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Background Noise Anonymous 29868

does anyone else here like video essays?
im watching this one right now just to have some noise in the back
sometimes i dont even care about what the content is as long as its someone talking in the back
i usually watch them while eating or doing work and/or art
>(if you have any video essay recommendations PLEASE reply with them :3 )

Anonymous 29898

what about those that live with tinitus and use background noise?

Anonymous 29905

Then music or ambient noise is superior.

Anonymous 29921

i use music to soothe my tinnitus, especially ambient.

Anonymous 29971


wow nona you're so deep and smart

Anonymous 30004

You joke, but constant stimulation is a modern problem that nobody seems to want to talk about.
>Wake up check your phone
>Get ready for work play music/podcast even in the shower
>Driving music/podcast
>Get home put on Netflix or something
>Get in bed and watch YouTube until you fall asleep while it's playing
This routine is shockingly common.

Anonymous 30009

>Be social species
>Enjoy social stimulation
Even if it's artificial, we aren't actually the ones doing the talking/interacting, it still stimulates those parts of our brains

Anonymous 30013


I try shit like white noise to drown out any noise from my roommate and neighbor and it works somewhat but I actually hate it. It still sounds noisy. I'd much prefer complete silence but I just hate the noise of people even more. I think my sleep has actually suffered due to using white noise but I continue to use it because neighbors knocking and roommates obnoxiously laughing/slamming doors/etc. just drives me into a rage. Maybe I'm misophonic but I genuinely want to picrel people for it.

Anonymous 30043

when I'm painting or writing I like those hour+ long iceberg videos. If you don't pay too much attention to how spergy they sound they're good. Theres this one 10 hour conspiracy theory iceberg video that I think I've watched like three times just for background noise.

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