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Lisa The Painful RPG Anonymous 30470

Have you played it?

Anonymous 30486

I didn't give this game it's fair shake but some of the "pranks" it pulled were just so fuckin annoying that it kept me from coming back to it

Anonymous 30521

heard its good and the story is awesome but this game scares me too much so I'll stick with Earthbound and Undertale instead

Anonymous 30527

This is the kind of game that I look back at, and say to myself
>Damn, thank god I don't like these kind of games no more

Anonymous 30528

Why exactly? I'm not a big fan of Lisa either but I'm curious

Anonymous 30533

Misery porn kind of games.
It is sickening to see them after getting out of depression.

Anonymous 30537

Yeah I get it, it gets tiring and borderline laughable when things go too hard on everything being bleak and tragic, you become desensitized and you keep going expecting the world to blow up by the end because you have so little to be attached to.

Anonymous 30547

The game has it's funny bits too. Like the fishmen, salvation rangers and Queen Roger's Beehive. Although the game is mostly a blend of horror and bleakness.

Anonymous 30549

Played this game a few years ago and I liked it! The story is misery porn, but the characters are cute, goofy and ridiculous so it didn’t feel too heavy to me. I also liked the music. But again, it’s been a few years since I played the game so maybe I’d have a different opinion if I played it now.

Anonymous 30726

this game is way too realistic on depicting a post-apocalyptic world without women. i liked it but it's depressing.

Anonymous 30728

same lol I ragequit after one of my party members kept getting kidnapped no matter how many times I reloaded

Anonymous 30745

I tried it but I refunded. Honestly I don't get the appeal, is the story really that good?

Anonymous 30746

Looks interesting, might play it someday (i have many games on my to-play list and even more on my to-finish list though), why is it hard?

Anonymous 30918

no because I'm not a fan of battles in games, maybe I'll push through it eventually. I did see many videos about it though, the game is beyond amazing and stories like this are the best imo.

Anonymous 30919

I want to play this.

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