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Emo/Post-Hardcore/Pop Punk Thread! Anonymous 29952

post about emotional hardcore, post hardcore, and other hardcore adjacent musical genres! (ex:metalcore, crunkcore)

my personal favorite is third wave emotional hardcore (thursday, the used, taking back sunday, brand new, ).

Anonymous 29957

Circa Survive is one of my favorite scene bands, they make me feel super emo

Anonymous 29959

omg cool! i love circa, though am more into saosin <333

Anonymous 29960


been listening to deja entendu alot, honestly amazing album with amazing lyricism. highly reccommend along w/ brand new's other stuff. it's crazy seeing their sound and lyrics grow from yourfavoriteweapon (which is honestly a fav) to science fiction.

Anonymous 29967

I absolutely adore Brand New, great choice!

Anonymous 30042


listening to niki fm by hawthorne heights rn!!!!

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