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ace attorney.jpeg

Ace Attorney Thread Anonymous 30396

Is anyone else here an ace Attorney fan? Couldn't find an Ace Attorney thread searching this site on google.
>Which prosecutor is your favorite?
>What's your favorite case in Ace attorney?
>When did you first get into Ace Attorney?
>Least favorite character/case?

Anonymous 30397


i got the new ace attorney pop up parade figures and i love them so much!!!! ace attorney fans truly get crumbs for merch

Anonymous 30401


I played it last year so memories are hazy now
Phoenix = best
he doesn't know what the shit he is doing but still somehow manages
Godot is probably best prosecuter, von karma is an annoying brat
>fav case
they're all so weirdly complicated it's like asking which complex number is biggest in this set
>least fav
Apollo justice singing thing because of just how long it was

Anonymous 30407

NONA I'm so jealous I wish I had the cash for that, especially if they made ones of some of the female characters(I'm the type who prefers female characters over male ones)
Funny you say that b/c for me it's the exact opposite, love franzie, hate Godot.

Anonymous 30409


>NONA I'm so jealous I wish I had the cash for that, especially if they made ones of some of the female characters
I would looooove for a Maya figure! She's so fun!!
And for my figures I preordered them and was so excited honestly. I'm very happy with them plus I ship narumitsu I couldn't hold myself from ordering them both

Anonymous 30455


So today is my birthday! I'm away from home so everything is coming a few presents at a time in the mail, and today I got this maya pin! It's super cute. I think that over the summer when I have more money I'll try and look for stuff of Gina Lestrade… It would be cool to have a Gina Lestrade Ita bag! IDK why, but I really like the way female characters are written in ace attorney, they can be goofy but still have a lot of character depth too, also the designs are almost always super fun. I like how they've branched out the body types of female characters in the newer games, you don't see that very often in anime stuff.

Anonymous 30458

Happy birthday nona! This is such a cute Maya pin. And I definitely agree with you on female characters on that game, they're very charming and have so much personality!

Anonymous 30546

Gina is one of my favourite characters too! Glad to see love for her, I feel she hers overshadowed often (both by fans and the game itself) Sadly she got… around 5 official merch out there, so making an ita bag of her is pretty hard.
So far I only managed to get 2 fanmade keychains and her DGS2 fuwaponi acrylic stand.

Anonymous 30552

really wanna finish the 3rd game in the original trilogy heard it has the best story.
but im gonna start persona 4 probably instead.

Anonymous 30554

my favorite prosecutor is phoenix wright

my favorite case is the last one from the 3rd game ( i have not beaten it yet)

I first got into AA in like 2015 or something when i bought the ds game and completed it with the apollo mane character

least favorite character is the guy who wears make up and perfume in the ios game and my least favorigt case is every case in the IOS game

Anonymous 30569

>Phoenix Wright
>least favorite character is the guy who wears make up and perfume in the ios game and my least favorigt case is every case in the IOS game
Oh right Dual Destinies got a mobile port, yeah that game kind of really sucks.

Anonymous 30570

I don't know much about the series, but I used to watch Cryaotic and his friends voice act it before it came out he was a pedophile, and subsequently went radio silent. What memories. I hear the anime was meh.

Anonymous 30571

OOPS! i mean my favorite prosecutor is Godot! Everything is perfect about him! his theme, his appearance, his dialogue and passion !
Miles Edgeworth in second place.

Fransizka is kinda bland.

Klavier Gavin is hilarious but stupid.

all the rest of the prosecutors kinda suck.

Anonymous 30572

dual destinies was ass i wish i never played it.

all of the main games for the nintendo consoles (gba and ds) were so much better.

Anonymous 30577

imo dual destinies has good bones, it’s just screwed over by a backwards-ass structure (isn’t the first case actually the fourth or something like that?) and some of the worst filler cases in the series. the “dark age of the law” plot also went nowhere. blackquill is a fun prosecutor though and i do remember honestly liking the last case, and the dlc case was pretty solid. buuut i also haven’t played dd since like 2019 so this is all if i’m remembering it correctly.

i feel like if the filler cases weren’t so bland, if the timeline was clearer, and if certain arcs (cough cough, apollo’s) were tweaked, it would be far more enjoyable.

Anonymous 30587

I agree. this game is awesome because the female characters feel so interesting and cool and are not just coomer bait !

and the few coomer bait characters are actually written as obvious satire !

such a good series. I kinda wish they never made it 3d though.

I liked the 2d graphics way better.

Anonymous 30656


Most of the 3-d games look really awful, but I personally found that DGS/TGAA had pretty good graphics compared to the other 3-d games. Also, I'm very partial to Kazuya Nuri's character designs. Picrel is one of my favorites.

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