated to programming/computer science. The bulk of production is dedicated to story, design, art, modelling etc. Even for solo developers, there are development platforms that will take care of most technical issues.

>Yes, while I agree that moods play more vedeogames and are far more likely to “passionate gamers”

No. Gamers are stereotyped as 14-year old boys, because games for 14-year old boys make the most sales. They get to be "passionate gamers" because they go to school and have lots of their parents' money.

Anonymous 27392

There are plenty of women in game development, they just usually gravitate to the art side of it instead of the technical side.

Anonymous 27397

For the more well known ones I guess there's Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, Omori, Unpacking.

For lesser known I was surprised by how much I liked Bad End Theater by NomnomNami. Very unique and creative and overall a satisfying package. Highly recommend.

Anonymous 27461


Lets say that hypothetically someone wants to learn c# for unity what are some good resources or courses

Anonymous 27528

I'd recommend firs check at basic c# so you get a grasp of how to do basic things with code and then look for torrents on c#/unity courses. Humble bundle has unity related courses on its bundles all the time and peopel usually collect them and torrent them.

Anonymous 28884


Heartbeat was made by women

Anonymous 28897

Women are reared to make sensible choices, e.g. not throwing their career or health away in making virtual toys few will buy.
I'm in a boring, sensible STEM field (chem – my class was 70% female) and all the coding/video game development girls I know are either very masculine or just fucking insane. As much as I love video games I have no trouble admitting it is an immensely stupid field to pursue.

Anonymous 28898

the big companies don't really foster an environment that encourages women. I once read an article about a woman working for a big game development company. She said that her ideas would get ignored when she suggested them and then later her male coworkers would steal her ideas. Places like Rockstar also had a controversies where female workers where sexually harassed and it's hard to make any kind of impact on the industry like that. The mainstream industry sidelines women but idk why they are rare in the indie scene

Anonymous 28900

I think you mean girls are encourages to be less risk averse. It's not stupid to want to pursue something you like, any STEM skill is very flexible honestly.

Anonymous 28952

Anonymous 28980

I feel very sad that I just found out about rpg maker, how come I never heard about it when I was younger

Anonymous 28992

rpg maker is a great engine, especially MV/MX where you can do all sorts of tricks with javascript compared to the old esoteric ruby fork(?)
it's not too late to make the final fantasy clone of your dreams anon

Anonymous 29001

The art side of game making is much more closely related to game design and game direction than the technical side though. There's a reason more people play Doom than Quake right now. Programmers and programming aren't what give games their sense of identity. There are entire genres of games where the only purpose of the game is to capture a certain set of aesthetic sensibilities, and I'm not just talking about walking simulator stuff but cyberpunk, horror, fantasy management. It is reasonable for there to be game studios run by their artists who decide to hire technicals as contractors and temporary assets while the art and design team constitute the immutable heart of the company. I've heard that that's how Sierra On-Line used to try to run itself, a philosophy of anyone can program an interpreter, but designing an experience that people love is hard. The technician class is not as valuable as we were led to believe by corporate propaganda about studying STEM, as the IEEE's decades-spanning analyses of STEM wages and the perpetual "STEM CRISIS" myth should have shown. And nearly every game company was formed by a core cadre of workers from a previous game company who decided to strike out on their own after feeling unappreciated.

So since there are women all over art asset development and coordination then it ought to be a lot easier than it is to find companies which are mostly women with small and easily fired teams of disposable tech assets.

Anonymous 29029

Yeah lots of very successful rpg maker games still come out these days.

Anonymous 29039


>Let’s make a thread where we share video games made by women
Half of the Sierra library (Roberta Williams was the most prolific), the Legacy of Kain and Uncharted series (Amy Hennig), Freedom Planet, and Napple Tale.
>Then why are 25% of solo indie devs not women?
It's possible there are, but they don't advertise that they are women.

>Gamers are stereotyped as 14-year old boys, because games for 14-year old boys make the most sales.
Minecraft, Tetris, and Wii Sports were made for 14 year old boys: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_video_games

>learn c# for unity what are some good resources or courses
Everything I've seen are people advising to learn Godot and Python if you're new and want to start going down that route.

>So since there are women all over art asset development and coordination then it ought to be a lot easier than it is to find companies which are mostly women with small and easily fired teams of disposable tech assets.
Actually, it's infamously known that all-female work environments are some of the most hostile places known on Earth.

Anonymous 29045

>it's infamously known blah
It's infamously known that videogame companies and anime companies are the most hostile workplaces on the face of the earth. There is ~ n o t h i n g ~ in your screencap that touches the worst of what sort of hell even the friendliest and best gaming companies would do to their own male employees while they were all-male or overmajority-male. Listen to Sandy Mitchell talking about the experience of moving from conventional pen&paper game design at Chaosium to early videogame development culture and ask yourself: would any of the women in that scandalous all-female company from that screencap have ever actually weaponized their own feces the way Mitchell's male coworkers at Microprose did?
If a woman's gritty enough to have worked in a normal videogame company or animation for a year she's gritty enough to work with other women for a decade, even if the woman in charge turns out to be a Julia Vickerman.

Anonymous 29050

Yeah I don't buy this at all. It depends on what kind of women you hire too. I've been in teams of women that were heavenly, I had excellent experiences with female leaders most of all though.

Anonymous 29054

So they are all shit?

Anonymous 29449


Found out about Eloise who is developing a horse game

Anonymous 29450

Anonymous 29461

Horse riding games were very popular apparently for girls so it's cute that she's making her own thing

Anonymous 29464

Who peed in your cheerios

Anonymous 29582

ohhh i've played a few of her games! there's one called bunny park which i found super cute

Anonymous 29590


mad that she can enjoy horses and nature and you cant.
get well soon nona!

Anonymous 29688

sort of reminds me of an old ds game called pony friends I used to love - it was like nintendogs but with horses. this sounds like a cute game

Anonymous 29706

Seeing as we have some fellow horse games people itt, I figured I'd share Rattle: https://youtube.com/@YTRattle. She does reviews of different equestrian games

Pony Friends was one of the first videogames I ever played, nobody ever knows what I'm talking about when I mention it. I fucking adored being able to customise my own pony

Anonymous 29723

I adore this woman. I found out about her a while back when she made a reddit thread making fun of the moids there for not being able to make games that sell.

Anonymous 29838

this reads like moid falseflagging, as much as i dislike troons

Anonymous 31916


pic related was supposedly made by a korean woman, but there isn't any evidence that proves whether it's a real female or a tranny sooooo..

Anonymous 31917

i tried to get into doing indie game dev and i was met with hostility from moids. i think i was just unlucky. i might try again when i get a better portfolio.

Anonymous 31918

Despite the name this actually seems to be by a women. There are old forum posts by them as far back as 2011 where they are referred to as female.

They use text-to-speech, which I can't fault, but makes it hard to verify. I still lean real female.

Anonymous 31928

pretty pastels please?

Anonymous 32107


Volcano Princess is by a two woman Chinese team. Very cute game.

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