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Anonymous 27340

does anyone here like 80s jpop? what idols/artists you listen to?

Anonymous 27388

finally someone who doesn't call it citypop !

>what idols/artists you listen to?

Seiko Matsuda, Hiromi Iwasaki, Naoko Kawai, Akina Nakamori, The Checkers, 1986 Omega Tribe….and many more ! do you mind sharing yours ? ^^

Anonymous 27391

akina nakamori, Shizuka kudo, takao kisugi, naoko kawai, shonentai, wink, yu hayami

Anonymous 27393

I wouldn’t call Omega Tribe pop and certainly not idols
They are more of a city pop, genre wise
I like them too, though - a pleasure for my new wave loving ear

Anyway, I think there are some idols who was indeed city pop artists (vidrelated for example), but not every city pop artist can be pop or idol, of course

Anonymous 27394

i went through a massive phase 2016-2018…
now i'm more into late 90s/00s jpop.
>what idols/artists you listen to?
I was really fascinated by solo idols appearing towards the end of the bubble era who, unluckily for them, did not have much wide success as their predecessors simply bc the market shifted. like, Michiko Shimazaki, Rika Himenogi, Aoi Mizuno–all had great songs, which would have been hits if only they had debuted earlier. also i love the obscure girl groups that start popping up in the late 80s.

all time faves though have to be: Momoe Yamaguchi, Hiromi Iwasaki, Momoko Kikuchi, & Seiko and Akina ofc.

Anonymous 27396

I couldn't have possibly found all the intoxicating city pop music i want. I'm certain I could find more. Actually I'm dying too.

Do you know any artists or tracks that match this?

Anonymous 27398

listen to akina nakamori - yokohama akuma

Anonymous 27552


There's something very comfy about 80s Jpop. I even kind of prefer it to contemporary Jpop, because the production quality sounds alot more unadulterated compared to the post-processed sound that plagues music today. Plus, they keep trying to make even Jpop into EDM these days. Sometimes even I want to listen to something more calm and soothing, not with constant bass in your ears.

Anonymous 27571


Also, I just remembered how much I love Jun Togawa.

Anonymous 27581


aiha higurashi/seagull screaming kiss her kiss her is more early 90s than 80s and she leans more rock in a lot of songs, but i love her

Anonymous 27597


Did anyone watch Tokyo Heaven and notice the 80s version of the song Kaerenai Futari, when theyre at the party in the beginning? Does anyone know how I can find that song ??

Anonymous 27600


> akina nakamori
das my girl rite there

Anonymous 27604


Taeko Ohnuki is my citypop queen. Romantique and Aventure are great albums!

Anonymous 27606

not sure if this is what you're talking about, but I found this… it's pretty nice

Anonymous 29915

Minako Honda is my queen
Akina!!! i should go back to her music sometime, 1983 Fantasy and Variation are such fantastic albums.

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