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Fire Emblem Anonymous 29645

This game is much more fun than Three Houses. Map design is way better, and I can skip through the Somniel pretty quickly and get to the meat of the game. Though if story and characters are your #1 thing in video games you will probably hate it. I can enjoy generic anime though.

Anonymous 29646

Kempf America.jpg

i'm cringe, I never liked the new fire emblems much at all to be honest, except for Echoes. Awakening and Fates had really solid gameplay but the story and art was pretty damn bad.

My favorites have to be FE4 and the GBA games. They're works of art.

Anonymous 29791

gameplay is so much better and it feels way more polished yes, however I'm feeling the downgrade in writing & world building… also I find the art style absolutely horrid

Anonymous 29792

I also got filtered by the new art. I still cannot believe Toothpaste-chan is real.

Anonymous 29793

New Fire Emblem has the ugliest art style, yes. I thought 3H's art style was mediocre but this is at another level. Apparently they hired some vtuber designer who isn't exactly incompetent but the designs they brought in Engage is just samefacing dogshit.
Honestly finding myself hating or feeling meh on every single original design from that game, which is totally unlike how I felt about the past titles. There was always at least a few designs I sincerely liked.

Anonymous 29794

I remember when the game leaked months before it was officially revealed, and I was so sure it was some chinese mobile game ripoff that people were pretending was the new FE. You can imagine my shock and horror when I realised that it was real.

Anonymous 29795


I'm currently playing Awakening on the 3DS right now. I wanna marry Henry so bad. I'm not really into the story but I do enjoy the gameplay. I like playing in bed before I sleep

Anonymous 29910

stupid bitch.png

what are you going to do, kill me? stupid bitch.

Anonymous 29912


lol does kempf actually say that? that's fucking hilarious. I was running a very old patch of Thracia that bugged itself after a certain chapter, so I had to play it in Japanese for a while.

Anonymous 29913

that's right, he does! in Shaya's patch(the one you played). it's when he's talking to Olwen and throws her in jail. the newer patch removed the line because "he wouldn't speak like that", but he totally would. he's a total jackass.

Anonymous 29928

Oifey Please Leave…

ugh when you said "he wouldn't speak like that", it reminds me of that weird trope with older FE game patches getting "rewritten" because "oh, they wouldn't swear, this is a nintendo game" and i found it so childish. fe6 was prone to this, and I think fe4 as well? I remember that fury/erin drama and it was so laughably stupid.

Seriously… I haven't played fire emblem in a hot minute. But I have 0 interest in the new games or the community. Is Heroes still stupid popular? I lost interest when that's what everyone talked about

Anonymous 29931

>Is Heroes still stupid popular?
Not really. The most I ever hear about it is when somebody's blorbo gets a new skin or whatever.

While I don't give a shit about Engage it seems to have temporarily filtered a lot of the insane people who shat up fandom spaces during 3H's run out of the FE fandom in general, so I appreciate that.

Anonymous 29937

yeah people are all like "oh this was on a nintendo console they would never"
mf shut the fuck up, megami tensei, a series about demons possessing, murdering, and eating humans, inspired by a novel where loki actually [spoiler]rapes/[spoiler] a woman, was on famicom and Shin Megami Tensei was on super famicom and people swear all the time in that game, and even the newer ones have swearing.
people are just dumb. it doesn't help that the official localisations are 90s dub tier half the time too.

Anonymous 29958

Fire Emblem Engage is one of the best games in the series as far as gameplay goes.

Anonymous 30022

Heard gameplay was really great. Story, art, characters, not so much. I was thinking of maybe pirating it because I wanted to play a game with some of my favorite lords (Ike, Hector, Sigurd, etc.), but I heard it's censored so it's probably not even worth a pirate.

Anyways, I think I'm going to go back to Genealogy of Holy War and Thracia 776. Nu-fireemblem seems to be made for the lowest of the low waifufags and deadbrained coomers

Anonymous 30027

Eliwood Oof.JPG

I'd love to see a new fire emblem that doesn't pander to the waifufags, while having really damn cool gameplay. I miss the soul that the GBA games had, art-wise.

Would love for a game like Sacred Stones, too, but not as braindead easy.

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