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Schermafbeelding 2…

Favorite pirating websites Anonymous 27447

What pirating websites do you use to watch movies or shows? Are you against pirating, do you prefer to own the physical version?

Threadpic is from Dellamorte Dellamore

Anonymous 27449

I literally just use 123movies cause I'm dumb and it works

Anonymous 27450

Anonymous 27462

1337x.to for general torrents
audiobookbay.fi for audiobooks

Games and audiobooks are so hit or miss for me that I could spend hundreds of dollars and only find one worth the money. Audiobooks are far worse than games in that regard, just because you can never ever trust reviews.

Anonymous 27464


Anonymous 27511

Nyaa(.si) for anime, manga, (light) novels, art books, some games and J-music and anime/game soundtracks.

I generally watch cartoons on Kimcartoon because I can't be arsed to torrent that. But if I wanted, I'd use RARBG (which I use for movies and live action shows)

Anonymous 27533

i used to pirate when i was younger. i don't anymore since streaming websites became mainstream. they're nice. i don't have to wait or worry about space on my hard drive.

the downside is i have nothing to watch when the power goes out, but that doesn't happen that often, so

Anonymous 27539

gomovies.sx is my usual go-to but it's been buffering like crazy lately so I have to resort to >>27448 as a back up. I used to torrent a lot too but I recently stopped because the vpn I use has been randomly disconnecting every time I download one for some reason? I just got in huge trouble from my uni because of that.

Anonymous 27541

I worry that piracy has been getting increasingly killed off, over the past few years. I'm witnessing more and more popular pirating sites being shut down by Feds. They even went after one of the largest ones in Bulgaria, where alot of people don't even have any other choice but to pirate.

That's why I've been transitioning to private trackers instead. Alot of them aren't possible to join without an invite or going through a detailed interview that shows a genuine interest in their content and that you will contribute to it.

I went through RED's interview and it was brutal. You have to have your computer running, with a good internet connection, 24/7 for days so you don't lose your place in the queue, but then the bot consistently disconnects everyone from the server too so you have to requeue as soon as it comes back. Otherwise you will have to go all the way to the back of the queue all over again. And when you do get to the interview, you can get failed for it very easily if the interview suspects cheating. They will also be looking at what you're opening or not while taking it too, so pretty intrusive. Yeah, I think that would be too high-effort for Feds to join. lmao

Anonymous 27548


I was about to mention, zlibrary for books, but holy shit. I usually accessed the site through the b-ok.cc URL, but I just got a notice by the FBI that they¿ve seized the domain. Then I googled "zlibrary", and… It seems that they took it down just yesterday, and arrested 2 of the alleged owners.

The future is looking bleak, indeed. I hope that doesn't happen where I live, too. Better prepare for those interviews then.

Anonymous 27549



Good luck nona. You might be interested in RED or MAM if you're new to private trackers. They're usually used as the springboard to other ones. RED interview is easy to pass is brutal due to the amount of time you have to wait just to get to one and how easy it is to be accused of cheating.

I've been pirating since I was very little and I've never noticed it being as difficult and cracked down on to do as it is nowadays, so I think it is worthwhile to invest in private trackers instead. Also a nice VPN and/or seedbox if you're schizo about getting caught.

Anonymous 27550

What's with the scrotey pic

Anonymous 27551

Some women are lesbian.

Anonymous 27555

I'm convinced anons like you don't actually talk to women

Anonymous 27567

dont insult us like that

Anonymous 27573

I use piratebay and its many mirrors from everything, I'm from a poor country so I never even think I could get in trouble over it

Anonymous 27577

I miss kickass the website used to show you what others were torrenting and I discovered many shows and movies that away

Anonymous 27578

zlib is still available on tor, and tor is easily available with a regular browser (brave for instance). It's just very slow. Otherwise, libgen is still working.
Yes, tpb top 100 were good for that.

Anonymous 27579



Speaking of MaM, I just gave an invite to a friend who now I feel like won't use it at all. I payed $30 to be able to give one out. Curse my over-generosity. I shouldn't trust people with invites like that.

Anonymous 27582

Maybe I'm doing something wrong but it's not available for me, it says the website is seized. Is there some special link I need to use?

Anonymous 27622

I prefer to torrent everything but when I stream I use soap2day. Mainly for reality tv shows because it's hard to find earlier seasons of reality shows on torrents and I'm okay watching those shows in like 480p quality.

Anonymous 27625

these days, rutracker 99% of the time

Anonymous 27635

BTN, PTP, RED, AB, TV-V, each of them has their use. I haven't been watching anything that I download. Just don't feel like doing anything.

Anonymous 29063

Don’t know if the latter counts as piracy but Internet Archive (I managed to download borrowable books, there’s many I’m interested in but are not available in my country, even secondhand).

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