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Anonymous 29324

Do you pirate your /media/ nonas? do you try to avoid it? do you encourage it? ethical piracy? do you consider some instances where piracy is bad?

Anonymous 29325


I mainly pay for indies and pirate things by greedy corporations. There are exceptions, I might grab DRM free copies of indie games I wouldn't try otherwise, and on the other hand I have pet big publishers like Capcom who develop good games and treat and pay their employees well so I have no problem paying the full price.

I'll also pirate media that's unavailable or unreasonably priced where I live

Anonymous 29327

I've emulated games before, but otherwise I'll just pay for a game if it's available on Steam. I don't encourage it but I am not against it, either. Sometimes it's necessary.

Anonymous 29328

It used to be much easier. I did it all the time. I still use emulators from time to time. Some of them are pretty screwy though.

Anonymous 29329


I like the accesibility and automatic updates steam offers. I still buy games using third oarty key shops because I'm not that passionate about gaming anymore so I would rather not drop too much on a game. Back in the day I lived in a poorer country and the prices were ludicrous, so everyone and their mom pirated. I thought steam region-locking games and keeping prices accesibile was amazing, but then idiots started using VPNs and getting games for cheap. I understand and even encourage any other gamer from a developing-country to pirate triple A games kek

Anonymous 29331


I've pirated almost anything I could, since I was young. I grew up with an uncle that torrented alot and would burn a bunch of games, books, movies, etc. for me and my brother onto CDs. He made me see that big corps make so much money that they couldn't possibly be less effected by the little guy. When I was under working age, I couldn't have possibly asked my family for every piece of media I wanted either so I also pirated as a way to not have to ask for it. I wouldn't have been able to ever enjoy and get exposed to certain series, if I hadn't.

There are some limits I set for myself. I usually only pirate Asian media, usually Japanese and from obscure labels, because I know the people making it couldn't care less or be affected that much about a customer base half the world over. Your local authorities probably won't give a shit if you're in the West and pirating some game that only has the title 喧嘩する大切な物をprotect my balls僕が悪い on it. If I do pirate something from a big name, I make sure it is not something that is completely new, like released literally just a few days ago. I'm not going to pirate a Hollywood movie that just came out yesterday, for example.

Now that I've grown up and I've got a job I just follow the above. If it's something very indie and that I really support, I've chipped in a few $$$ a couple of times.

Anonymous 29332

i pirate everyting, yes indie media as well
unless i really like someones work but even then i just buy it physically, secondhand, if possible
no i don't care about the moral implications and if it was my choice everything in the world would be cc0 licensed just because i hate spending money
>喧嘩する大切な物をprotect my balls僕が悪い

Anonymous 29334

I wonder what you think about pirating software. Would you say it holds a similar stance to pirating games or movies?

Anonymous 29335

I always pirate everything. I consider buying a stupid tax. Everything is propaganda now anyway. I won't give them money to make more.

Anonymous 29336

software is just a tool, so there's no real reason to feel bad when pirating
you don't have to worry if your favorite creator is going to suffer financially if you download a copy since there's always going to be someone else making their own version of a tool
though it's better to just use foss wherever possible especially since many programs are trying to move to a subscription service model

Anonymous 29339

My entire country pirates shit, it's practically cultural. My sister and I grew up pirating everything we couldn't have access to for any reason (music, comic books, tv shows, cartoons, games), but back in the day it was easier. Piracy is never bad. Nowadays I mostly pirate books. I do buy shit I like but when it's cheaper or second hand.

Anonymous 29341

I pirate a lot. It's like a hobby or something that gives me satisfaction. I love exploring film genres and it would be so expensive to buy everything, I also don't care about owning stuff in physical form. I would rather get rid of things than buy even more. I was never a fan of paying for digital things and I only do that with some games I buy on Steam so I try to pirate anything that interests me first, I also got really good at it in the past few years. It's also mainly because I don't want to contribute to large companies getting more wealth than they already have. I absolutely despise Netflix and shit like that with their subscription models and would never pay for them.

Anonymous 29364

Pirating is the norm where i’m from so yes i pirate everything I have a soft spot for indie games.

Anonymous 29365

I pirate pretty much everything except PC games. Those things usually get so many updates these days it's a pain to stay updated.

Anonymous 29371

I pirate mostly everything since I grew up that way. I might sometimes buy a game but very rarely.

Anonymous 29391

I pirate almost every game I have unless the game is by an indie developer. I wanna support them, not the triple-A companies that already have enough money

Anonymous 29404


I pirate everything then pay the creator if I enjoyed it

Anonymous 29415


Anonymous 29428

lmao i do the same

Anonymous 29482

I never seed after the download is complete. I know that leeches go to hell, but I'm already autistic, so no heaven for me anyway.

Anonymous 29486




If you're using public trackers, that really doesn't matter since hundreds of other people are often downloading from it and it's so easy to seed on them anyway. But if you're on private trackers then yeah. They usually have strict requirements so you would have to learn to seed or otherwise lose your downloading privileges and/or have your account banned.

Anonymous 29500

My upload speed and bandwidth are atrocious so I usually can't afford to seed

Anonymous 29521

I pirate everything except indie games and books. Indie games because I want to support the creators, and books because I can't find most of them in my language online.

Anonymous 29522


Every single application on my laptop and computer have been pirated. The only things i legit pay for are steam games cuz the summer/winter sales are worth throwing cash at.

Oh and the pirated version of any Adobe product works better than the legit copy so do whatever you want with that information.

Anonymous 29524

>Oh and the pirated version of any Adobe product works better than the legit copy so do whatever you want with that information.
It's funny how true this is. It's like they actually want us to pirate.

Anonymous 29532

It's from all the DRM they bundle with it to supposedly make it harder to crack, same with video games, a quite infamous example was Resident Evil 8. Crackers will still find a way and the software eventually will get cracked, so companies are just shooting themselves in the foot by inconveniencing their actual paying customers with DRM-bloated software. Until those customers themselves find out that the cracked pirated software is faster and more reliable, thus companies losing even more paying customers to piracy. Trying to stop piracy never pays.

Anonymous 29533

Piracy was always a service issue to begin with.

Anonymous 29536

Sure, but also the more software companies try to eradicate it, often through anti-consumer means, the even more valuable piracy becomes as a community service. Maybe those software companies should just let it go, it's been proven that piracy doesn't affect sales and profit THAT much anyway and there's no way they can truly stop it without also spitting on their actually paying customers, so it's just a lose-lose situation.

Anonymous 29547

Very funny how I see people act like i'm spreading evil and hurting communities when i pirate software instead of paying 200+ like they did. I assume most of the people that get the most pissy about pirating are the ones that don't like the idea of some randos getting the stuff they had to pay for, for free

Anonymous 29549

They're malding that they fell for those "YOU WOULDN'T DOWNLOAD A CAR" propaganda ads

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