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Anonymous 30462

good film or nah?

Anonymous 30463


Anonymous 30476

i liked it but moids make this film their personality so ruined the film for me a bit

Anonymous 30477


Anonymous 30478

Never seen it (yet)

Anonymous 30483

Pedophiles get murdered in it, so yes good film.
Outside of that. It's a very moidcentric view of alienation and loneliness. If you can get past that, it's probably the best movie Scorsese ever made.

Anonymous 30487

My film teacher in high school always gushed about it. I never got around to watching it but I've always wanted to

Anonymous 30498


I like this movie, i think it was ahead of its time and i relate to Travis loneliness and the way he acts, but because of those men who love this movie and make it their personality i feel embarrassed to say anything positive about it much.
Picrel is an ugly study i made of it once.

Anonymous 31736

One of the most overrated movies of all time. Only moids unironically enjoy this film.

Anonymous 31769


It's funny, my little brother holds the same opinion (minus the moid part of course), but I've never understood how people consider it overrated when until Joker came out the only people repping for it were smaller film bro circles.
It's all about the atmosphere and mood, and I think it captures the loneliness of its MC well. I know some people consider it boring, but if you enjoy character studies I think you'll like it.

Anonymous 31789

Worth watching, but it isn't a masterpiece.

Anonymous 31895

Great movie, but I wouldn't consider it one of Scorsese's best. I personally prefer After Hours and The King Of Comedy

Anonymous 31899

I liked it, Robert Deniro was so handsome.

Anonymous 31986

Agreed. It has some great aspects, but also some really dumb ones

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