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Male yandere media Anonymous 30275

Hi nonas, I want to indulge in some awful fantasies, but have no idea where to start. So, please, share your favourite (or most disgusting) male yandere vn/mangas. (preferably heterosexual) Thanks :3

Anonymous 30277


Anonymous 30278


Anonymous 30279

Thought this was gonna be lackluster like every other Josei smut I've read (maybe it's bad luck?) but the first volume pulled me into this trainwreck
I thought Imai was forced to crossdress by his father when he was a child though until like the third chapter lmao

Anonymous 30283

thanks, that looks very promising!

Anonymous 30287


It's not my favorite Otome, but the Kageyuki Shiraishi route is pretty good in Collar x Malice

Anonymous 30292

based Polish take, absolutely loved him

Anonymous 30295

This is so fucked up, thank you for the recommendation, I love it!

Anonymous 30312

my guess is there should be some, especially in the 19th century because Romanticism was really big on obssesive love, but I haven't really read much besides the most known classics to say for sure

Anonymous 30313


Akuma no hanayome/Bride of Deimos.

Anonymous 30314

There's also an OVA but it doesn't focus much on the main characters, still a great ova, highly recommend.

Anonymous 30315

Thank you for posting this I'm halfway through and it's only been a few hours.

Anonymous 30318

Just finished. How was her husband so oblivious the whole time lmao

Anonymous 30329

Just got up to date with this and it's great
Do any of you know of anything similar to this one?

Anonymous 30330

bumping for the same question as .

Anonymous 30331


Anonymous 30336


It's not hetero but there are similarities with this one

Anonymous 30430

Ah damn I already read that one too, but it is very good.

The ending was shit though, but I guess I'm glad they didn't just ride off into the sunset together.

Anonymous 30437

Yeah I was disappointed by the ending as well, was hoping for a longer ride. Ah well.

Anonymous 30438


Make sure you uncheck everything except Manga and Doujinshi.

Anonymous 31830

Damn, thanks for the recommendation nona.

Anonymous 32083

Anonymous 32089

so i just stumbled on this thread and clicked this without really knowing what i was getting into and… jfc what a wild ride. but somehow i'm hooked. do people actually get off to this or are they dying with laughter at the doggy stump moid love triangle like i am? like no hate to you if you do, i've just always thought people prefer more… "tame" yandere media

Anonymous 32109

I wouldn’t say I “get off” on it, but seeing the power stripped away from male abusers in storytelling media is oddly comforting.

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