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does anyone know any good mangas where the female mc is a complete loser? Anonymous 30101

Anonymous 30108

Watamote, Princess Jellyfish, My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness, Alien 9, In Clothes Called Fat, Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Also, I don't think it had a manga, but the Turning Girls animated shorts are fun. They were produced entirely by the female staff at Trigger.

Anonymous 30112


Anonymous 30113

You should try nana. I heard it's uncompleted since the author became ill but I watched the anime growing up and the only thing I can remember is the main character making stupid decision after stupid decision so you might like it.

Anonymous 30133

MLEwL progresses towards severe alcoholism and, if google translation of author’s twitter is not bullshiting me, transgenderism.

Anonymous 30135

>My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness
Don't read this one OP, it sucks and falls into the trap that most autobiographies fall under, that being a non-stop pity party that can only ever appeal to those just as miserable as the author.

Anonymous 30139

Isn't that what the op is looking for though? Lol

Anonymous 30140

I've been reading "Gachi Koi Nenchakujuu: Net Haishinsha no Kanojo ni naritakute" and so far almost every woman that appears is a complete disaster. Males too, it's just one trainwreck after the next. Very fun.
Oh god please don't tell me she became an Aiden after all that

Anonymous 30143

It has to have some sort of dramatic curve. After banishing all the chaos demons back to outer darkness the heroine was still an unemploable lonely drunk would feel off to the reader, despite being fairly realistic outcome.

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