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kickstarter scams Anonymous 29846

This kickstarter was cancelled silently a while back and I'm miffed at the whole thing.

There was never any announcement other than the artist, Olivinearc, complaining on Twitter about how her Kickstarter backers wouldn't stop nagging her about a dead project (that she never communicated) and her career took 0 hits for it.

She was also super rude to anyone asking for a refund when it was obvious the game was never coming out.

She just like, wiped all mention of the game from all of her socials and she is still plodding along doing bootleg pokemon kickstarters and stuff.

That's literally $37,000 people paid for her to slack off and no one seems to give a shit.

Sorry, kind of angry about it- I know Kickstarter is inherently risky but it seems like something like this should ruin an artist's career. I'm also surprised Vacuumchan didn't say anything since she was involved as the lead artist. I guess I am just posting this so at least a few passing nonas will know of the tale.

Anonymous 29849


I am inherently scared of even contributing to a kickstarter. It feels like this should be regulated much more heavily.

Anonymous 29974


Not familiar with this project but I totally understand being miffed and disappointed over its quiet cancellation.

I once followed a different visual novel on Itch.io (pic related) that could be preordered for 20 bucks which some people did. End of the story was that after releasing two routes, it was suddenly abandoned. No official announcement was ever made. They kept us updated on their Tumblr blog until they didn't, and they never explained anything either. The Itch.io page is full of complaints. I don't even know if the people who wasted money on it got it back or not.

Sometimes I wonder if the people who worked on it know how many other people they disappointed, not because they couldn't release the game but because they couldn't even be arsed to post a short and simple announcement saying the project will remain unfinished because of so-and-so reason. They could've even made something up. I wonder if they even care or feel bad about it sometimes or not.

On the other hand, I kind of understand their side too.

I think people who work on hobby projects like these ones really aren't aware of the responsibilities they automatically take upon themselves once they publicly reveal the game they're working on and start crowdfunding for them. I'm guessing once the team falls apart or they simply lose interest, suddenly no one feels responsible for the project anymore and they all more or less forget about it, naturally move on to other things, while the followers/fans religiously check the Kickstarter page each week and eagerly await the release.

Anonymous 29975

Most things will get funded with or without you so it's best to just sit on the sidelines and let the fools fund it.

Anonymous 29994

Kung Fury and Wakfu season 4 were on kickstarter, it can't all be bad too, you just need to check the project

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