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Anonymous 30092

Has anyone read it?
I constantly see people shilling it, is it worth it?

Anonymous 30093

i love it she’s just like me

Anonymous 30094

I kind of hated it when I read it because I hated the protagonist, but then I read Ottessa Moshfegh's other books and realized that's just kind of how she writes. MYORR is far from her best work, if you like sort of raunchy fiction I'd recommend her book of short stories, Homesick for Another World.

Anonymous 30096

It's nice. Someone in the depths of depression just refusing to live and hoping sleep will be a cure. Her friend (and their friendship) is more interesting.

Anonymous 30107

it's good if you overlook the artless writing style

Anonymous 30256

I enjoyed it, although I’ve also read Eileen and I liked that one more. I’m going to give Lapvona a go and see if I like it.

Anonymous 30606

I read it and loved it, she's just like me in a way.

Anonymous 30676

I hate reading but loved this book. It's not even a "she's just like me" thing (she's hot, so she's obviously not), it's just that it's a series of extended, colourful monologues that are insanely funny and entertaining. I never give a fuck about plot and only like character development or when books use a character as an excuse to longpost about culture (e.g. in gone girl), and this definitely does the latter.

also, Eileen's protagonist is much more relatable to your average nona if you are looking for a self insert.

Anonymous 30860

Thought it was subpar. Wasted my time reading it. The fact she attacked other females passively is what did it for me

Anonymous 30912

Seconding Eileen. If you want to read about a femcel who came from a shitty home and lives an insufferable mundane life, look no further. A page-turner, as well.

Anonymous 31116

I wanted to like it but didnt. I guess I related to the main character but if I wanted to just see a person who resembles me in some way fester in their apartment for a year I’d look in the mirror

I wanted the main character to actually do something interesting or change. It reminded me of Sally Rooney’s books which I feel often have the same problem

Anonymous 31168

nice idea but pretty boring and the tacked on ending is dumb

Anonymous 31308

fell prey to booktok and got lapvona, how is it compared to MYORR?

Anonymous 31476

read lapvona, its meh.
lots of disgusting scenes and a meandering plot.
some bits are interesting and its not that long of a read but still not really worth it.
not her best.

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