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What was your first concert? Anonymous 30270

I'll start!

My first concert was Evanescence at Universal Studios Hollywood for the Nintendo Fusion Tour!

Anonymous 30271


mine was an ariana grande concert it was the sweetener world tour!!

Anonymous 30272

Depeche Mode. I was like 14 and went with my mom.

Anonymous 30273

Spice Girls (post Ginger Spice).

Anonymous 30274

Lol powerman 5000

Anonymous 30284

I'm extremely jealous anon. Your mum sounds cool af.

Mine was Queen in 2014 with my dad, heaps of fun

Anonymous 30693

Britney Spears c. '02 or '03 with my friend and her mom. I was around 8 years old and absolutely terrified by the concert visuals and threw up the hot dog I'd eaten at the concert when I got home.

Anonymous 30696

Rob Zombie when I was 4 kek

Anonymous 31014

I never went to a concert before, but i want to go to one one day, is it fun?

Anonymous 31016

It really depends on who you go with. I guess you can always go alone also, just like how going to a movie alone isn't weird.

Anonymous 31017


I don't have irl friends.

Anonymous 31019

Black Uhuru when I was 10… my dad was weird but now I appreciate it

Anonymous 31031

You're a lucky one

Anonymous 31057

My parents dragged me to see Billy Joel.
Hated it and I hate him.

Anonymous 31065

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