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Pony Town Anonymous 29293

Why hasn't anyone suggested we do this yet? CC gatherings on Pony Town would be peak comfy

Anonymous 29294

I remember playing before and it looked nothing like your pic, just a big zone with a bunch of ponies

Anonymous 29295

I'm down, reclaim the ponies to their rightful owners. Sounds fun, I'll poke around on there later today.

Anonymous 29296

If any anon wants to play with me I'd try it out. I still like MLP but online chat rooms always intimidate me when going in alone.

Anonymous 29297

How will we all find each other

Anonymous 29298

>social media or shitcord needed to register
No thanks.

Anonymous 29299


Anonymous 29300

I love this comfy pixel art aesthetic holy shit

Anonymous 29301

very down for this!

Anonymous 29302

yes please

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