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Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Anonymous 27638

Let's talk about the new Pokemon game and why Rika is so perfect.

Anonymous 27641

she's so handsome! i love that spin she does when she throws her pokeballs

Anonymous 27643


I really like the game itself despite the performance issues. The 3 paths setup is great, terastallizing is a solid gen mechanic that adds a good layer of strategy and customization and the cast of characters is the most charming the series has had yet imo(both the arven and star crew storylines were really sweet). Main complaints are the map is barren and the usual lack of postgame content. Still super fun and blows swsh out of the water.
And I just love Rika! It's great seeing the female audience go nuts for a cool girl. Even the friends I have who usually only talk about guys are crazy for her.

The way it's kind of sloppy? playful? and not a perfect spin makes it so good! Her terastallizing animation is great too…

Anonymous 27645

………. should i get the game
If the answer is yes, then which one? Scarlet or Violet? Is the only difference in the motorcycle pokemon? Where do I find cute lady in OP pic? I don't even know which starter I'd pick because I kind of don't like any of them.

Anonymous 27647

I'd say yes. It's a lot of fun. Girl in the OP is in both versions and you meet her along the way as you defeat the gyms.
Differences between the versions are the professor(female in Scarlet, male in Violet), the uniform color, the motorcycle legendary and 16 version exclusive pokemon(half are from old gens), but you can trade for those.
Personally I'd choose based on the professor/motorcycle pokemon you like the most because they're plot relevant and your motorcycle is like a big dog and gets very cute scenes, but you do you.

Anonymous 27648

Is it worth it if I don't pay for Nintendo online and I don't really want to (I guess I could for like a month just to try it)

Anonymous 27649

Depends. Main story alone is very short(around 24 hours)so if getting a lot of hours out of a game is important to you maybe not. If you've played any other modern Pokemon game you know what to expect though, so if you liked sumo or swsh for what they were then yes.
Also if you've never used Nintendo Online before you can get a week free trial. Think it resets occasionally too so you might be able to get it again even if you used it before.

Anonymous 27655

湯太郎 rikka.jpg

love a bifauxnen

Anonymous 27658

I would suggest not getting this game as it sends a message that having horrid performance and atrocious pop-in is okay. I pirated it and it was decent though, miles better than Sword and Shit.

Anonymous 27662

Why are the good ones so rare. Last one I liked was Kashima from Nozaki-kun.

Anonymous 27665

It's okay, just okay. Playing on an emulator so I'm not getting the glitches most people are.
Oh and it's the only pokemon game in which I've boxed my starter.
I like Nemona and Arven a lot.

Anonymous 27667

Playing Violet (legit copy), have half of the badges so far, been having lots of fun with it. Yes there are occasional odd visual glitches and my game crashed once so far but nothing game breaking. Seems slightly more challenging than the average pokemon game and lots to see and do.
The online is one of my main complaints, I was really hoping this would be more like a mmo. But you can't just jump in and play alongside randos on your friendslist or strangers, you actually have to be able to communicate with other people to send them a code but nintendo has no way to directly message or invite people on switch. You can still raid/trade/battle with random people though. If anyone here is up for trying the union circle thing maybe we can arrange it sometime by posting codes? Anyway if you're wanting a similar game experience but less buggy and don't mind singleplayer I would also recommend legends arceus if you hadn't played it.

Anonymous 27676

I like that they have at least two tomboyish women in this game but the character design is so fucking weird lately (this character is ok though, she's so cool and handsome)

Anonymous 27695

I like the designs as much as usual but the models this time are really ugly. Makes them look worse than they are.

Anonymous 27698

>24 hours
What? That's so short… why even bother. I don't think I'll buy it. I rather buy an older pokemon game

Anonymous 27735

Maybe if you're speedrunning it? I'm over double that and still haven't finished the main story, have a few badges left and then the league and whatever is in the postgame (no spoilers pls). Of course I've been doing all the side stuff I can find and you can easily spend lots of time exploring and catching and stuff. The world is huge.

Wondering if anyone would be interested in multiplayer sometime? Kinda wanted to try it but noone to play with. Seems like it could be comfy

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