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Male actors Anonymous 2890

Who are the most handsome ones?

I kind of like Jared Leto.

Anonymous 2898


Douglas Booth is so pretty uwu

Anonymous 2899


I fell in love with that weird kid when I watched the Fantastic Beasts and where to find them movie, he isn't very handsome here because of the stupid haircut (which I like actually) but if you google the actor's name, Ezra Miller, he's very very really handsome. his jaw is so nice. I feel creepy.

Anonymous 2924


Good actor, but I don't like him. He seems pretentious.

Have a picture of Chris Hemsworth.

Anonymous 18846

Too old.

Anonymous 19314


I'm sorry.

Anonymous 19403


Domhnall Gleeson

Anonymous 19405

I hate that he punched a woman and went on the pretentious genderspecial train rip

Leto is a pos but still would bang as long as he didn't try and indoctrinate me into his cult

Yes yes yes yes

Anonymous 19408


Adrien Brody

Anonymous 19430

Why though?

Anonymous 19436

Mads Mikkelsen.jpg

him and Bjorn Andersen

Anonymous 19601


Takeshi Kaneshiro

Anonymous 19602


right ?! im a lesbian but i thought he was super cute especially in fallen angels, absolutely loved his character
definitely one of the most handsome men ive ever seen

Anonymous 20829


Anonymous 21154


Henry Cavill in MoS was peak moid perfection

Anonymous 21832


Anonymous 21843


I never shut up about Henry Cavill. He is almost too perfect, like its suspicious. He is 6'2, has a big fluffy dog, EXTREMELY handsome, very charming, gamer, reads, is a huge dog with big barra titties. If someone told me a that a Hollywood actor has been exposed as a cyborg designed to be perfect I would immediately know that it is Henry Cahill.

Anonymous 23421


This guy who played Pollux in Face/Off (90s Nic Cage/John Travolta movie) was super cute.

Anonymous 23426

he looks like a lizard ngl. Though I like his crystal clear eyes

Anonymous 23438


Lee JungJae (gihun's actor in squid game) was such a cutie when he was younger, he's still handsome now though.

Anonymous 23524


I've had a crush on Ryuhei Matsuda since I saw him in the movie Blue Spring. He looks alot like Yoongi from BTS in my opinion.

Anonymous 23554

Christian Bale in American Psycho

Anonymous 26014


Aaron Taylor-Johnson is such a hottie, wish he'd leave his groomer wife.

Anonymous 26015


dang he is handsome. i like jung ilwoo.

Anonymous 26016


the way his eyes crinkle when he smiles is charming too. he looks very sassy and inquisitive! definitely the best eye-smile out of all k-actors!

Anonymous 26017

damn. he's not unattractive at all now but i did not imagine he looked that good looking as a young man.

Anonymous 26037


i agree. although the pic you posted makes him look too old

Anonymous 26054

He looks like he has down's syndrome…

Anonymous 26055

You’re just racist and probably a salty moid too

Anonymous 26056

i'd marry him, cope

Anonymous 26058

It’s a poltard moid

Anonymous 26963

He's such an awful actor he ruined the blade runner sequel, every scene was perfect except the ones he was in.
I hate Jared Leto

Anonymous 27021

assaults women and kidnaps children
defended and supported roman polanski
dates and flirts with teenagers, has an incel-like mentality regarding the metoo movement

Anonymous 27084

His character was supposed to be played by david bowie and I cry every time I think about how we got Jared's lame ass instead

Anonymous 27099

Did he die already by the days of filming or what happened?

Anonymous 27117


Anonymous 27118


i really like evan peters, i dont believe american horror story is a good show, but he really does put his all into his roles

Anonymous 27119



Anonymous 27122

I had a massive crush on him when I was 14. I played Onimusha on PS2 just because of him.

Anonymous 27123


Keanu Reeves circa 2001.
This is also acceptable.

Anonymous 27136

Ugh fuck yes start a Keanu reeves thread somebody

He's also a really great human being

Anonymous 27137

Can you stfu man you are so cringe

Anonymous 27138

Someone lost a stick up their butt today lol

Anonymous 27139

Its scrote screamin hour

Anonymous 27154

>He's also a really great human being
Reddit talking points.

Anonymous 27160

I know the bar is on the floor, but it always catches my eye when I see male celebrities doing this too. Smh maybe sexy female celebrities should start dating younger men to balance it out. Like Britney Spears.

Anonymous 27299

He was cute when he was younger and chubby. Anyways, I think somethings wrong with me because I recently watched Maniac (1980) and thought the lead actor was hot. I wish I wasn’t exclusively attracted to fat ugly men but oh well.

Anonymous 27312

Based Madonna does this.

Anonymous 27321


Been mentioned before but aaron taylor-johnson. Just learned about the thing with his wife, creepy af. She's 23 years older than him and married him at 19, after he starred in a movie she directed. She also directed 50 shades of grey.

I wonder if they have some kind of agreement or actually live like they're in a relationship? It's unusual for a moid to keep this kind of thing up for so long

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