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Revolutionary Girl Utena Anonymous 2772

I JUST started this show. I'm loving it. I wanna be just like Utena… she's so prince-like. Can we have a discussion about how cool she is?

Pls don't spoil it btw! I'm on episode 4

Anonymous 2773


Anonymous 2774

I've just finished a long ass series and i need something to fill the void
Kind of torn between this and rose of versailles
(and since i know next to nothing about both) ive heard utena is ~deep~ but is this really good?

Anonymous 2775

Ooooh OP I cannot wait to hear what you'll say after you finish the series!

I rarely hype anything but Utena is and has been my favorite animated show for the past decade and a half. I don't think anything will ever top it for me tbh, even now the core message speaks to me harder than anything else.

Anonymous 2776

Utena is my waifu. Or…husbando? I can't decide if I want to be like her or if I just want to date her. (but why not both?)

I really love Utena but I will admit that most people I've tried to show it to haven't necessarily 'gotten' it on the first watch. There's a lot of visual metaphors and references to classic literature/motifs, so if you want something that's more straight-forward, RoV might be more up your alley. That being said, Utena is completely worth investing your time and mental energy into understanding. I personally would rank it in my top three anime series; even though it came out a really long time ago, I don't feel like I've seen a series since that can top it. The recycling of animation sometimes leads people to complain that it feels repetitive, but part of the reason why this was done is because they had a shoestring budget at the time they were making it, iirc, and the movie version more than makes up for the initial production. Watch the anime series first, though! Watching the movie will definitely make your head spin if you're not prepared for Ikuhara's particular brand of weirdness.

Anonymous 2777

Also I have the remastered box set and if anyone wants to see some of the production sketches/key frames from a particular story arc, just ask and I can try to scan 'em in. There are also interviews with Ikuhara, Takahashi, Be-Papas and the conceptual designer. I really love the parts where they focus on the art design of the whole series, in particular.

Anonymous 2778


I also thought this interview with the voice actress who played Utena was really touching.

Anonymous 2779

Yes, it is really genuinely good and deep, one of the few series I'd consider a masterpiece. Like Evangelion but more suitable for girls. RoV is also fucking great, you should really watch both.

What series did you just finish, out of interest?

Anonymous 2782

A masterpiece. Get ready to shed some angsty tears tho.

Anonymous 2783

Not op but have you guys seen the movie? Not sure if I hate it or love it. The music is gorgeous tho.

Anonymous 2787

i really liked it on an aesthetic level? i thought it was nice that they were given the budget to do something above and beyond the limitations of the original show. the ending had me wtf-ing at first but when you look at the themes and motifs of the show then it actually does make more sense in retrospect. i felt like it was more made for fans of the original series than it was intended to be a stand-alone experience, though.

Anonymous 2788

The ending with the car transformation scene was soooo weird. I understand utena's universe is full of symbolism and that ending was heavy in symbols, but still felt a bit out of place. I like how Utena and Anthy are way more visibly in love than in the anime though. Also the animation and music are so dreamy.

Anonymous 2801

Oh god I love Utena. My absolute favorite anime of all time. My opinion on nearly all of my favorites has changed for the worse over the years, but I only love Utena more with time.

I still think Anthy is one of the most nuanced characters in fiction.

Anonymous 2802

i feel like i remember hearing somewhere that in the anime they're just friends/their relationship is open to 'interpretation' because they weren't sure how audiences would respond to the yuri elements on TV, whereas with the movie i think they felt like they had permission to be more liberal with in romantic/sexual context.
that ending scene was exactly what i was thinking of, hahaha. it's one of my favorite parts to watch with a friend for the first time because i love seeing their reactions/facial expressions when they see it. i think ikuhara wanted to surprise the audience with something completely unexpected. I found a great post which goes more in-depth about the reason why they chose to go with that ending. http://ani-mentation.tumblr.com/post/118075794670/utena-turning-into-a-car-makes-perfect-sense

Anonymous 3600


Ikuhara retweeted these costumes the other day, what do you guys think?
I would never have thought of using lace for the tulle under Utena's jacket but surprisingly I really like the effect.

Anonymous 4021


I just came from my first watch and honestly I had a hard time understanding until I gave it a couple days to sit with me. And then it hit.

It's rare for a show to leave me so speechless. Easily a masterpiece and most definitely will be rewatching it again. There was so much nuance that I simply couldn't be expected to pick up on in just the first watch.

Also, Utena herself that is so charming that I both want to be her and marry her. She's so gallant and heroic while also never foregoing her femininity in pursuit of becoming a prince. Such that it almost feels demeaning to call her "wife material" but tfw no Utena gf am I right

Anonymous 18374

best boy cute boy.…

I just watched it and i loved it! Though there are a few things where i disagree with the majority opinion:
1. Himemiya was a lying treacherous whore. No sympathy for her. Even her saying she has to do what her owner says was a lie.
2. Akio and Touga actually wanted best for Utena
3. But she refused to grow up and that is why she failed and died.
Also, who is the best boy/girl for you? Who would you like to be and who would you like to marry?
I wanna be Utena and marry Mickey, i just can' stop loving him!

Anonymous 34114

Utena becomes much easier to understand, if you think about it as
sort of metaphor for Japanese society and generally modernity; it's really quite the worthwhile show.

Rose of Versailles and Oniisama E are also quite worthwhile ones, especially if you want similar to Utena shows, which are sometimes referenced by Utena very obviously.

Anonymous 34131

>Utena becomes much easier to understand, if you think about it as
>sort of metaphor for Japanese society and generally modernity; >it's really quite the worthwhile show.
Can you explain in depth


Thanks for this!

This post is perhaps of use:
and this might be of interest also.


The latter unpacks many of the referenced and their relationship to the show, although one can disagree on some of the takes on themes.


Anonymous 34171

The 90s musical is also online publicly, if anyone would like to check it out.

Anonymous 34450

I'll try it out. Im used to just watching the things that are the most shilled so finding some potential hidden gems is awesome.

Anonymous 34466


im sorry I cant hear that name anymore without thinking of her

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