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Roblox Anonymous 29240

Does anyone here play Roblox?
What are your favorite games?

Anonymous 29241

royale high cuz i like being pretty :3

Anonymous 29242

Survive and kill the killers in area 51 is usually my go to. I also like the tycoons that involve attacking other players, like superhero tycoon

Anonymous 29243

trivia roblox game show w friends is awesome

Anonymous 29244

mine are total roblox drama and break in since they are dramatic and fun to play with friends

Anonymous 29245

Theres some horror games i like but i forgot their names. I miss having the option to search games by genre. I used to be a massive tycoon game fan, but those kill my laptop. The ideal game, this is no simulator, loomian legacy, and robot 64 are probably my favorite ones, but I haven’t used roblox in forever as I am getting too old for it. The games are still fun and all, but as a 20 year old I feel uncomfortable playing a game with so many small kids around.

Anonymous 29246


warrior cats: ultimate edition. i was never interested in roblox growing up, i had this misconception that roblox was just another minecraft clone, which i had zero interest in. i didn't know it was platform with literally hundreds of games.

one day youtube recommended me some guy's video on it and i was amazed. this shit was literally my childhood dream. i just wish it had actually come out when i was a kid, because i would have gotten more out of it. mostly i play it while listening to a podcast so i have something else to do, and go around collecting herbs to give away to the clans' medicine cat den.

Anonymous 29247

i found a pretty fun game called guts and blackpowder and ive been playing that for a while but otherwise ive played it so long im so jaded from all of the games

Anonymous 29248

Roblox mugs.png


Anonymous 29249

yes!! lets play together

Anonymous 29250

Holy shit I fucking love titanic

Anonymous 29252

I liked playing cheese escape but it was mostly my friend guiding me or I would die instantly. I'm bad at video games even the ones like roblox…

Anonymous 29253


Anonymous 29254

I hate those mobile simulator games but when I had an Xbox I’d play Roblox and I’d play their like digging simulator where you dig just to get gems to get more items to dig deeper and faster and I would be like a zombie. Imagine the kids these days playing those games

Anonymous 29255


Anonymous 29256


Cart games
They're a huge time waster and I can just sit there and be upset for hours until I get to the end and ruin it for everyone else

Anonymous 29909

i haven't thought about warrior cats in so long omg

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