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Has anyone watched this? How did you like it? Anonymous 30007

It looks really good!

Anonymous 30008


I have not taken time to watch new anime in a while. How would you rate this show? Pros and cons?
Thanks for your input.

Anonymous 30014


Have you watched the original or is this your first time seeing Trigun at all?

Anonymous 30017

I watched the original ages ago yes.

Anonymous 30104


It’s great, it looks gorgeous and overall I’d recommend it if you want to watch something new. Being a fan of the 1998 anime I was a bit skeptical at first, but Trigun Stampede is really enjoyable, especially for a reboot

Anonymous 30268

Evil Vash.png

I just finished yesterday. Still can't get over just how much better it is than the original. Especially since its a reboot and we all know how they usually go. Although there are some things that I miss from the 1998 anime, but seeing how it is a prequel (of sorts, its complicated as it features many events from the original despite happening before the july incident) I think that things that I miss will appear in season 2. Some things are already back or confirmed to be back. At the end of this season Vash gets his iconic hairsyle back, and at the very end the show appearance of Milly Thomspon is foreshadowed

Anonymous 31077

I like plantcest but it made Wolfood into an insufferable cunt pretty much. No real fondness towards any characters aside from Vash and Knives, they really had no motives and were there for exposition or to push the (non existant/jumbled mess) plot along.

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