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Who is your "omg literally me" character Anonymous 29125

Anonymous 29126


She is literally me.

Anonymous 29127


She is literally me

Anonymous 29129


Not really anymore, but she was literally me when I was a teenager. Neurotic Catholic girl with OCD scrupulosity, daddy issues and a fear of sex.

Anonymous 29131


trannies think they're anime girls not winona rider. anyway here's mine I wanted to be cool like her so bad when she made the sugar sandwich I thought that was so cool

Anonymous 29132

i would say mine but it got extremely appropiated by trannies so if i say who it is im going to get dogpiled

Anonymous 29133


A2 from Nier:Automata.
Pic unrelated.

Anonymous 29134


This is tacky, but her. And Gretchen to some extent.

Anonymous 29135

it's okay, you can say it's lain/madoka.

Anonymous 29136

trinity always. her fashion, hair, and makeup are perfect, and she's not coombait either. shame she's written by troons though.

Anonymous 29137


I feel your pain

Anonymous 29138

rory gilmore. people had great expectations but then my life amounted to nothing in the end. c'est la vie!

Anonymous 29139

stop liking characters that trannies like so its easier to differentiate on the internet. im sorry but tomoko has to go fuck herself, we are at war plus she is a child anyway.

Anonymous 29140

I don't think they make films about boring husks.

Why don't you stop trying to micromanage what people do and don't post online? Don't you have a hobby or a book to read? Maniac.

Anonymous 29141

No one is literally me because I am boring

Anonymous 29142

maud pie.jpg

Anonymous 29143


Mix of these too

Anonymous 29144

If you stop liking things just because a group of strangers you dislike like it you are weak and pathetic and a sheep

Anonymous 29146


Tsukuyomi from FFXIV. Her backstory and bitterness hit close to home.

Anonymous 29147


I won't elaborate.

Anonymous 29148


No, i loved her when i was younger and i still view her fondly because there was never another female anime character at the time that portrayed social anxiety and female awkwardness as accurate as her, trannies can go kill themselves.

Anonymous 29149

Why are there so many weebs on this board now

Anonymous 29150


Based Janis anon. Same, really. People have also said Im like Daria and Jane.

Anonymous 29151

The countless anime banners and anime reaction pictures we've always had didn't make you think that?
Fookin newfag

Anonymous 29152

The imageboard format was popularized by weeaboos, so it makes sense that so many of them are drawn in.

Anonymous 29153


shame it's a tranny magnet

Anonymous 29154


Chiaki Iso from 428: Shibuya Scramble.

She is a girlier version of the socially anxious wreck I have been throughout most of my life. Although either the severity of her social anxiety was either not portrayed consistently/accurately enough, or it is still much more toned down that a person with full blown social anxiety disorder's would be, because no way would a person with a severe case of it actually manage to approach people on the street just asking them something like "Are you happy with your life right now?". (Yes, even if their job is on the line. lol)

It's unfortunate she was just a side-character because I would have loved to see more of her.

Anonymous 29156


maria dgs, i wish i could open up random human bodies for fun too

Anonymous 29157


Anonymous 29158

imageboards are always full of autists

Anonymous 29159

Tomoko is awesome, the anime opening is amazing, and she's relatable. Men trying so hard to be women copying our tastes is not our fault or responsability. If anything it's all ours to reclaim.

My favorite character growing up was Hermione Granger from Harry Potter because I too felt dumpy and compensated by getting really into scholasticism.
I also really liked Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson books but only until they started pushing the romance between her and Percy.

Another character I really like is Major from Ghost in the Shell. I grew up with some feelings of paranoia about not being a real person so I was very
>she's just like me fr
about her

Anonymous 29160

Hinata from early Naruto. From a badass family but basically an autist, and ends up marrying with the main character

Anonymous 29161


>she’s not the main character of her own life

Anonymous 29162


>queen of self sabotage
>no friends bc of her bad personality
>severe mommy issues

my autistic ass used to fight with adult men on Tumblr about why they shouldn't sexualize her/consider her a "waifu" bc she would be too traumatized for a relationship

Anonymous 29163

I related to Asuka a lot when I was her age, 14. I think she's a very realistic depiction of a depressed 14 year old girl with mommy issues honestly.
Now I relate the most to Rei.
So when I'm older will I relate the most to Misato?

Anonymous 29164

I personally relate to nobody in that series. nta.

Anonymous 29165

and honestly, you are better off for it

Anonymous 29167


This anime is so important to me. It does an incredible job of portraying a girl who's kind of autistic & incapable of fitting in but is still very judgemental and preoccupied with how others perceive her. I wish there was more media about this type of character.

I like animes about womens 'inner life' in general– princess jellyfish, tokyo tarareba girls. But watamote is a gem of that niche imo

Deranged gatekeep

Anonymous 29168


Nah she can fit in, just not in the places she tries to and that's the humor in it, her being stubborn.

Anonymous 29169

clearly it’s because we are so unique and cool, … our essence cannot be captured

Anonymous 29170

schizo ashbie.gif

Literally me in the dark.

Anonymous 29171


Literally me shitposting protected from the forces of darkness by the calming computer screen light.

Anonymous 29172


Literally me. I have no idea how I got here. Well I do but it still blows my mind. Everyday is disbelief.

Anonymous 29173

Based af

Anonymous 29174


when i was just little and all wired up

Anonymous 29175


bpd queen

Anonymous 29176


she's literally me

Anonymous 29177

who is she? she looks cool

Anonymous 29178

Screenshot 2022-10…

I already posted this in that /media/ thread but I'll say it again:

Anonymous 29179

Idk I don’t know who I am

Anonymous 29180


Anonymous 29181

jeongmin from dreaming freedom!

Anonymous 29182


identity issues?
constant mask you eventually give up on?
secret degen?
repressed homosexual?
you might be mari yoshizaki!

Anonymous 29183

shes literally me.…

yeah..except i dont listen to radiohead.. maybe in high school. but yeahhhh

Anonymous 29184


This seems like a pretty blatant tranny self-insert

Anonymous 29185

uhh yea no i’m not trans lol. but unfortunately she’s relatable

Anonymous 29190


Is it weird I wanna be friends with you

Anonymous 29191


scrote media but me because im insane

Anonymous 29192


when she finds her aspie bf is also literally my life

Anonymous 29193


I was always weirdly fascinated by this guy as a kid, and now that I'm pushing 30 I can certainly see having developed some similarities to him myself, mainly the "rules are meant to be broken, a little bit at least" attitude and the general unevenness of what I am willing to do and achieve. I used to even have a similar (though not midriff-baring) green woolly pully, and a cat, and tried taking a seagull as a pet once. For a while there was also a chance that I might have turned out a newspaper/magazine office worker.

Anonymous 29194


Basically me when I was a kid

Anonymous 29195


Not really a character, but she's literally me

Anonymous 29196


Down to liking milk and caring too much about money

Anonymous 29197


she is literall

Anonymous 29198

nah, not really man

Anonymous 29199

based business nona, out there making the big bucks.

Anonymous 29200

Anonymous 29202

what makes it scrote media? I always wanted to read it bc the art is beautiful, but never got around to it

Anonymous 29203

It focuses on a perspective of a boy that is unhealthily obsessed with a girl and he slowly becomes more of a failure and brain rotted moid.

Anonymous 29204


There's a drama Kahogo no Kahoko I saw a couple of years ago whose main character I found very relatable to my upbringing. I was raised very sheltered and overprotected, with my mom doing almost everything for me, like still doing my hair, driving me around everywhere, making all my meals for me, cleaning up after me, etc. well past 18. She is also still the only person I call and talk with 99% of the time. I'm 24 now and have only been able to break into greater independence with alot of hard work and self-teaching myself online about shit I haven't known how to do. I still feel like a womanchild some days but it's alot better than a few years ago, thankfully.

Anonymous 29205

and the author is also a tranny
the art is nice, I recommend reading it for the art

Anonymous 29207

ntayrt - i can’t find the interview i read, but he said something like how he would like to imagine himself as a cute girl. didn’t find much other information about it though. hopefully he isn’t

Anonymous 29208


yep im not proud

Anonymous 29209


Anonymous 29210


Anonymous 29211

Can someone tell me the character/source in op?

Anonymous 29212


Pretty sure pic related was the original and then someone from Twitter made OPs version using their own OC
>Well, who was it?
I don't know
>That wasn't very useful to me

Anonymous 29213

Actually that was useful, thanks. I thought maybe she was from a webcomic or something.

Anonymous 29214

who? I relate to that as well

Anonymous 29215

honestly me too, no matter how hard trannies cope with her… she will always be in a special place in my heart and she is one of the few charecters that made me feel "heard"

Anonymous 29216


Anonymous 29217

Asper Kanojo

Anonymous 29218

Anonymous 29219

men are my property

Anonymous 29220


Anonymous 29221

ok i watched bojack horseman but i forget what diane nygen was like (i think i forgot her name lmao)
i just remember she had an amazing bf and was still depressed and not put together despite having an awesome bf

Anonymous 29222

I'm an idealistic person and an exasperating perfectionist. Personally it's frustrating that the world is not how I think it should be. I wish I could make an impact and do something that can help others. I hold myself to an unrealistic standard and I want others to care as much as I do, but they don't.

There’s more to her character, but this resonates with me the most. Unfortunately no awesome boyfriend to complain about </3

Anonymous 29223


People say it all the time

Anonymous 29225

how did your drugs and abuse get you tangled with a cult

Anonymous 29226


minus the tranny part, i was also a severe aspie while growing up, with my own fantasy world on my head. i also went batshit insane when my ex bf left me to run away from our country, and i like to make multiple accounts with different personalities on social media

Anonymous 29227


I wish it was someone edgier like Cait.

Anonymous 29228

We are twins

Anonymous 29229


never related to a character more before

Anonymous 29230

I'm her but where is my bus?

Anonymous 29231


Anna is middle school/early high school aged me
>severely depressed
>socially awkward at times
>sketches a lot
>Has a friend who understands her. They escape reality together.

Anonymous 29232


a bold but unpopular choice

Anonymous 29233


she reminds me of myself when i was younger but she seems to attract the worst kind of people because of her team
based taste, alice is cool
he has a tranny in one of his stories so i will choose to believe it

Anonymous 29234


>shit mom
literally me.

Anonymous 29235


Anonymous 29238

download (10).gif

Me at my worst

Anonymous 29312


Anonymous 29313


literally me minus the penis

Anonymous 29333

Alison BC.gif

Part her, part Sucy [spoiler]part Akko

Anonymous 29346


I liked her because she was taller than everyone else and had a motorcycle.
Not so much a "thats so me!" character other than the height but I liked her better than the other girls

Anonymous 29394

Because women can’t like horror or niche things…?

Anonymous 29396


Georgia unfortunately/fortunately !!!

Anonymous 29402


I've written and deleted this post too many times cos there's too much I could say. She's maybe the only fictional character I feel this way about.

Anonymous 29414

don't be mean, you can like horror without being NLOG

Anonymous 29424

late but same anon. Watching that film as a teenager and realising that's probably who I'd grow up to be was quite…. eye opening to say the least. Can happily say I'd mostly grown out of it but the urge to be this selfish and self destructive still lies dormant in me

Anonymous 29451


>social anxiety
>low self-esteem
>negative thoughts all the time
>suddenly starts to feel down out of nowhere
>uses sex to compensate her loneliness and inferiority complex

Anonymous 29598


I'm not proud
p2 anna is even a misandrist too

Anonymous 29613


>inb4 schizo

Anonymous 29616


>hates men
>cat enjoyer
>short temper
>likes shiny things
the panther? me.

Anonymous 29617


Hope you're having a great day.

Anonymous 29618


Hell courtesan. Yup literally me.

Anonymous 29628


she is so me

Anonymous 29634



Just saw this thread again and inb4 "MOID!!!11" but I wanted to add Kenji Osawa too because I feel like a female version of him sometimes. I have that bad an inability to get close to others, take myself pretty seriously, am closet idol stan (Cringe but it is what it is), awkward, get lost in my own mind (Though I can't say I'm as smart as him), and will probably end up a workaholic (Though that would be because of the lack of social life, not because I'm going to "love" my job, I'm sure.) Even with picrel, my fridge is also pretty understocked most of the time. I don't feel like cooking most of the time and live off of delivery now.

Anonymous 29647


had a friend compare me to this character and yeah I can see the similarities lol.

Anonymous 29677


she is the first character i related to at all

Anonymous 30332


Anonymous 30333


I'm most like these three characters combined, as this is what my life has become, more or less!

Anonymous 30707


Literally the male equivalent of me except much cuter and respectable. I also can relate to Chio-chan from Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro.
I love this manga so much!
I think I'd find you to be a really interesting person !

Anonymous 30742


i've related to her since i first watched higurashi in middle school

Anonymous 30759

God, this movie is heartbreaking. Dawn Wiener is literally me when i was a kid.

Anonymous 30782


So many! But every single one of them is highly obscure and/or male-oriented. This is an example of both; he is basically the amalgamation of all of my unbearable intrusive thoughts, but in a manic, funny way. In terms of actual personality and not what defines my thought process, Toko Fukawa and Syo.

Anonymous 30917


watching the anime gave me terrifying a life crisis

Anonymous 30926


More of the 3edgy5u in middle and high school

Anonymous 30969


>someone from Twitter
It's Skyking-chan, the mascot of /skg/ threads on /pol/ dedicated to listening EAMs on SKYKING radio frequencies maintained by the US Air Force as well as any other numbers stations and general OSINT activity like tracking aircraft via adsbexchange, etc.

Anonymous 30971


it's always the most deranged nutjobs the ones coming up with these kinds of characters

Anonymous 31042

How does one listen to these ?

Anyone have a link ? Sound like something relaxing to fall asleep to tbh

Anonymous 31043


Found a way. Very fun to play around with




stocking anarchy, she's just so eeeee memememme

Anonymous 31062


heidi turner

Anonymous 31322

>mental midget troons try to appropriate one of the most mulish strongminds in recent fiction history for themselves

Anonymous 31335

I really relate to that too. Maybe I should watch the show

Anonymous 31336


she is literally me

what is this from?

Anonymous 31340

shiki jitsu.jpg

never before has there been a more literally me character than her

Anonymous 31369

Innocent Rouge by Shinichi Sakamoto.

Anonymous 31409


happy to find fellow Asuka kinnies in the thread

Anonymous 31690


I'm going to be her.

Anonymous 31701

When I first NGE for the first time, I hated her. Now I understand her so much. Her moid fans are terrible though. They don't get Asuka. Only I can understand her.

Anonymous 31714


beautiful show

Anonymous 31715



Anonymous 31716


I promise I am not a tranny but whenever I imagine myself it's always a boy I see. But yeah Smile is the male version of me.

Anonymous 31717

plz don't jump in front of a train to become a cute angel who smokes cigs, nona

Anonymous 31742


im so fucking obnoxious
music is life

Anonymous 31911

Anonymous 31948


We are friends now

Anonymous 31966

Loved this movie growing up, wish more people would talk about brigitte.

Anonymous 31976


Moids fed her to alligators bc she made them feel insecure with only 3 voice lines

Anonymous 33582


Anonymous 33651


both of them ugh

Anonymous 33652

You are literally me.

Anonymous 33653


watched flcl so many times cause she reminds me of myself sm

Anonymous 33654


i dont care if hes a boy hes mepilled

Anonymous 33712


Anonymous 33713

i am sorry that you are crippled, anon

Anonymous 33715

This visual novel broke me

Anonymous 33716

Is she /ourgirl/?

Anonymous 33717



Anonymous 33727

How so?
Did you self insert as her?

Anonymous 33736

Wait is it actually good? One of my friends has been playing but I thought it was a joke game.

Anonymous 33739


My girl Emma Bovary. She is pretty nasty but she's so relatable when it comes to emotional instability, drowning in your unfulfillment and lack of identity that I just love her and think we're pretty much the same person only I try to be nice. Even though she's kinda nasty she's still relatable in a lot of ways.

Anonymous 33741

Yup, its pretty great
Olivia literally browses the dino version of this place

Anonymous 33899


Kei Kishimoto from gantz

>gantz didn't even care enough to make sure she's fully dead to clone her so she literally lives like a ghost with nowhere to call home

>no one male or female respects her or does anything but belittle and sexualize her
>falls helplessly in love with the first decent and caring man she sees
>cannot define life in any manner but for service of someone else. first it was her mother then it's Kato
>"everyone has a role in life"
>her sacrifice is ultimately meaningless an I'm 100% sure she did it because she fantasized about making herself a human shield to protect Kato and die in his arms because she's literally me and my masochistic ass would 100% do that instead of trying to push him away and Kato dies anyway

every time she breathed on the screen I thought she's literally me

Anonymous 33914


Except female and instead of becoming gangster I stay in the shitty apartment trying not to lose my shit.

Anonymous 34116


it’s an oc named mote from whoismonday on twt

Anonymous 34151


Gia Carangi minus the model part

Anonymous 34152


the unnamed MC (usually just called 'Milk-chan' by fans) of the Milk Inside/Outside a Bag of Milk games. I've never felt a closer connection to a character, she is literally me nonas…

Anonymous 34153

Yup, me too. Lol. Idk what it is or even if it was the intention of the creators but Lain really does evoke thoughts of reflection. Weirdly powerful in a way no other piece of media has been.

Anonymous 34154


Me in hs.

Apparently the actress also supports Rowling so bonus points

Anonymous 34155


Anonymous 34318


She's literally me.

Anonymous 34344


Anonymous 34347

Oh she's my celebrity look-alike so it's cool to know she's cool.

Anonymous 34353


I'm so mad at myself for taking me so long to watch The Looney tunes show when they had a version of Lola Bunny that is so much like me. At imo is the only entertaining version of her I've seen.

The show in general is great if you haven't watched it I highly recommend it.

Anonymous 34355


Tired, religious, and just wants to die? All in.

Anonymous 34356


Definitely her

Anonymous 34371

LOL i guess we are the same person

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