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Vtuber Anonymous 30347

Have any of you tried or are vtubers? How is it?

Anonymous 32142

don't do it nona. its very inauthentic, even if you try to be authentic, you will find yourself changing your identity for privacy purposes, or because identity changes are reinforced by viewers, donations and more. most people i know who are vtubers are extremely narcissistic.

Anonymous 32543

yeah, basically. i wouldn't befriend someone who aspires or is a vtuber for the same reasons i wouldn't with an 'influencer.' jobs with an emphasis on personality attract and turn people into vain, regressed versions of themselves. why would you want the world to know who you are? what your thoughts are? that should be kept relatively anonymous to any sane person

Anonymous 32548


I've thought about it just because I've wanted to be a Let's Player but with more privacy/anonymity, but alot of VTubers seem to get their identity either accidentally self-leaked or leaked by scrotes anyway, so what's the point? The anonymity would have been comfy, if it were actually possible. Plus, my gaming skills suck, I have the most horrid, pre-pubescent boy sounding voice and have the entertainment ability of a chair. There is no trait that would even make me a streamer worth watching.

Anonymous 32549

I just can't bring myself to enable parasocial relationships. Just the thought of having someone who's emotionally invested in a persona I created creeps me out. And the whole vtuber thing is based about you yourself being parasocially engaged with your crowd. It's all fake.

Anonymous 32552


>my gaming skills suck
I'm not sure which one it is, I think it was Kiara or someone else, but this is actually an important aspect. Viewers don't like skilled gamers. They want the girls to make mistakes and mess things up badly, and see how they react, and then spam suggestions on how to play the game. I'm pretty sure there's this feeling of… simping, or whiteknighting that gets evoked when that happens in them.

Anonymous 32554

A friend is a youtuber and I get included in videos whenever we play online games. On every single video there are dozens, if not hundreds, of comments demanding to know my twitch/socials. After I featured prominently in a video that got around 5x his normal views, I did consider trying vtubing, but ultimately the amount of energy you have to devote to it just scared me off.

Anonymous 32560

Have you ever watched Phase Connect vtubers?
Their brand is 'omg she is literally me fr fr' rather than 'omg anime waifus are real' or 'jeebus she's so talented' so they tend to have higher % female viewership than other agencies.
My favorite is Tenma (Uruka best singer tho).

Anonymous 32563


Moids would experience existential crisis if they discovered that a real living human being is behind their fictional parasocial girlfriend.

Anonymous 32567


Most of those comments seem genuinely worried about her not upset about the real girl.

Though you're probably right that most of them wouldn't care without the avatar.

Anonymous 33103


I’m a VTuber. I hate moids even more since I started, I’ve never been that close to a male community before and sometimes I can’t understand their logic and how they act. But it’s good money, and I actually have fun playing games and being silly.

Anonymous 33109

>most of the comments are expressing concern for her privacy or employment
I don't understand what this picture is supposed to demonstrate.

Anonymous 34440

There's a niche for most. Botan and Selen (now Dokibird) have plenty of fans, and they're absolutely cracked gamers

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