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ideo Games That Should've Been Released In English Anonymous 30296


Anonymous 30299

what is the name of the game/anime in the upper right corner?

Anonymous 30300

Anonymous 30301

God please give me the willpower to learn Japanese so I can play Angelique or give someone else the willpower to translate it into English

Anonymous 30302


This somewhat obscure tactical rpg, called Der Langrisser, resembles the style of Final Fantasy, but unfortunately it is somewhat restricted to weaboos, I think casual normies would find it very boring and before launching it would have to do a very large adaptation

Oh thanks, I'll chase a patched version through the Internet

Anonymous 30305

What is this genre exactly?

Anonymous 30306

Which game are you referring to? The game in the top left corner is a spin-off from the Lunar series, and those games are all role-playing games. Angelique is a mix between an otome game and a role-playing game, and the Sailor Moon video games, which have never been released in English, have been made in all sorts of different video game genres.

Anonymous 30324

There is no patch

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